Poll: Can You Predict the Top Ten?

pollPoll – Tomorrow is finally the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 and we’ll say goodbye to another edition of our favourite contest. We want you to predict who will make the Top 10 tomorrow night so read on to vote in our poll. We will reveal the results tomorrow before the show

Earlier this week we asked you to predict who would qualify from semi final one and semi final two and you did really well getting 8/10 and 9/10 correct respectively… Before you vote, the line up is as follows:

  1.  Belgium | Laura Tesoro | What’s The Pressure
  2.  Czech Republic | Gabriela Gunčíková | I Stand
  3.  Netherlands | Douwe Bob | Slow Down
  4.  Azerbaijan | Samra | Miracle
  5.  Hungary | Fehérvári Gábor Alfréd | Pioneer
  6.  Italy | Francesca Michielin | Nessun grado di separazione
  7.  Israel | Hovi Star | Made Of Stars
  8.  Bulgaria | Poli Genova | If Love Was A Crime
  9.  Sweden | Frans | If I Were Sorry
  10.  Germany |Jamie-Lee Kriewitz | Ghost
  11.  France | Amir Haddad | J’ai cherché
  12.  Poland | Michał Szpak | Color Of Your Love
  13.  Australia | Dami Im | Sound Of Silence
  14.  Cyprus | Minus One | Alter Ego
  15.  Serbia | Sanja Vučić | Goodbye
  16.  Lithuania | Donny Montell | I’ve Been Waiting For This Night
  17.  Croatia |Nina Kraljić | Lighthouse
  18.  Russia | Sergey Lazarev | You Are The Only
  19.  Spain | Barei | Say yay
  20.  Latvia | Justs Sirmais | Heartbeat
  21.  Ukraine | Jamala | 1944
  22.  Malta | Ira Losco | Walk On Water
  23.  Georgia | Young Georgian Lolitaz | Midnight Gold
  24.  Austria | Zoë Straub | Loin d’ici
  25.  United Kingdom | Joe & Jake | You’re Not Alone
  26.  Armenia | Iveta Mukuchyan | Love Wave

Please comment and vote in the poll below:

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Top 5 Eurovision Songs so Far: #1 Netherlands #2 Czech Republic #3 Hungary #4 Serbia #5 Cyprus Worst 5 of Eurovision so far #39 Montenegro #40 Iceland #41 Germany #42 Spain #43 Estonia

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130 comments on “Poll: Can You Predict the Top Ten?

  1. Just to avoid the horrors of an Australian win I’m 100% Team Russia now. The song isn’t amazing (it’s grown on me though), but Australia winning would destroy the contest for me, so all of my votes will probably go to Russia.

    • I agree. Choosing between Russia and Australia is like choosing between cholera and the plague, but if it’s between them I am with Russia all the way.

    • Maybe the televoters will agree with you and not vote for Australia because of them not being Europe

      • Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Turkey, Israel…but still they are being voted by televoters..

        • They can be considered European based on who you’re asking. Australia is one of the farthest things from Europe.

          • Culturally though Australia is closer than those countries. The argument that Australia will lose votes because it is not in Europe fall short IMO.

        • You forgot Cyprus on your list, which is geographically in Asia too …

          • Yes, but I didn’t add it because people think it is European culturally. My main point was culture, not geography.

            • But then Israel, Gerorgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkey are as European as Cyprus, at least from a Central European perspective.

            • I don’t have vast experience of Central Europeans but from the little I know they tend to differentiate. They might be correct about Israel-Turkey-but completely wrong about the Caucasian countries. Now, when it comes to politics Turkey and Israel are a far cry from Cyprus…but lets not get into this now :p

            • if your main argument was culture, than how on earth is Israel not European?

            • I don’t think it is. At least from my point of view.

          • I have never understand this “culturally European” thing
            European is full of “culturally” European but “mentally” not European countries 😂
            And let me say human rights are more than gay or christian rights…As the recent Syrian crisis showed 😎

            • I totally agree … but then I don’t like thinking in “we” and “other” logic anyway.

  2. Don’t care who’s gonna win . Both Russia and Australia sucks biggest time ….
    Im gonna vote for the Netherlands , Ukraine for sure! Most likely Czech Republic (Mainly for her performance), Spain, Germany will get a SMS too!

  3. Still #teamAmir here for the victory (which I think is possible) but if ir comes down to Russia v. Australia – team Austalia all the way !!! And then next year the contest will most probably will take place in Germany which is good enough :-)

  4. I can predict which songs will end in the top 4, but not in which order: Russia, Australia, Ukraine and France.

    Off-topic: Congratulations to the first Danish Eurovision contestant Birthe Wilke (1957 and 1959). She turns 80 today :-)

  5. I haven’t seen a performance that shouted winner yet and don’t expect the TOP 5 + SWE to come up with one. If I was a betting man, my money would be on Sweden at this point but I hope that we’ll see a surprise winner. It’s been a while.

