Winner Jamala Responds to Video Accusations

JamalaEurovision 2016 – Earlier today a video emerged allegedly showing this year’s Eurovision winner Jamala performing her winning song. ‘1944‘ back in May of last year… well before the September 1st deadline for performances of entries.  Jamala has quickly responded to accusations of breaking the rules of the contest by posting on her Facebook page…

Jamala response

You can watch the video here, 1944 is at 4,35 minutes.

The accusations come on the back of a large-scale petition calling for a review of the result which the EBU promptly responded to, stating “The result of the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest remains valid and was reached in accordance with the rules agreed by each participating broadcaster and artist and known to every dedicated fan.”





33 comments on “Winner Jamala Responds to Video Accusations

  1. I would definitely disqualify Ukraine from taking the contest next year, and of course took their victory, as this was clear, and the artist knowingly broke the rules. RULES are there for everyone, and if someone starts breaking them without taking actions, it can lead to (and it is causing) hell of a mess… As for today I completely supported Ukrainian victory, but after now I call for response from EBU if they want people to take seriously the contest in the future.

    • First off,the video of this rehearsal was posted today.Don’t you find it suspicious?EBU has already ruled on similar cases in the Danish final and the Ukrainian one concerning another song and they’ve allowed both songs to compete.So,this is a non issue created by the Russian propaganda machine and their butthurt friends.

      • yeah, it was only posted today plus the rules state “commercially released” and this was just tested on a live audience… i dont even think it’s that breach of the spirit of the rules

        • EBU has already allowed in the competition songs that were videotaped and uploaded on youtube before September 1.

      • Ummm, but in response above she never denied it is from year ago. Telling it is not final version or same lyrics actually do not make any sense. I remember they disqualified Swiss song from NF in 2011 only because demo was available and it was only a minute long (“Play my trumpet”). If she did performed it a year ago, they must do something about it…

        • As i told you in my first response the runner up of the Danish final was played during a concert and the video was uploaded on youtube however,EBU ruled that the song was eligible to compete.The same happened with SunSay in the Ukrainian final.What’s more Jamala’s rehearsal video was uploaded only today,after she won eurovision.I’m sorry but rules are rules and they won’t change just to serve the Russian angry mob.

          • As I’ve said down. Haven’t they disqualified BLR in 2011, when Vinnikova had to change the song. Angry mob or not, they have each right to complain. I haven’t been satisfied with the possibility of SunSay winning even if he was my favorite act in their NF. Rules should be the same for everyone…

            • The rule foe esc 2015 is this: The compositions (lyrics and music) must not have been commercially released before the 1st of September 2015.

            • I think they must work out on that rule. Especially so that the same things like in DMGP and Ukrainian NF and now ESC would not happen again.

            • *2016

  2. Considering there was already the problem in the Ukraine NF with Sunsay, I’d say there were many excuses and reasons for us, for fans, for other delegations, to have fished this one out. No one did, and it’s too late, she won and we wont do a thing about it. Like Sandra Kim who was obviously too young to take part (she was said to be 15 but indeed was 13; now we have the 16 yo rule) but oh well.

  3. How has it broken the rules? It wasn’t commercially released publicly, it was just during a rehearsal, and it wasn’t made available on social media until yesterday.

  4. As Esctoday has pointed out, there have been many other cases of situations like this and the EBU has always let them pass. It’s a shame that Jamala did not tell anyone before this video came out but I don’t think there should be any consequences.

    Besides, if Emmelie de Forest can sing “Never Alone” 11 times before Anja and still have it compete in DMGP I don’t think Jamala has an issue.

    • That was also very unfair decision (for DMGP). You cannot make exceptions to no one. If you cannot publicly perform the song, YOU CANNOT! They disqualified Belarus for that in 2011 as well… Born in Bellorusia right?

  5. This year was my worst ESC year ever ! Too much politics in almost all juries around Europe ! Too much drama ! Too much money for cheating especially from ex soviet countries ! The song who came first by juries and the song who came first from televoting took 2 and 3 place and other country took the first place ! And now this !!! This how you want Eurovision to be ? Do you trust this contest ? Do you want your country to spend from your pockets money ( for participation ) for which reason? Personal the latest 2 – 3 years i don’t care too much for ESC ( that’s why very rare i make comment ) and the reasons is all those who i wrote above . And their million of peoples like me around Europe! In a few years ESC will be like Junior Eurovision. With 15 – 16 participations! All ex soviet countries and 3 – 4 countries from the rest Europe. RIP Eurovision….

  6. Aaah, aftermath salt, one of the reasons I’m a ESC fan.

    I almost feel bad for the EBU representative who has to every single complain after someone has won, almost.

  7. People really need to grow up. It’s sad how petty people can get just because their favorite didn’t win.

  8. Normally I hope to have as many participating countries as possible, but there’s a part of me that REALLY hopes Russia decides to not show up in Ukraine next year.

  9. The point is – whether performing it in front of a live audience means “making it commercially available”, i.e. the wording of the rules is very important. If it does, and if the song was indeed performed earlier than allowed, then it should by all means be disqualified. It is the same song, note for note, and the excuse “not the same lyrics and version” is very lame indeed. Disqualified or not, it is really a great pity, because it’s a great song.

  10. I’ve just read the full text of the petition. It has been very stupidly written. Wit all the harping on politics, and even requesting the old voting system to be brought back (!), it obscures the single undeniable fact – that the song was performed earlier than allowed. Everything else is a matter for argument. For instance, Armenia did have its genocide song last year, didn’t they, so politics in Eurovision is not quite unprecedented, and 1944 is, on its surface, as political as “N’oubliez pas”. But songs performed earlier than allowed do get disqualified, so this is what the author of the petition should have used as the key argument. (Such a stupid mistake – if this petition is the result of “organized Russian propaganda”, I’d be very surprised.)

  11. Ugh they won’t stop won’t they ? The issue has already been brought rendered meaningless as other users have points out since the song was never commerically released but it was just tested before a live audience – and appeared in a video a day ago – how convenient !

    Russia is full out trying to take this away from Ukraine – oppresive authoritarian regime with a grand human rights violations record AND very sore losers ! And the point is that even if the ukrainian entry was DQed now, again they would not win, Australia would !

    Worst thing is their factually poor propaganda attack finds many supporters on social media. It’s dissapointing and shows why Russia has no place in the contest once again.

  12. Was this posted already?

  13. Oh cmon really?! o.O JAMALA HAS WON ESC 2016 PERIOD! This is just so distasteful of the anti-ukrainian-win (probably russian) idiots! I am now even more glad she won the whole thing!

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