Eurovision 2017: Participation Scorecard

Eurovision 2017Eurovision 2017 – Now the last contest is behind us the next news that will start coming in is who will be taking part and who will be withdrawing. 2016 saw a record number of countries taking part with Ukraine, Croatia and BiH. Here is the scorecard which will be updated regularly

Red: Withdrawn
Purple: Unlikely to take part
Orange: Could go either way
Green: Likely to take part
Blue: Confirmed

Country BST Status
Albania RTSH They debuted in 2004 and have never missed a contest so Albania are most likely to take part despite not qualifying in 2016
Andorra RTVA Andorra haven’t taken part since 2009 and they have confirmed they will not be returning in 2017
Armenia AMPTV Armenia have only withdrawn from the contest once due to their indifference towards Azerbaijan who hosted that year. After their 2016 success Armenia are sure to take part in 2017
Australia SBS Australia will always be a question mark. They love doing it but when will they be denied their part?
Austria ORF Austria returned following a Nil Points in 2015 so they are likely to return in 2017 following a much better result
Azerbaijan iTV Azerbaijan haven’t missed a contest ever so it’s doubtful they’ll drop out now
Belarus BTRC Belarus have taken part in every contest since their debut in 2004 so it is very likely they will return in 2017 however, will the host location affect their decision?
Belgium RTBF It’s two years in a row that Belgium made the Top 10 and 2017 is RTBF’s turn. Known as the most successful of the two broadcasters its very likely we’ll see them in 2017. Probably with a Voice winner / runner up
Bosnia & Herzegovina BHRT BiH returned back to the contest in 2016 but failed to qualify. Will they be back following this setback? They will probably be the last to confirm with they return
Bulgaria BNT 2016 saw BNT get their best result in years. This should entice them to return in 2017
Croatia HRT As with Bulgaria, Croatia may be inclined to win following their first qualification in years but time will tell.
Cyprus CyBc Since their 1981 debut, Cyprus have only missed three contests. Unless money issues resurrect, it’s doubtful Cyprus will drop out
Czech Republic CT They qualified to the final for the first time ever in 2016 so this should persuade them to return in 2017
Denmark DR Denmark have taken part every year since 2004 and despite not qualifying these past two year, they are most likely to return
Estonia ERR Tickets for Eesti Laul have been on sale for weeks. Safe to Say they will be in Ukraine
Finland Yle Finland have said they plan to be in Ukraine in 2017
France France2 France2 have already confirmed to ESCToday that France will be involved in Eurovision 2017
FYR Macedonia MKRTV FYR Macedonia have failed to qualify the past four years but since 2004, FYRM have taken part in the show. It is unlikely they will drop out
Georgia GPB They controversially withdrew in 2009 but have been in every other show since their 2007 debut. Georgia are likely to return
Germany ARD They have come last two years in a row (they’ll be meeting the UK soon) but they have taken part every year since the contests inception. It’s unlikely they wont be there
Greece ERT 2016 saw the first Grand Final that Greece were missing from (in a year they took part) but Greece have been here without fail since 2001. We should see them return
Hungary MTV Hungary are likely to return back in 2017 so we will just have to wait for confirmation
Iceland RUV Iceland have failed to qualify the past two years so will RUV make changes in how they select? They haven’t missed a show since 2003 though so should return
Ireland RTE RTE need to really look into their selection process. 2016 saw their third year in a row of missing the final. They are likely to return though as they are a regular
Israel IBA Israel have taken part consistently since 1997 so are likely to be back in 2017. Next Star will likely be their selection method due to it’s success
Italy RAI The most successful of the Big Five there is no reason to believe Italy will withdraw in 2017
Latvia LTV Latvia have made the grand final two years in a row thanks to the new Supernova Selection process. Never letting defeat get the better of them, LTV will likely return with this selection method
Lithuania LRT Lithuania’s ten week marathon paid off with Donny coming 9th in 2016. Following this success LRT are likely to return but please… Make it simple this time
Luxembourg RTL Luxembourg have not participated since 1994 so it is safe to say hell will freeze over before they come back.
Malta PBS Malta have been taking part since 1991 so it is unlikely the country will with draw. Still waiting for confirmation though
Moldova TRM Moldova need a kick up the bum to make it back to the final since they have failed three years in a row. They are likely to come back but whether the selection process will be changed remains to be seen
Monaco TMC It has been years since Monaco took part. It’s unlikely they will return but they are yet to confirm this
Montenegro RTCG RTCG put on their FB page that they also were not happy with the Ukraine win following the May 2015 controversy. They could drop out
Morocco SNRT Morocco have only competed once and that was before I was born (I’m 32). Monaco will be back before these guys return
Netherlands AVRO-
The Netherlands are one of the oldest countries in Eurovision and the last time they didn’t participate was 2002. They will be back but an announcement is to be made
Norway NRK Norway have been taking part since 1960 and have only missed two contests. It is likely they will return
Poland TVP Poland haven’t been the most successful with the jury these past three years and could easily make demands for the jury vote to go (Russia and Turkey don’t like them either). Their participation may be in the balance
Portugal RTP Portugal were not going to broadcast this years show originally but changed their mind. Shortly after they declared they were going to return in 2017
Romania TVR TVR have had all their EBU Membership services revoked due to debt so we may not see them back in 2017
Russia RTR Anything could happen. RTR are not happy about losing when they tried so desperately hard to win. Their current relationship with Ukraine may cause them to opt out for the first time since 1999
San Marino SMTV San Marino have only qualified once out of the seven years they have taken part. The use of a singer to give out their 2016 results may indicate their intent of hiring said singer in 2017. Watch this space
Serbia RTS Their most recent drop out was in 2014 so another drop out isn’t impossible. Unlikely though as Serbia have qualified the past two years
Slovakia RTVS Slovakia haven’t been the most enthusiastic in years so it is doubtful they will return
Slovenia RTVSLO Despite not qualifying this year, Slovenia have had quite a good track record these past five years. They should return
Spain RTVE A member of the Big Five it is likely Spain will return
Sweden SVT Sweden will most likely be taking part but they are still to announce their intent of coming back. They have offered to help NTU with organising 2017
Switzerland SRF SRF have said they will be taking part in Eurovision 2017
Turkey TRT Turkey have said they want to return… But they say that every year don’t they. If the confirm, it will be at deadline. Who knows?
Ukraine NTU They’re the hosts (for now) so it is definitely most likely they will be taking part
United Kingdom BBC The UK have been taking part since 1958 without fail. The only way the UK won’t be back is if they opt out of the EU – Would the BBC still be eligible?

