Eurovision 2016: Memorable Moments of the Selection Season

eurovision sweden 2016Eurovision 2016 – Every selection seas comes up with memorable moments and even controversial moments. Here I will look at the highlights and some of the controversial moments of the selection season that has just been. I may get opinionated in parts so feel free to comments below.

A fix in Malta?

So National Finals are used a lot in Eurovision but should you still use them if you already know who you want to represent you?
Well this year Malta shortlisted Twenty songs for their Selection and two of those were submitted my Ira Losco. She managed to take only one to the Final and that song was “Chameleon” which ended up winning. The thing is, immediately in a press conference after she said she would be singing another song at Eurovision.
The question is… Why shortlist two songs by the same person if those songs were never intended for Eurovision? Why allow her to sing two songs at all? Well I guess that would be to give her a better chance of winning adding to the fact she was second to last to sing in the Final.
Eventually, shortly after deadline her song “Walk on Water” was revealed and Malta are now up in the top 5 of the Bookies Betting so maybe this was the best choice for Malta but…. Couldn’t they have saved the Maltese Public voting money if they had just internally selected her?

Germany Withdraw Xavier Naidoo

In November 2015, NDR announced that they had internally selected Xavier Naidoo to represent them in in Stockholm. This however met immediate back lash from German (and international) fans due to the singers previous controversial moments. Xavier has shown to be both racist and homophobic in the past and is also a supporter of the Reichsbürgerbewegung movement.
A week later Thomas Schreiber, ARD’s entertainment coordinator announced that they had withdrawn their offer to Naidoo and later reveal that a National Selection wou.ld take place instead

Controversy in Ukraine

Ukraine are one of four countries returning to the Eurovision Song Contest in 2016 and they have come back with a bang. Ukraine used a National Selection this year which took the form of two semi finals and a final. Two of this years contestants caused some controversy during this time, those tow being SunSay and eventual winner Jamala.
SunSay won the second semi final getting full marks from the jury and the public at home for their song “Love Manifest”. Shortly after the win it was revealed that a different version of the song had been released on YouTube at the end of 2014 raising questions about the songs eligibility as songs had to be younger than September 2015. The video never got a lot of views however and the song as it was sounded too different to the final product that NTU declared it eligible.

Jamala was also very popular in the National Selection winning the first Semi Final and of course going on to win the final as well but it wasn’t known if the EBU would allow it to be performed at the contest. Her song “1944” is a message about the deportation of the Crimean Tatars in the Soviet Union ordered by Stalin in the same year. Political songs are not allowed under the EBU rules of the contest and some people believe that “1944” fall under that umbrella. The EBU feel differently however and say that the song does not directly support any political message or following.

Disappointment in Poland

Leading up to the Polish National Final the country were tipped as favourite to win the contest in May. The reason was due to the singer Margaret who was taking part with her song “Cool Me Down”. A huge favourite with the fans it looked a certainty that she would win the final but she was beaten by Michal Szpak with his song “Colour of Your Life”. After the final ended the betting on Poland started going down although the country is still a respectable 16th in the odds at the time of writing.

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10 comments on “Eurovision 2016: Memorable Moments of the Selection Season

  1. Wow, I completely missed that SunSay song. That would have been epic in eurovision. And I love the singer’s manic looks. Very hot.

  2. Malta’s song selection process was a mess but they ended up with a better song…Had she sung chameleon,she would have seen the final in her dream..I love Ira and I am happy that she is in

    Ukraine’s NF was great…I really loved “Helpless” maybe more than “1944” but still they ended up picking the right song

    Poland’s Margaret was a cheap Rihanna copy…we don’t need new Rihannas or Beyoncès so I am glad she is out

    • And Margaret is a bad performer. The studio version was good (not my kind of song), but the moment she performed it live she blew every chance she had.

      • I didn’t like studio version either but I am shocked when I saw this guy won 😁
        He is better than Margaret for sure

  3. Malta – I seriously think that EBU should forbid countries from changing entries that were chosen by a public selection. If a broadcaster wants to have complete control over the artist and/or song, then make an internal selection, or let the public choose only the artist and select the song internally, if that suits the selection process better. But don’t pretend to let the public decide (and waste their time and money) if you’re not going to go with the song they select… Also, I think ‘Walk on water’ is the worst entry this year, so Malta should have really stuck with the public’s decision…

    Germany – if the allegations about him were true then it was a good call to withdraw him, this contest doesn’t need any extremists.

    Ukraine – Well, there is a certain political message but nothing that hasn’t been done before (for ex Armenia last year). Plus I like the song, so I certainly don’t mind it :P

    Poland – OH MY I didn’t even know that we dodged a bullet so narrowly, that song is a piece of pseudo-musical garbage (sorry, but this is my honest opinion. I think it is 10 times worse than Malta’s entry which is my least favourite this year). Michal’s song is not outstanding but I think it’s nice and well sung, and will most likely qualify (not to mention I find it infinitely better than Margaret)

    Very interesting article btw :)

  4. Thanks for the article Jade!It’s very intersting even though i believe it would attract more attention if it was published after esc.Those days are hectic anyway.

  5. Following blogs on the 1st dress rehearsal for the 2nd semi. Not many surprises, some not so good vocal moments for Poland and Serbia but everything is going mostly as expected. Vast enthusiasm about Bulgaria that I still fail to grasp given what we know as stage presentation and very good feedback for Australia as well.

  6. I am trying to concentrate on several articles at the same time, so I’ll just say that the Ukrainian NF was simply the best.

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