Eurovision 2016: So Who are this Years Spokespeople? [Update]

eurovision sweden 2016Eurovision 2016 –  The people who will be announcing the jury votes have been revealed in their entirety and the order in which they will reveal the jury vote has been determined. Can you predict who has won the jury vote by looking at the below?

The order and who have been confirmed as the spokespersons can be seen in the table below…

Spokespersons 2016

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Top 5 Eurovision Songs so Far: #1 Netherlands #2 Czech Republic #3 Hungary #4 Serbia #5 Cyprus Worst 5 of Eurovision so far #39 Montenegro #40 Iceland #41 Germany #42 Spain #43 Estonia

23 comments on “Eurovision 2016: So Who are this Years Spokespeople? [Update]

  1. After reading this article, (thanks Jade), I predict (while still slicing carrots) that Australia will win.

    P.S. – who will co-host next year?

    • Dami has won the jury vote. Will that be enough to beat Russia’s ott and borderline ridiculous stage presentation? We’ll soon see.

      • Australia looks just as ridiculous as Russia imo. I went ROFL in my lonely hotel room when Dami was on in the SF.

        • That is true. That glittering cube is ludicrous as are the ott dress and the quality screaming. They had to do something to hide the absolute lack of emotion affecting the song.

        • Both Russia AND Australia 2016 are laughable and would continue the trend of bland pop songs winning the contest relying on MTV stage approach…

          • Kitsch, kitsch, kitsch … and the wiwi people, who I really love, have their knickers in a twist …

          • I’m afraid that the only winning songs with artistic substance 2000 onwards were “Molitva” and “Euphoria”. At least to me.

            • I’d add “Fly on the Wings of Love” although I don’t like the song at all. Luckily, my personal dislike doesn’t make it a bad song. I can live with “Satellite” too but the rest goes straight to the bin.

            • Re: Denmark 2000, I remembered considering it ok back then. But it didn’t age well. Like at all.

    • Yes, Australia won the jury vote and apparently Russia the televoting. This is what I predicted before the rehearsals.

  2. Netherland,Spain,Armenia ,France,UK, my top 5

  3. I still believing in surprises ,i hope one from this five take the victory , can be very good for the festival

  4. Eurovision according to Monty Python:

  5. My votes tonight: Georgia, Ukraine, Serbia, Netherlands and probably France.

  6. I agree that the voting order indicates Australia has won the jury vote.I know i can’t really trust the esc juries.The periscope leak of the Russian jury member was revealing.Now,will it be enough for Australia to win overall?Assuming that Russia is 3rd or 4th with the juries,it could be enough.Maybe Russia has even missed the jury top-5.Who knows?I do hope the less predictable televoters have a surprise in store for the EBU. #1944Hopeneverdies

    • On the other hand I know after all these years the predictably boring and biased televoting cannot be trusted – they will vote massively as zombies for the russian propaganda show. Years of experience of 100 % televoting are revealing. I hope the juries continue the excellent work they have been doing for years and prevent Russia from winning. They will only be boosted even further on my estimation if they do that.

  7. So taking a look at last year’s voting order and and calculating how the juries of the last 10 countries in the voting sequence have vote here are the results for the final top-3:
    Sweden:107 pts
    Italy:45 pts
    Russia:22 pts

    • That seems encouraging for a good final strerch for Australia or France (or even Sweden ?) this year as well given the countries that appear later in the voting order :-)

      • I don’t think Sweden won.It’s most likely Australia or could it be France.The last 10 countries include 4 Balkan states,2 central European,1 Baltic,Italy,Ukraine and Sweden.

        • The 4 balkan states is tricky. I can hardly see Serbia as the jury vote winner so it must be something else from them. I can see them going for France but I can also see them going for Russia.

          I would not consider it surprising if they put the country that won the jury vote last, should be an interesting trick.

  8. I also think it’s Australia’s to lose. Russia second, Ukraine thrid, Sweden fourth and Armenia fifth.

  9. The order of the juries anouncing their votes is completely random this year. There is no algorithm to make it more “exciting”. And if there was, the glut of central european and balkan juries towards the end would probably suggest a ukrainian victory.

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