Eurovision 2016: The Voting Facts and Figures

eurovision sweden 2016Eurovision 2016 – The best part of the day after the grand final is going through the results and analyzing the heck out of them. I’ve looked into some of the interesting results that happened this year so read on if you’d like something to read.

Semi Final One

Winner: Russia with 342pts
Loser: Estonia with 24pts
Just missing out: Bosnia & Herzegovina

Country Place Points
Russia 1 342
Armenia 2 243
Malta 3 209
Hungary 4 197
Netherlands 5 197
Azerbaijan 6 185
Austria 7 170
Cyprus 8 164
Czech Republic 9 161
Croatia 10 133
Bosnia and Herzegovina 11 104
San Marino 12 68
Montenegro 13 60
Iceland 14 51
Finland 15 51
Greece 16 44
Moldova 17 33
Estonia 18 24

How the three automatic qualifiers voted:

The Spanish Jury gave 12pts to Armenia and ranked San Marino at the bottom. The Spanish Public preferred Austria but Montenegro came last with them.

The French Jury gave their 12pts to Austria but did not like Bosnia & Herzegovina. The public gave their 12pts to Armenia placing Finland last.

The Swedish Jury fell for the charms of Russia placing them top but San Marino were unable to please them. The Swedish Public at home gave their 12pts to Bosnia & Herzegovina placing Montenegro last

Azerbaijan Vs Armenia

Azerbaijan Vs armenia

Always a vote you want to watch out for as political voting goes, Armenia Vs Azerbaijan shows just how political voting can be. Every Armenian Juror placed Azerbaijan last in the second semi final and the Televoters did the same however the Azeri home voters actually did pick up their phone to vote for Armenia placing Iveta 14th out of 18 acts. The jury however weren’t as open and each Azeri Juror placed Armenia in last place.

Semi Final Two

Winner: Australia with 330pts
Loser: Switzerland with 28pts
Just missing out: FYR Macedonia

Country Place Points
Australia 1 330
Ukraine 2 287
Belgium 3 274
Lithuania 4 222
Bulgaria 5 220
Poland 6 151
Israel 7 147
Latvia 8 132
Georgia 9 123
Serbia 10 105
Macedonia 11 88
Belarus 12 84
Norway 13 63
Slovenia 14 57
Ireland 15 46
Albania 16 45
Denmark 17 34
Switzerland 18 28

How the three automatic qualifiers voted:

The UK jury gave their 12pts to the surprise qualifier Georgia but may have cost FYR Macedonia a Top 10 place after ranking Kaliopi last. The UK public ranked Lithuania top but did not like Switzerland ranking Rykka last.

The Italian Jury gave their full points to Australia whilst placing Norway last at 18th. The public gave their 12pts to the eventual winner Ukraine but placed Slovenia last in Semi Final Two.

Germany voted rather differently from the other juries placing Israel at the top of the Semi Final Two pile. Denmark came last with the German Jury. Poland won the German Televote whereas the public agreed with the UK public placing Switzerland last.

Grand Final

Winner: Ukraine with 534pts
Loser:  Germany with 11pts
Just missing out of the Top 10: The Netherlands

Jury Winner: Australia
Televote Winner: Russia

Place Country Jury Televoting Total
1 Ukraine 211 323 534
2 Australia 320 191 511
3 Russia 130 361 491
4 Bulgaria 127 180 307
5 Sweden 122 139 261
6 France 148 109 257
7 Armenia 115 134 249
8 Poland 7 222 229
9 Lithuania 104 96 200
10 Belgium 130 51 181
11 Netherlands 114 39 153
12 Malta 137 16 153
13 Austria 31 120 151
14 Israel 124 11 135
15 Latvia 69 63 132
16 Italy 90 34 124
17 Azerbaijan 44 73 117
18 Serbia 35 80 115
19 Hungary 52 56 108
20 Georgia 80 24 104
21 Cyprus 43 53 96
22 Spain 67 10 77
23 Croatia 40 33 73
24 United Kingdom 54 8 62
25 Czech Republic 41 0 41
26 Germany 1 10 11

Who benefited the most from the Jury?

Australia: Australia benefited the most from the jury vote reaching the top of their ranks but the public cost them the overall win by only ranking it 4th. Dami Im got 12pts from nine juries including Sweden, Hungary, Austria, Belgium and Switzerland.


Spain: The jury quite liked Spain giving them a total of 67 points overall and the Italian jury liked Barei enough to give 12pts. Thanks to the public Spain were pushed down to the bottom five after getting only ten points from the public but the Jury stopped her from going further down.


France: Now France don’t have real reason to complain this year making 6th place overall but the jury did favour Amir more than the public did. France would have ranked 9th in the contest if it was televote only but they came 3rd with the jury so it’s thanks to them that France got closer to the Top Five.


Georgia: Now it’s quite the surprise that the jury preferred Georgia’s Indie song more than the public but they did. In fact The Young Georgian Lolitas were in the jury Top 15 even getting a full 12pts from the UK Jury. The public placed them 20th overall and with votes combined.


