Vote in This Year’s Barbara Dex Award

barbara_dexBarbara Dex – The voting is now open for the Barbara Dex Award. The annual award for the worst dressed participant is hosted here and you can now vote online for the outfit you thought was the worst this year! 

The Barbara Dex Award is the annual prize for the worst dressed artist in the contest. The award is named after Barbara Dex, who represented Belgium in the 1993 contest. She wore a self-made dress that evening and wrote herself into Eurovision folklore.

Surely in the running this year will be Nina from Croatia…

dex nina

Or will Germany’s Jamie Lee steal the trophy?

dex jamie lee

Sandhja‘s camel toe outfit did not go down well with critics…

dex finland

As popular Kaliopi is, her dress was a big disappointment for many

dex frym

Rykka from Switzerland in her see-through skirt and faded blue hair was seen as a disaster by some.

dex switz
Did Michal’s red coat seem too much?

dex poland

Do you think anyone was worse?

Last year’s winner was Trijntje Oosterhuis from The Netherlands. Previous winners can be found here.

Who will take the crown this year?

Vote now! The result will be made public on Sunday the 22nd of May.

49 comments on “Vote in This Year’s Barbara Dex Award

  1. I voted Bosnia-H.
    But I feat that Croatia will win.

    • The only bad thing about it was the whole immigration survival cape and barbed wires… the rest of the outfit was imo awful but on purpose, like Moldova 2010, I dont mind it as much as people trying to look “classy” but look insanely tacky or lame. Which is why in 2010 I told everyone to vote for Ireland.

  2. Nina not only has her two on-stage dresses in contention but also her red carpet outfit too…

  3. Rykka-loo Rykka-lei alla röstar på dig!

  4. I do think Switzerland trying to look “modern and cool” was absurdly awful, whereas Croatia, however lengthy can the debate get, will remain “courageous and not that bad” in my books.

  5. Rykka…

    • I do hope they choose Odessa for hosting!

      A beautiful city where a thriving greek commercial community left some architectural marvels :)

  6. Poli, she had such a good song but all I could see was those weird split trousers and the lights strapped round her legs. A lot of good contenders this year mind. I’m letting Nina off but only cos her hair was awesome, it had waves cut into it.

  7. The Aussies next to us at the arena hated the Albanian dress, screamed 1970s at them

  8. All of B&H,Croatia,Switzerland and FYROM were bad.Bulgaria too but it was part of Poli’s performance so i don’t mind.Nina really ruined it for me with the dress that was underneath.

  9. Rykka FTW! LOL
    I don’t vote in Barbara Dex because sth great wins in most years (Rona, Eldrine …)

  10. Not Croatia and of course not Switzerland either. I am thinking Bosnia, Finland, Italy or even Spain. I doubt though anything can beat the thermal blankets tackyness combined with Dalal’s awful dress.Czech Republic would also be a good candidate unfortunately..That dress looked awful on Gabriela..

  11. On another note, I did not make a “favourite nf entries of 2016” list because I could not follow many nfs this year due to my moving to Sweden situation but there are 3 songs that stuck with me till now that I listen to regularly : “Afterglow” (Laila Samuels), “Human” (Oscar Zia) and..”Cool me Down” (Margaret). Yeap. Bashed it like few others first but that studio version is so good.

  12. My bf voted for Finland ;)

  13. FYROM and Switzerland are my contenders.
    I don’t mind the quirkiness from Croatia and I believe only Dalal looked awfull in BiH (well, the isothermal blankets too).
    Iceland, Serbia and Bulgaria looked tasteless too and Estonia was a huge let down!
    Hungary/Sweden were weak as well! The list keeps going on I’m afraid.
    Maybe it would be more practical to name the ones that I enjoyed :
    Netherlands, France, Armenia and Montenegro. Samra was stunning too!

  14. The esc final is one year from now!20 May 2017. :-o

  15. I am not very keen on voting in this award. Some entries went for costumes that complimented their approach very well such as Belgium, Albania, Sweden, Croatia, France, Latvia and Italy. Others were not as successful, imo, such as Australia, Serbia, Finland and especially Estonia.

  16. Switzerland hands down. What even was that?

  17. I think it is characteristic that some of these outfits are not necessarily ugly, they are just striking – created to cause a stir. F.e. the Croatian “tent”: It may look a bit silly, but I wouldn’t call it ugly.

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