  6. I was just reading this on wikipedia about the 2003 contest :

    “On the day of the contest, bookmaker William Hill’s odds placed Russia as joint favourites to win the contest with Spain. Ireland, Slovenia, Estonia, Norway and Iceland were behind in third, fourth and joint fifth respectively.At the conclusion of the contest, favourites Russia placed third and Spain placed eighth, while outsiders Turkey (20-1) and Belgium (50-1) claimed the first and second places, respectively. Austria, at 100-1, were favourites to finish last, however, they scored their best result since 1989, placing sixth.”

    Good old days when the bookies did not have a clue. 20-1 on Turkey the day of the final ?! Some people got rich thats for sure..

  7. Russia

    Bottom 3 in no order: Georgia, Germany, UK

  8. And my first attempt to a top 10 prediction :

    The solid top 6 +


    Who else could bother the top 10 :

    Poland (unfortunately – the diaspora momentum is huge for this on social media and with the new voting system it will gather easy televoting 12p from UK, Ireland probably and others – I fully expect the top 2 of irish televoting to be the disgraceful Poland, Lithuania – I would DQ that in one second)

    Hungary (although reports about Freddie’s vocals yesterday make it increasingly unlikely)

    Bulgaria (Poli seems to have the winds on her back so given the favourable draw I wouldnt put it past her)

    Israel (He is a strong vocalist and may have earned some good votes based on that yesterday)

    Spain (I still believe in what Barei can do despite the bad draw)

    Cyprus (stands our genre-wise and it is accesible)

  9. Hello everyone, i want to say that this is one of the worst eurovisions for me.It will be the first esc final that Greece won’t show up :(( we really love esc as a country and an esc final without Greece is like a cake without cream :P Anyway here is my top 10 prediction with no order

    Russia: It is a pretty average act for me but i see that it is very high on the betting odds and many people think that it can be the winner, i wouldn’t vote for it but it is Russia they don’t need my vote, we got used to see Russia at the top of the score board most of the times…

    Ukraine: Maybe the best song in the final. The music is magical and Susana is the best female performer who passes the emotion to the audience very well, no doubt that we are gonna see it in top 5 but i don’t support songs which tells about political historical events, it isn’t because i take any sides but i think esc isn’t the appropriate place for it since its aim is to unite nations…

    France: Another disappointment for me, i was thinking it is gonna be the winner till i watch the latest rehearsal of sweet and cute Amir now i still think a top 10 but don’t think it is the winner act.

    Armenia: It is the best Armenian entry every IMO, despite Iveta’s shoutings and horrible outfit( nonsense super hero pelerine and outdated shoes) this was in my top 3 till the provacative flag issue, i dont think i am gonna support Armenia every again till they change their esc delegation team because the women who is at the head of this delegation brings politics to the contest either with the songs, singers or hateful political messages almost every year obviously she doesn’t care about music much all she tries to do is using the eurovison as a tool to spread their government’s political messages\ aims, but for sure the song will be in top 5 also hopefully some Armenian fans will understand that gays aren’t second class people! I read so many comments by them which says how come EBU can let the LGBT flag that belongs to second class people but not the Nagarno Karabakh flag, really no comment…

    Cyprus: The song is very different than the previous Cypriot songs and i appreciate that Cyprus tried something new, i would like to see a rock entry from Greece next year as well. I can understand that some people find the song a total mess because it is a matter of taste but the part that i don’t get is how come some people claim that he can’t sing :S IMO he is one of the best male vocals of the contest! The song can attract rock lovers and jury can appreciate his performance maybe a better stage appearance would take Cyprus higher on the scoreboard because whatever we say people love to see gimmicks …. Anyway i hope that Cyprus will be in top 10.

    Australia:I welcome new countries in esc so i dont have a problem with them being in, i like to know about other countries’ musics and as long as they give something good like Australia 2016 i am quite happy. Maybe the song isn’t very strong but she achieved to impress most of us with her great performance, congrats to her, i expect a top 10 from Australia today.

    Spain: Simply i am looking forward to see this performance since it can get my votes tonight.

    Azerbaijan: Most of the time Azerbaijan means to me a very good looking singer with an average song and this year is no exception but i think they may be in top 10 because there is a big plenty of fans who like these kinds of songs a lot and since this year there aren’t many strong uptempo songs, it can do better than expected anyway i am done with the never ending Armenia-Azerbaijan issues so till they learn how to behave in a music contest i wont be interested in their entries but i applause the attitude of beautiful samra this year, she got some extra point from me for it .

    Sweden: I guess a top 10 for them since they will also collect lots of votes from the scandinavian countries because others aren’t in and my last prediction to be in top 10 is Netherlands
    I wish good luck to all countries thank you for letting me share my prediction.

