Tonight: the Second Semifinal 2016

eurovision sweden 2016Eurovision 2016 – This it it! Eurovision 2016 is finally here! After months of national finals, announcements, rehearsals… it’s here! Tonight we will find out the remaining ten qualifiers that will join Big 5 and Sweden in the Grand Finale on Saturday. You can comment with us live at 21.00 (CET) tonight! 

There are many ways to watch this first semifinal. One of them is of course being there in at the Globen. Else, if you live in a country that’s broadcasting the semifinal, you have TV or the country’s channels live broadcast on the Internet (every country taking part in the semifinal as well as the three countries qualified in the final who vote in this semifinal (Sweden, France, Spain) have to broadcast it live by EBU rules). If you live in a country that’s not broadcasting it, you can always watch it live on Eurovision’s official webpage.

Tonight’s show will last for two hours. Eighteen countries take part and will battle one of the ten tickets for Saturday’s grand final. The show will be hosted by Petra Mede and Måns Zelmerlöw. This is tonight’s running-order:

  1. Latvia Latvia | Justs Sirmais | Heartbeat
  2. Poland Poland | Michał Szpak | Color Of Your Love
  3. Switzerland Switzerland | Rykka | The Last Of Our Kind
  4. Israel Israel | Hovi Star | Made Of Stars
  5. Belarus 28 Belarus | Alexander Ivanov | Help You Fly
  6. Serbia Serbia | Sanja Vučić | Goodbye
  7. Ireland Ireland | Nicky Byrne | Sunlight
  8. Macedonia F.Y.R. Macedonia | Kaliopi | Dona
  9. Lithuania Lithuania | Donny Montell | I’ve Been Waiting For This Night
  10. australia Australia | Dami Im | Sound Of Silence
  11. Slovenia Slovenia | Manuella | Blue And Red
  12. Bulgaria Bulgaria | Poli Genova | If Love Was A Crime
  13. Denmark Denmark | Lighthouse X | Soldiers Of Love
  14. Ukraine Ukraine | Jamala | 1944
  15. Norway Norway | Agnete | Icebreaker
  16. Georgia Georgia | Young Georgian Lolitaz | Midnight Gold
  17. Albania Albania | Eneda Tarifa | Fairytale
  18. Belgium Belgium | Laura Tesoro | What’s The Pressure

Italy, Germany and the United-Kingdom will also be able to vote in this Semifinal. So who do you think will make it? And whom do you wish to see in the final?

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635 comments on “Tonight: the Second Semifinal 2016

  1. 2nd half for Jamala, this is getting SERIOUS !

    • What did Amir get?

      • First. This may actually help him. With all of Armenia, Russia, Ukraine in the 2nd he may have weaker competition around him. Let’s see what Dami draws. If she gets 2nd as well, this may be good news for Amir.

  2. Ooh, a good draw for Jamala. She will stand out a lot among the songs in that half.

  3. BULGARIA 1st half

  4. I wish Dami was as charming on as she is offstage.

  5. Come to think of it, Hovi really reminds me of this guy from school that I can’t stand, so maybe that’s why I hate him so much lol

  6. Latvia and Lithuania in and Estonia out is something we have seen 10 years ago! It never happened before.

  7. Latvia 2nd half! Yaas!

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