Post Eurovision Come Down Hits Some Hard

eurovision ebu 150Eurovision 2016 – As the dust settles on this year’s contest, performers, journalists, staff and fans alike have been showing signs of an ever increasing worldwide problem… the come down known as ‘Post Eurovision Depression’. For those living in the Eurovision bubble it can be difficult to adjust to real life. No rehearsals, no euroclub, nobody dressed in over the top European flagwear.

As another of this year’s songs pops into your head for no apparent reason (why on earth did I wake up singing Belarus?) there’s no-one there to hum Amir’s song back to you to get Ivan’s nakedness out of your mind. Your colleagues at work do not understand your enthusiasm for voting for some woman called Barbara Dex. Well you’re not alone, as Twitter testifies…

PED Poli

PED krista

PED sieste

PED selim


It’s only just over 3 months before people can start revealing their songs for 2017! And Eurovision Times will be bringing you plenty of action to get you through summer with our post mortem articles on the 2016 contest, our prestigious Frida awards and our ETSC competition.

You can also join the PED Facebook group here.

16 comments on “Post Eurovision Come Down Hits Some Hard

  1. Yes, I noticed that I have been humming/singing several songs the past few days. Among others Made of stars, I stand, and If love was a crime.

    • Ive been humming “I stand” too; on the other hand, Russia 2016, like Italy 2015, I simply can’t hum it, the past two televote winners were way more of a concept than an actual “catchy song”, even “Running scared” was catchy as hell

    • Mainly Serbia here in Berlin/Stuttgart.

  2. Is Barbara Dex up for voting yet?

  3. SVT did a great job this year and the postcards is definitely one of their highlights.Watching them atm.

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