  10. I don’t understand the hype about the songs from Russia, Australia or Ukraine whch are not the entries I prefer this season. Hopefully there will be a surprise winner tonight with a very good live performance and I would not mind if the Netherlands or Bulgaria (for example) would reach the top position. Good luck to all the participants.

  11. An here we are once again. I won’t make a prediction, because I do not want to fall asleep just yet. I just want enjoy the show and the songs, even the ones I do not really care for. I wish everyone good luck!

    P.S. – does anyone know the running order of the vote presentation?



  13. Well, after reading the voting order, I can now predict (while I am slicing carrots LOL) that Australia will win.

  14. Australia really shouldn’t be in it. Yeah the 60th anniversary invitation was completely fine, it was a great idea and they sent a fantastic song to go along with it. However, what is the point of them staying in it this year? Apart from viewer numbers, I see no point. I hope Russia or France wins, for the sake of the contest.

    • For the sake of the contest and its founding values it should not even come close to Russia. Australia shares those values much more on every level imo.

    • My theory is that the viewer numbers in Europe are in steep decline and all of their previous measures taken haven’t stemmed the decrease, so they brought in Australia as another participant (and the US and China as broadcasters) to disguise it. Notice how 2015 only saw a viewer increase of three million despite Australia’s addition, the two returning countries, and a Chinese broadcast. The changes had less of an impact than was anticipated, so Australia was given to go to come back and they also *finally* got a deal in place with the USA, which is in a far better geographical location to boost viewing figures. Add Justin Timberlake’s performance to the mix to get Americans interested and watching (despite the fact that they couldn’t get the rights to the performance so it won’t even be shown in the US xD), and the EBU’s actions all start making sense.

      • That theory makes little sense imo. How many australians are up at 5 am anyway to watch the contest ? The viewing figures have been rapidly increasing for years now (since the introduction of the juries to be more exact) long before Australia came in to participate.

        • I read that the viewing figures have neither increased nor decreased but remained pretty stable over the past 10 years.

          • I dont think they were nowhere close to 200 mil a while ago. Since I started following the contest every year an increase is reported when the viewing figures come out.

      • Only around 500.000 people watched esc in Australia last year.So the argument that they’re in because they love the contest so much falls flat.There’s a small portion of hardcore fans there and that’s that.

      • Don’t be surprised if the American figures are quite low. I didn’t even know I had Logo on my cable plan until Thursday.

        About not being shown in the US, does it mean the stream is blocked here? Or only JT’s performance will not be shown, and we will pull a BBC and have a skit or interview instead?

  15. I’ve been singing the UK entry all day … ♫♪♫

  16. I think that the German jury will support Sweden, the Netherlands, France and Australia
    I need to work for some hours now. (add sad smiley)
    Enjoy the final everyone!

  17. Escinsight’s Ben Robertson explains why a Ukrainian win would be brilliant.I loved it:

    The hollow, echo-filled atmosphere is done with such a delicacy it leans into some excellent storytelling. Through that listen-to-me ambience comes a story that is feisty, heartfelt, but direct to the soul. I recognise it’s linguistically simple for the essay-type topic, but doesn’t sound dumbed down at all. Instead the story here is profound and well told, accessible to the masses yet intriguing the academics. It climaxes in a huge flourish at the end where one incredible high note, the right side of a scream, symbolises the suffering of hundreds of thousands from a time long ago. Eurovision has never had anything so hauntingly brilliant.

    I know you want to throw the politics question at me. I know you want to question how this can be my chosen song when for its Crimean history topic it intentionally draws too many comparisons to today’s troubles. Of course it does, but I’m struck by how tasteful this form is. In Eurovision if we look at most politically fuelled songs they have tried to be wacky and make the theme light and fluffy. ‘1944’ is unapologetically dark and sombre and all the better for it just like it is unapologetic about being in the Crimean Tatar language, a language her country Ukraine will not understand. The story Jamala sings about is one that I am glad Europe will listen to on Saturday night and has a place in the family entertainment SVT are producing.

  18. My comment is awaiting moderation.I haven’t added any emoticons so why?Is it too big?

  19. Let be the very best song/singer to win and not a country!!!
    Believe it or not, sentimental music, love songs are forever!!!

  20. While a Russia/France/Australia/Ukraine top 4 is almost inevitable now (give or take if performances are worse tonight), I would love to see the Netherlands defy expectations. Douwe is a great live performer, and is the opposite of the cold, bombastic, calculated entries we’re seeing.

    Latvia have a strong contemporary entry, arguably with more widespread appeal than Aminata. Top-10 for sure, but top-5 is a stretch. Same with Italy and Armenia as well. All different, but each deserve a top-10 on their own artistic merit.

    My predicted top-10:
    Lithuania (the best Swede-composed song of the year IMO)

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