If you know of any other countries that have confirmed participation or withdrawal let us know so we can keep this updated

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47 comments on “Eurovision 2017: Participation Scorecard

  1. WordPress sure hates long tables… The highlights bug me and i can’t get rid of them

  2. France 2 was the first to confirm.lol
    The weather in Greece the last couple of days:

  3. The annual Eurovision Song Contest claimed the #1 spot on the chart amassing nearly 174 million views during the week. :ο

    • Here in Spain it was the most watched of the contrary to other channels with 29% vote, although can be said rest of channels they didn’t bother about it too much, much more important end of month result

      • The rating were good in Greece too considering we weren’t in the final but this is about the most watched youtube channel in the world.

  4. ”The UK have been taking part since 1958 without fail. The only way the UK won’t be back is if they opt out of the EU – Would the BBC still be eligible?”

    Is it a serious question?

    • Neither Norway, Iceland nor Switserland are officilally in European Union, so I guess UK would still stay post a potential brexit?

      • Yes, EBU isn’t an EU institution anyway.

        • indeed, despite the result of the referendum, suppose UK would still continue in ESC
          seems Scotland is much more pro staying in Europe, thus final result will depend on them

  5. This year the army of Eurovisionsceptics here got bigger because of both EBU and AMPTV at the same time and if there are sanctions or fines because of flag I think that AMPTV will face huge criticism by public if they don’t give up! Honestly I will support the withdrawal!

  6. Australia will be there, i’d be surprised if they weren’t.

  7. France was indeed a huge rebirth this year: from 1.8 million last year to 5.5 million! and it beat the final of “The Voice” on France’s first channel TF1 (a private channel) which got 5 million! Plus huge production here for Amir, lots of talkshow mentionning the contest, discussing Austria or Russia. I really think Fr2 is going to try to go for gold soon… no surprises they’re first to confirm!

    • I hope so. Perhaps France just needed a good result in order to believe in a victory again. It’s been a while …

      • yes but it also needed a country that actually cared! and apparently they care

        • Despite the bad results since 2013, interest in Germany was high too. 9.38 million people watched the final here. Now everyone is discussing what we need to do to get away from the bottom of the scoreboard. I wish that they would finally listen to people who know one or two things about ESC … and that doesn’t include the so-called experts *cough* recruited by NDR year after year.

    • you are so right , maybe one day in Spain we will have the same success! ESC rating in Spain was 29% of audience, no 1 of audience as in a France top 10,”going for gold” that French quiz show, that we all watch here in Spain!

