Tonight: the First Semifinal 2016

eurovision sweden 2016Eurovision 2016 – This it it! Eurovision 2016 is finally here! After months of national finals, announcements, rehearsals… it’s here! The live first semifinal  is at 21.00 (CET) tonight! You can comment with us live! Ten qualifiers will join the Big 5 and Sweden in the Grand Finale on Saturday.

There are many ways to watch this first semifinal. One of them is of course being there in at the Globen. Else, if you live in a country that’s broadcasting the semifinal, you have TV or the country’s channels live broadcast on the Internet (every country taking part in the semifinal as well as the three countries qualified in the final who vote in this semifinal (Sweden, France, Spain) have to broadcast it live by EBU rules). If you live in a country that’s not broadcasting it, you can always watch it live on Eurovision’s official webpage.

Tonight’s show will last for two hours. Eighteen countries take part and will battle one of the ten tickets for Saturday’s grand final. The show will be hosted by Petra Mede and Måns Zelmerlöw. This is tonight’s running-order:

  1. Finland Finland | Sandhja | Sing It Away
  2. Greece Greece | Argo | Utopian Land
  3. Moldova Moldova | Lidia Isac | Falling Stars
  4. Hungary Hungary | Fehérvári Gábor Alfréd | Pioneer
  5. Croatia Croatia |Nina Kraljić | Lighthouse
  6. Netherlands Netherlands | Douwe Bob | Slow Down
  7. Armenia Armenia | Iveta Mukuchyan | Love Wave
  8. san marino San Marino | Serhat | I Didn’t Know
  9. Russia Russia | Sergey Lazarev | You Are The Only
  10. czech republic 28 Czech Republic Gabriela GunčíkováI Stand
  11. Cyprus Cyprus | Minus OneAlter Ego
  12. Austria Austria | Zoë Straub | Loin d’ici
  13. Estonia Estonia | Jüri Pootsmann | Play
  14. Azerbaijan Azerbaijan | Samra | Miracle
  15. Montenegro Montenegro | Highway | The Real Thing
  16. Iceland Iceland | Greta Salóme | Hear Them Calling
  17. Bosnia-Herzegovina Bosnia & Herzegovina | Dalal, Deen, Ana Rucner & Jala | Ljubav je
  18. Malta Malta | Ira Losco | Walk On Water

Sweden, Spain and France will also be able to vote in this Semifinal. So who do you think will make it? And whom do you wish to see in the final?


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530 comments on “Tonight: the First Semifinal 2016

  1. Oh my, watching them once again, Montenegro nailed it. If only there was any justice.

  2. 11th: Iceland
    12th: BiH
    13th: Estonia
    14th: Finland
    15th: Greece
    16th: Moldova
    17th: Montenegro
    18th: San Marino

    I guess so…

  3. Have a good night, everyone!

  4. As a quick summary of my views:
    – sad to see Greece, Bosnia and Montenegro left behind
    – glad to see Austria qualifying – while I mostly expected her to make it, I did have some doubts
    – I like the Russian entry but I didn’t really like the performance; their qualification is no surprise though
    – glad to see Czech Rep in the final – not a fan of the song though, they should have made it last year imo and not this year :P
    – Armenia and Azerbaijan are in the same boat for me; I was sure all along that both would make it, I’m sure they will both do pretty well in the final; I dislike both songs
    – rather surprised to see Cyprus in; I don’t mind it though, the song is ok and the performance was good
    – not a big fan of Iceland but I think she would have deserved to qualify
    – my least favourite entry by far this year (Malta) made it. oh well…

    Anyway, looking forward to the second semi!

  5. OMG Germany is last
    Poland is hilarious

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