Nina Kraljić Wins Barbara Dex Award

barbara_dexBarbara Dex – This year’s Barbara Dex winner has just been announced… and it goes to Croatia’s Nina Kraljić. 2221 votes were cast and Nina won with 770 of those votes. In 2nd place was Germany’s Jamie-Lee with 355 votes and in 3rd place,Switzerland’s Rykka with 201 votes. 

Poli Genova from Bulgaria was 4th, and Dala and Deen from Bosnia & Herzegovina completed the top five.

nina croatia dex

This year, in its 20th anniversary, marks the final time that the award will be made by the House of Eurovision. from next year the website songfestival.be takes over the running of the award.


21 comments on “Nina Kraljić Wins Barbara Dex Award

  1. Lazy voting… the online voters can’t be trusted. I’m going to start a petition. Never should have won. We need a jury to even things out. etc etc.

    • Come on, Nina went for it bigtime – THREE possible outfits (red carpet included)? She’d have been gutted if someone else had taken what was rightfully hers lol

      • But there were other performers who actually tries to look great, while failing miserably. In Nina’s case it was probably a deliberate attempt to look over the top.

  2. People are very predictable and conservative in the ‘wrongest’ possible meaning of the word. Nina’s outfit worked with the song and with the stage presentation. Had I voted, Estonia would have been my winner, followed by Auatralia. Lunch is ready and a bottle of red is waiting on the table! Boooo to these results!

    • Estonia is a great example of trying to look good but fail miserably. Finland is another one. Bosnia-H also a good example (voted for it).

    • If a guy in a suit is in line for a Barbara Dex then there’s no need for an award, everyone on the planet gets one! :)

      • When the suit is ill fitting and makes the performer look 10 years older, then a nomination would be well deserved.

      • You and I seem to look at this award from different perspectives, Martin. I judge the costumes in relation to the songs and the stage presentation.

        • Fair comment and that is what makes this award such a fun experience! You are looking into it quite academically and I get where you are coming from, whereas I go for the more direct ‘does it look bl**dy awful?’ approach. I have to say that in most years Rykka would have won this hands down although I feel that the style of hair had a big influence on her weird look – when she had it straight for the 2nd rehearsal, it made her look ethereal, almost elven, and that seemed to match the message of the song…

          Maybe I was tired that day! ;)

          • I do not think you were tired LOL. Rykka’s choice of dress was not that bad, but her body movements were bloody awful. It’s always agreeable to have a conversation with someone who does not agree with what one is saying. Unanimity is boring and dangerous.

  3. YAWN! ESC fans voting online (songs, outfits, presentations etc.) are probably the most boring and predictable thing in the universe

  4. Nina’s 2nd dress was awful but the first one was nice. In this top 5 only Bosnia was worthy of being here imo – tbh apart from them though there weren’t any boldly bad outfits that screamed barbara dex like Serbia 13 or albania 12 for example.

  5. Rykka was robbed here 😆 Also Australian outfit was hilarious and didnt suit Dami . .. While Nina’s outfit had son connection with the entry overall. .

  6. While I personally found her outfit a bit comic, I don’t think it necessarily looked bad.

  7. This was… really unsurprising. I honestly can’t think of anyone else who looked as ridiculous, and she did it with two different outfits! They were committed to winning this award.

  8. All the BD winners from 1997 to 2016 in a video:

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