    • Is 5,5 million good TV viewing numbers there? I’m very glad to see that people in France actually cared a bit about Eurovision this time. We can always hope for a French rebirth. I have a fear though that they might do a United Kingdom, who finished 5th in 2009 thanks to some effort, but then went down to last place again in 2010.

      • But in 2010 they followed the same trend of “big composer + talent show to pick singer” whereas France just interally chose and will keep doing so next year, so we should be ok, and BBC wasnt going for great results, they were indeed JUST lucky in 2009

        • My main concern is though whether their will be some interest the next year. My point with UK was that despite a good finish in 2009, they couldn’t manage to follow it for the next years and thus the possible interest that might have been there went down the drain.

    • This year was a “go for gold moment” imo but the 6th place is a good first step. The team behind Amir obviously took it seriously and that produced a positive result which is truly great news for a country that was often underrated even with great entries.

  8. A small decline in the Danish viewing figures for the final: 711.000 (last year was 814.000, and 2014 was 2.397.000).

  9. Don’t really think there’s any doubts Poland will be in Ukraine. Croatia has kinda half-confirmed participation (“If we take part in 2016 we’ll likely take part again in 2017 with the winner of season two of The Voice”) while Bulgaria’s already confirmed via their Twitter. I don’t think Slovakia is as much of a long-shot as you think, and I don’t think Macedonia and Montenegro are that definite either.

    • macedonia and montenegro were both 11th in their semi, something to be hopeful for, and central europe has never been so strong with hungary’s a dal winner always qualifying to the final, czech rep finally making it and poland’s two top 5 in televote in three years, and three Q to the final too, so it could trigger slovakia’s desire to get back on it

  10. What happened to Portugal? I thought they confirmed attending next year?

    • Portugal has been one of the first countries to confirm its presence in 2017. FdC will play a major part in the celebration of RTP’s 60th anniversary. ET published an article on the subject.

  11. 3,63 million people in Sweden watched the ESC final this year. That’s even better than the MF final (3,46 million) and the second highest rates for an ESC final (after 2000) since they started to analyze TV viewing back in 1994. Though Eurovision 1983 is still said to have been the most watched TV program in Swedish history, with 85% of the entire population watching it.

    • apart from Sports events, in Spain most watched event of all time is from Operacion triunfo/Spain in eurovision

  12. IN Oz, the Head of SBS has said that they would love to be invited again, but it depends on the Host. They have said that they want to develop Asiavision, with the idea that just the winner of Asiavision maybe being invited as a guest at Eurovision. So I don’t think the essential European nature of the show will change significantly in future. Despite being Australian, I’d hate our presence to change the nature and feel of the show. I was thinking the other day that, being a huge fairly remote island, who do we feel a strong identity with? We really have nothing in common culturally with Asia. In so many ways, our country has a history and strong ties to Europe, fighting in both world wars, having a significant intake of European immigrants and loving the contest and broadcasting it for 30 years. As much as it must seem strange for Europeans to have us participate in their much loved contest, it does make sense to me. But ‘d hate it if we were a catalyst for significant change, because I love the contest more than I love the fact we can take a more active part in it. For a true Eurovision fan, you can’t imagine how much fun and excitement I get to be able to actually vote and see our entry perform. Our voting was all over the place too, which I think reflects our diverse population. Both televote and jury 12 points to Belgium. Totally unexpected, but we love an upbeat song and we must have needed it, being up from 5am in morning. I love everyone’s passion on this site, but I did feel sad reading the anti Aussie comments here. But I get it as well.

    • uff! where to start! and I’m in Europe!!

    • You make some good points, Dollyboy2013. Imo, Australia’s invitation stemmed from the intention to attract new and lucrative markets to ESC, such as the USA and China. The EBU had to start somewhere and Australia was the obvious choice. This trend will push diversity out of the picture even more as an attempt to create instant hits – look at the amount of similar and sterile songs on offer in 2016 (yes, I am afraid that Dami’s was one of them, even if she sang it very well live). That said, I do think that the idea of an Asiavison Song Contest is a good one; Australia’s economy is a part of Asia and although I understand your allusions to the European cltural heritage in your country, a song contest would be an effective way to create new bonds with your neighbours. I also think that the winners of each contest (ESC and ASC) should be invited to participate in the next edition of fellow song contest.

  13. The Netherlands,Belgium,Germany and Norway have now confirmed particiaption too.

  14. I thing that Turkey will participate in Ukraine for political reasons. Also don’t forget that this year winner are Turc…

  15. The inclusion of countries like Australia makes Eurovision a world wide phenomenon, keep including countries outside of Europe to keep Eurovision exciting!!

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