United Kingdom: Joe & Jake made the Top 10 of ten Juries including Ireland, Serbia, San Marino, Denmark, Estonia, Australia and of course the 12pts from Malta. Only the public from Malta, Ireland and Australia (our besties) gave us points in the televote so we would have been a bigger failure if the jury wasn’t around.

Who benefited the most from the Televote?

Poland: There is no one in the whole competition who can thank the public more than Poland can. Poland came 25th with the jury but the public placed them a fantastic 3rd place. How can the jury and public vote differ so drastically? The diaspora in Europe is certainly at the country’s benefit.


Russia: So the Russian Broadcaster this morning have expressed concern with the use of the jury demanding the public get back 100% control. Russia won this years televote and if the jury didn’t place them only 5th place, we would be in Socci next year but the jury blocked their win and Russia came 3rd overall.

Ukraine Vs Russia

ukraine Vs Russia

Speaking about Russia another aspect to look into is Russia’s reaction to “1944” by Jamala which made the news for it’s subject matter about the Crimean Deportation of 1944. Now the Russian Jury did not like the Ukraine Entry placing Jamala 24th (Israel came last). The public however didn’t seem to care about the song meaning giving Ukraine 10pts placing them 2nd.

Have you looked at the full results yet? Any additions to what we have above, feel free to comment below…

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31 comments on “Eurovision 2016: The Voting Facts and Figures

  1. Interesting analysis!
    It’s sad to see that some juries are even more politically biased than the public (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Russia)…
    That being said, I did have some issues with both juries (Malta) and televotes (UK), however the overall result is a good compromise I guess – it could have been much worse!
    And to conclude, I think the real winners last night were Petra and Mans with ‘Love Love Peace Peace’ :P

  2. Of course Russia wants 100 % televote *rolls eyes*

    And since conspiracy theories are so popular here is a legitimate one :

    What if the whole incident with the russian jury this year in semi 1 was a set up bt the russian broadcaster to discredit the legitimacy of the juries overall because they suspected that their kitsch fest would not win with them ?

  3. The jury will stay! I mean you only have to look at the fanwank Poland got from the televoters making an unfair top 10 placing… And imo Russia got overrated by the jury placing it fifth :P

  4. “The diaspora in Europe is certainly at the country’s benefit.”

    Maybe. I just don’t understand that it is the first year the Polish diaspora is that active. Never happened in the previous years.

    • They are always active but I read an interesting opinion on it by dimitris I think : they are active but need to be “called to arms”. Some acts cause more diaspora voting some less. Last year was not that much different especially in the semi where Poland score very highly with televoting – but the social media drive behind this year’ s polish entry was not there last year (possibly as a backlash to an unpopular internal selection choice). This year they had what can be called a “big star” for their country thus there was much more mobilization and awareness on social media. Comments saying how great the polish entry is were upvoted like crazy on YT, FB etc, views were amassed by the millions from in and out Poland so the word spread in the diaspora communities more. The diaspora is there and needs a small “arousal” to get off its dormant state. Well played by his fans in that aspect I will give them that.

    • They were also very active in 2014, pushing Poland to the 5th place.

  5. Thanks for the figures Jade, I’ll compete with a few more Paschalis gave us, and a piece of editorialism.

  6. Poland: ”How can the jury and public vote differ so drastically? The diaspora in Europe is certainly at the country’s benefit.”

    None sense.

    • Countries with a strong Polish presence and the points they awarded to Poland (televoting)
      Austria 12
      Belgium 12
      Germany 10
      Ireland 10
      Italy 10
      Norway 10
      Sweden 10
      Netherlands 10
      UK 10
      Iceland 10
      France 7
      Spain 5

      The rest came from neighbors

      • How do you know there are many Poles in these countries – apart from UK, Ireland and Germany? And why did they fail to support them last year??

      • Ok, ok. You cannot say that there’s a massive army of Polish immigrants around Europe just waiting to heard their Eurovision entry and massively vote for them haha… That’s surreal. Clearly Poland was popular in the televoting for its social media campaign but that doesn’t mean that only Poles voted for it or that all Poles voted for it, either. And to go all the way to 3rd place with 220+ points, you’d need much more than diaspora.

        I didn’t like the Polish song but I watched the final with a friend (he’s Canadian) and Poland was one of his favourites.

  7. A cool remix of Ukraine!

  8. On the whole Poland diaspora talk, sure, I’m sure a lot of their points did come from diaspora but I don’t think any more than it’s gotten in previous years. My non-Polish father loved the song and it was his number-one. He even showed it to his Albanian parents who also loved it. Its success could be due to its 80s-ballad nostalgia feeling.

    My mom loved the song too, and although she’s half-Polish, she cited Michał’s strong voice as one of the driving factors to liking it. So even though everyone on here (generally) hates it and can only contribute its massive success to Poles voting for it from outside Poland, there clearly are a lot of non-Polish people who really like it. Hell, I’m only 25% Polish but Poland was in my top ten this year, and I wasn’t even born until 2000.

  9. It’s legal to kill an Armenian in Azerbaijan. That’s why Armenians can’t vote for Azerbaijan – they can’t travel to Azerbaijan. It’s simple as that.

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