TEKO 2016: Who Has Won TEKO 2016?

TEKO 2016 smTEKO 2016 – So tomorrow is the grand final of Eurovision 2016 but we have been running our own knock out competition to find out the ultimate ET Champion. It was a close final between two Big Five Countries France Vs Italy but who came out on top?

The results of the grand final can be seen below but the winner of TEKO 2016 is…. *Drum Roll*


Congratulations to Amir who narrowly beat Francesca Michielin from Italy to win TEKO 2016

Italy 48%
France 52%

Amir is representing France with his song “J’ai Cherché” and will be performing for the European public for the first time in tomorrows Grand Final.


TEKO 2015 Winner: Slovenia (Maraaya “Here for You”)
TEKO 2015 Runner Up: Norway (Mørland & Debrah Scarlett – “A Monster Like Me”)
TEKO 2014 Winner: United Kingdom (Molly Smitten-Downes “Children of the Universe”)
TEKO 2014 Runner Up: Hungary (András Kállay-Saunders “Running”)
TEKO 2013 Winner: Netherlands (Anouk “Birds)
TEKO 2013 Runner Up: Greece (Koza Mostra “Alcohol is Free”)

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Top 5 Eurovision Songs so Far: #1 Netherlands #2 Czech Republic #3 Hungary #4 Serbia #5 Cyprus Worst 5 of Eurovision so far #39 Montenegro #40 Iceland #41 Germany #42 Spain #43 Estonia

20 comments on “TEKO 2016: Who Has Won TEKO 2016?

  1. Which translates as 8th in the Final :P

  2. I didn’t vote in the final but congrats to France!

  3. I missed the final would be glad for any outcome !

  4. Yaas! That was way too close though. Congrats France!

  5. Expected. Congratulations, France!

  6. Ok this is my attempt at predicting the finale top-ten in order of appearance:

    Higher probability (10)

    Bulgaria: Like Israel last year the only really upbeat song in the final. Mainly televoting support.
    Sweden: Mainly regional support after being left as the only scandis in the semi.
    France: His charisma is real and so is the hit power of the song. Jury and televote support.
    Australia: Might even win the whole thing if the juries decide she is now the best bet against Russia. Might not if EBU thinks it’s still too soon.
    Serbia: Like Sweden, she will sweep most of the ex-yugo votes now that she is left with only Croatia in the final
    Russia: Most probable winner, but the juries might stop him if the EBU so wills it. Mainly televoting support, I expect some big fat zeroes from a lot of baltic and central european juries.
    Latvia: A hit song even though he overdoes it towards the end. Jury and televote support
    Ukraine: Still in with a chance if she changes her approach of presenting this tomorrow. Mainly jury support
    Austria: A perfect spot in the running order and this was a dark horse since the beginning. Nobody should make the mistake of underestimating her again especially as she comes after Russia’s power bid and Ukraine’s lament: viewers might be fed up and more open to something more classy, innocent and positive. Mainly televote support but the juries may come around now that she qualified.
    Armenia: Being aggressively sexual will not help her coming so soon after Zoe. Plus she doesn’t have a song. However she will fire up the diaspora televoting. Juries might not be that interested now that she is no longer in the running to stop Russia.

    Lower probability (+2)

    Belgium: I don’t get why this Eurovision Junior cover of “Another one bites the dust” is popular but it is. Jury and televote support.
    Poland: The commentariat doesn’t get him but I suspect this ’80s ballad is what a lot of viewers want. Mainly televote support.

    • The comentariat (LOL), good one! I do not like Ploand 16 at all, but if Portugal voted, there would be several votes going the Polish way.

      You make some good points; I also think that Zoë may surprise the establisment (Zoë is our Sanders or Trump, take your pick), if she repeats Tuesday’s performance. Sweden will probably 3rd, 4th or fifth.

    • I would switch Bulgaria into Italy, but otherwise a hell of an analysis. I really like the objective and insightful touch you have in these columns. Cheers, Michos!
      Zoe sure is a dark horse tomorrow, because she takes us all back to our European happy place, to time and space before all hell broke loose. It’s a promise of a beautiful summer, that will arrive eventually.

  7. Yeahhhh :-) ! Congratulations Amir !

    Pheww that was close..

    Hope it translates to a victory in the final tomorrow as well :-)

  8. An interesting article trying to read between the lines after ERT’s press release today concerning our esc flop.It’s for the Greek users: http://www.protagon.gr/scripta/editorial/metafrazontas-tin-anakoinwsi-tis-ert-gia-tin-eurovision-44341135808

  9. Congratulations to Amir and good luck. After all, winning TEKO is much more important than winning ESC. (add winking smiley)

  10. Kiss of death! ask Molly, another Big 5 predicted to do well!

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