Eurovision 2016: Running Order Revealed

eurovision sweden 2016Eurovision 2016 – One of the last important aspects yet to know in order to predict the final outcome is now out as the running order has been made and approved. Find out who was given a chance… and who wasn’t!

For the last three years, instead of moping about some unfair draws, we get to rage against the injustice that some broadcasters have it easier than others. Instead of going to random draw, we get a random allocation (first half v. second half) and then the producers of the show (appointed by the hosting broadcaster) get to decide the full running order which then only has to be “approved” by the EBU.

As we know, besides the conspiracy theory (theories?) that such a method will help create, this does reinforce the thought that, if you’re going in Eurovision as a favorite, you’ll be helped more than if you’re not. And the idea that this will help delivering a better show was made irrelevant when almost all ballads were put, by the allocation draw, in the same half.

So, regardless of personal taste, no one can be 100% happy with the outcome and the problem with the new system is that we know whom to blame (besides, the EBU or the broadcasters). Random draw, there’s no one to blame, and we can get amazing results and some unfair ones, but it’s the only “fair” way.

For instance, Australia is given for the second year in a row the best possible slot. And you can tell they put some countries with low predictions like Poland “in between” countries with expected high results. Killing entries, promoting others, that’s how you make a “good” show?

  1. Belgium Belgium | Laura Tesoro | What’s The Pressure
  2. czech republic 28 Czech Republic | Gabriela Gunčíková | I Stand
  3. Netherlands Netherlands | Douwe Bob | Slow Down
  4. Azerbaijan Azerbaijan | Samra | Miracle
  5. Hungary Hungary | Fehérvári Gábor Alfréd | Pioneer
  6. Italy Italy | Francesca Michielin | Nessun grado di separazione
  7. Israel Israel | Hovi Star | Made Of Stars
  8. Bulgaria Bulgaria | Poli Genova | If Love Was A Crime
  9. Sweden Sweden | Frans | If I Were Sorry
  10. Germany Germany |Jamie-Lee Kriewitz | Ghost
  11. France France | Amir Haddad | J’ai cherché
  12. Poland Poland | Michał Szpak | Color Of Your Love
  13. australia Australia | Dami Im | Sound Of Silence
  14. Cyprus Cyprus | Minus One | Alter Ego
  15. Serbia Serbia | Sanja Vučić | Goodbye
  16. Lithuania Lithuania | Donny Montell | I’ve Been Waiting For This Night
  17. Croatia Croatia |Nina Kraljić | Lighthouse
  18. Russia Russia | Sergey Lazarev | You Are The Only
  19. Spain Spain | Barei | Say yay
  20. Latvia Latvia | Justs Sirmais | Heartbeat
  21. Ukraine Ukraine | Jamala | 1944
  22. Malta Malta | Ira Losco | Walk On Water
  23. Georgia Georgia | Young Georgian Lolitaz | Midnight Gold
  24. Austria Austria | Zoë Straub | Loin d’ici
  25. UK United Kingdom | Joe & Jake | You’re Not Alone
  26. Armenia Armenia | Iveta Mukuchyan | Love Wave

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107 comments on “Eurovision 2016: Running Order Revealed

  1. JT is in the house and artists are fangirling like crazy apparently :P

  2. So sad they will only be announcing the 12p :(

    • You mean the juries’ 12 pts?

      • Yeah – I hope they go back to the 8p,10p,12p announcment next year..

        • Uhh!Really?That sounds bad.Plus,only the televoting top-10 will be announced.It’s all about time constraints.But,we will know right away who’s the jury favorite and if juries and televoters have agreed on the winner.

          • I just want the old system back, even if it is just mixing the jury top 10 and the televoting top 10 as it was done in 2009-2012. This new system ruins the fun that the voting announcment is :(

            • Maybe but we won’t know until it’s done.The televoting points will be announced in the form of percentage like in MF or the esc way?

            • I don’t know, I closed the stream I was watching, don’t want to spoil everything.

    • the contest took a few bad turns with the voting this year

      • Agreed 100 %. The whole new voting format needs to go. Both its essence and its presentation on the night.

  3. Funny thing is I am watching the final tomorrow with the most multinational group of people I have ever been with : Swedes, canadians, americans, australians, croats, estonians, austrians, turks and many more I may not yet know at a BBQ party at a friends corridor. It’s definately going to be interesting !

  4. Oh reading blogs only now and Belgium is leading the fake vote yeahh :) !

  5. They’ve killed whatever chances Italy had imo.

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