Eurovision 2016: Results of Semifinal 2

eurovision sweden 2016Eurovision 2016 – Tonight we finally saw the second semifinal, with 18 entries participating and 21 countries voting all together chose the 10 finalists! Find out which they are! Comment, discuss and analyze with us!

This was tonight’s running-order:

  1. Latvia Latvia | Justs Sirmais | Heartbeat
  2. Poland Poland | Michał Szpak | Color Of Your Love
  3. Switzerland Switzerland | Rykka | The Last Of Our Kind
  4. Israel Israel | Hovi Star | Made Of Stars
  5. Belarus 28 Belarus | Alexander Ivanov | Help You Fly
  6. Serbia Serbia | Sanja Vučić | Goodbye
  7. Ireland Ireland | Nicky Byrne | Sunlight
  8. Macedonia F.Y.R. Macedonia | Kaliopi | Dona
  9. Lithuania Lithuania | Donny Montell | I’ve Been Waiting For This Night
  10. australia Australia | Dami Im | Sound Of Silence
  11. Slovenia Slovenia | Manuella | Blue And Red
  12. Bulgaria Bulgaria | Poli Genova | If Love Was A Crime
  13. Denmark Denmark | Lighthouse X | Soldiers Of Love
  14. Ukraine Ukraine | Jamala | 1944
  15. Norway Norway | Agnete | Icebreaker
  16. Georgia Georgia | Young Georgian Lolitaz | Midnight Gold
  17. Albania Albania | Eneda Tarifa | Fairytale
  18. Belgium Belgium | Laura Tesoro | What’s The Pressure

Italy, Germany and the United-Kingdom also voted in this semifinal.

After a 2h show that made us see the stage in action, some more candid camera with esc fans, a great interval act based on the relationship between man and the machine, the ten countries that qualified were finally announced. And they were:

  • Latvia
  • Georgia
  • Bulgaria
  • Australia
  • Ukraine
  • Serbia
  • Poland
  • Israel
  • Lithuania
  • Belgium

A good year for central Europe! and an awful one for the nordics, as Sweden will be the only one in the final!

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163 comments on “Eurovision 2016: Results of Semifinal 2

  1. A weaker and very predictable semi at least results-wise, as it ended up exactly the same way the betting odds were suggesting and it’s kinda becoming boring 2 years now.
    I got 9/10 but I had Norway at #10 and Georgia at #11.
    Latvia & Georgia were the BEST performances tonight!!!
    Lithuania was confident and a well deserved qualiier.
    I was expecting more from Ukraine, Belgium, Bulgaria and Serbia.
    The performances from Switzerland, Ireland and Belarus proved that there is not enough talent for all…
    The artists from Australia and Israel get more praise than they deserve imo.
    Denmark and Albania were the most boring 6 minutes of the show.
    Slovenia offered the most irrelevant pole dancing in esc EVER!!!
    Kaliopi got what she deserved imo. The song was dated and a lighter version of 2012. Never believed she stood any chance anyway.
    Norway and Poland should switch places, but it’s becoming almost definite by now that we should never underestimate Poland and Lithuania in semis…

    • More or less agreed on everything. everything :o

    • i even got 9/10 too but had bulgaria out and denmark in as i thought juries would push that one! but once dk had performed i knew i was wrong, ugh they were bad… so was albania, so was bulgaria so was poland, so was belarus, so was ireland, ugh… norway was ok, nothing good, but better than the nf and vocally good enough, it deserved to be in, weird that two nordics DID deserve to qualify after all and didnt??? how disappointing was Serbia btw? totally lost its wit and energy, and looked awkward at best… Lithuania was my surprised, liked it much, and Latvia and Georgia huge highlights, Ukraine a tad disappointing, I dont even like the dress… but in the end, Switzerland, how AWFUL? burning tits!

    • 9/10 too. I had Norway around 8th, and Georgia 13th. However, it was Denmark I thought would make the cut.

  2. Poor Agnete

  3. One last thing about last night’s semi : A HUGE congrats to Rykka, she provided one of the best performances last night and remained her uncompromising artistic self :-) Talent may not have been able to beat polish and lithuanian diaspora but definately shinex through yesterday. When songs and artists like Estonia’s and Switzerland’s are not appreciated it shows that the contest still has a long way to go.

    P.S. Rykka expressed her appreciation for the whole experience and announced a new album and a new video soon which I cannot wait for :-D ! This is one of ths big advantages of esc – helping you find great artists to follow. Rykka is definately one to keep an eye out for. Good luck girl !

    • *shined through yesterday

    • I wish the thumbs up button was available. I would have given you a million. Even though I disagree with you regarding my brothers and sisters in Estonia. That performance had a creepy vibe.

      But we do agree that the Rykka Virus can’t be contained, it’s only getting more potent.

      I’m buying her album too. Good luck to her indeed.

  4. And after rewatching semi 2 here’s my official ranking and scores :
    1.Ukraine 9.5/10
    2.Latvia 8/10
    3.Georgia 8/10
    4.Belgium 7+/10
    5.Serbia 7/10
    6.Bulgaria 7/10
    7.Norway 7/10
    8.Israel 6/10
    9.Australia 6/10
    10.Lithuania 6/10
    11.Ireland 5/10
    12.Slovenia 5/10
    13.Denmark 5/10
    14.FYROM 5/10
    15.Poland 5-/10
    16.Belarus 4.5/10
    17.Albania 4/10
    18.Switzerland 3.5/10

    Overall fair results! I would only switch Poland with Norway.

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