Russian Jury Polemics

RussiaEurovision 2016 – Polemics all through the night as a Russian jury has periscope herself with her voting sheets. It seems it was done during a break in the first semifinal and meant no harm, just to show her at work and showcasing what the voting sheet looks like. Even though she hasnt voted yet, since she hasnt seen it all, we can clearly see she has written a few first thoughts as a “+” next to Netherlands and “-” next to Moldova indicate. So, what now?Some people ask for the jury to be revocated, can the EBU do that so soon? Will Russia only use televote for the first semifinal or will a replacement jury be called in instead? The fact the polemics comes from Russia also doesn’t help and with the issue with juries last year making a different overall winner than televote’s will probably get fans carried away. Here, besides the fact that yes you can’t keep a jury that forgot some basics deontology (dont post online during your voting, even if the break is boring), this shouldnt lead to more yells against the jury no?

See the incriminated picture here:

Source: Eurovoix

So what do you think should happen next?

59 comments on “Russian Jury Polemics

  1. I hate juries. Always have. I think this one just got excited but as you can see the plusses and negatives she gave this one juror should really have her votes void (interesting she did not like Hungary)

    On the other hand, Periscope are one of this years sponsors so the whole thing might be shoved under the carpet because its advertising for them

  2. I m just going to drop one comment on the issue before the huge frenzy begins and that’s all :

    A) I fully expect the televoting crowd to seize the opportunity and start the “all jurors are like her, get rid of bad juries, hooray 100 % televoting !”

    B) To which I answer that by generalizing based on the behaviour of one juror in one jury in one year you just show huge bias. Also I will surprisingly stand behind this juror. The periscope thing was stupid but she had downvoted her neighbouring Moldova (who did not deliver vocally or on any other level) and upvoted The Netherlands (who arguably delivered) which on a preliminary level showed she knew what she was doing on a voting level at the very least.

    C) The russian jury votes will most probably br disqualified and that shows the efficiency of the scrutiny system when it comes juries. Pity we dont have a similar system of checks and balances when it comes to heinous televoting.

    D) A juror using an app during their job when EBU itself has decided that secrecy does not matter and gives the name of the jurors out weeks before the actual event should be no big deal. This incident only supports my argument : No reason to reveal the names of the jurors before the end of the final !

    Overall this incident with the imminent DQ of the russian jury votes only showcases the efficiency of the workframe around juries, only emboldens me to consider 100 % jury votes as the only way to keep the contest healthy and in terms of the actual voting the first votes of this certain, irresponsible kind of I will agree, juror show that she was more objective than televoting will ever be (I think we all know what the russian vote based solely on televoting will look like now – 12p to Armenia and 10p to Azerbaijan or the opposite are certain).

    The anti-jury frenzy tide will begin no question about that but juries come empowered out of this.

  3. A very good morning. So, the first of the three D Days is here!

  4. Although I am against full televoting/jury,this periscope video shows how corrupt juries can be

    One is saying he finds the Dutch song dull,the other is saying she is for Armenia because her husband is Armenian are extremely unprofessional…and they are not doing this in private,they are sharing what they think with other jury members and the thousands using periscope as well…and obviously they don’t care the performances because their votes have already been decided based on politics and ethnicity…A regular Eurovision viewer can do this but definitely not a so-called “professional” jury….

    Of course this happens not only in Russia but in a large number of countries….even in the ones mocking the post-soviet countries…YUCK!!!!So a big “NO” from me to “100%jury”system…

    I think televoting is more sincere…You can’t blame ppl for voting for their country/artist and they are much more fairer than the juries when it comes to awarding songs as we saw in the past…YET, I am saying “NO” to “100% televoting” as well…That’s not a healthy system alone either

    What can be done? 50/50 system should be kept but EBU should ditch “jury from every country” system and form one stable jury from people of “Big5” countries….I can’t think of anything else!

    • Where did we see they are much more fair ? In the 2008 when the contest was on the verge of collapse because of televoting and its bias and corruption ?

      • At least they are fans…pay attention to all songs and mostly vote for the songs they like…
        As you see I am still backing 50/50 system but I can’t see the point of backing only jury voting

        • Who are fans ? Televoters ? Even today the vast majority are neighbouring and diaspora votes. That’s why the EBU does not dare to publish the full televoting figures as the should – they know it will expose the travesty televoting is. They only know to put juries under scrutiny. Most certainly the majority does not pay attention to the songs and most certainly the majority of televoters do not vote for the song they like.

          I see no other way out than 100 % jury vote for the contest to move forward. Maybe one day the televoting basis will have the decency to vote based on what’s on stage but for now they do not in their vast majority.

          • I am against country juries…
            And viewers should have a say…they are the ones keeping Eurovision alive!!!

            What do you think of my idea of one stable jury that are formed by Big5 music professionals???

            • I dont think a jury consisting only of members from big 5 countries is fair – it would not be representative of multiple musical perspectives. The majority of jurors from all over Europe I am sure are decent, proffesional people so national juries must be preserved imo and the DQ rules must apply as they will in this case. Also similar DQ rules must apply to televoting. Thats the only way to maintain a fair system imo.

    • * In the 2000s era I meant, 2008 was just the pick of televoting corruption.

    • You speak Russian?

    • ”Of course this happens not only in Russia but in a large number of countries….even in the ones mocking the post-soviet countries…YUCK!!!!”

      Netherlands, UK and Ireland come to mind; marking down Armenia and Poland respectively.

    • form one stable jury from people of “Big5” countries???You mean a jury consisted only of Germans,Italians etc?

      • Yes why not?…we don’t need juries from all countries…I don’t see a problem as long as they are music professionals…the system we have is not farı either

        • I think this would be a catastrophe and EBU would never daring bringing it to the table.Juries from big-5 deciding for the contest?lol. I thought i had misunderstood your phrase.
          10 jury members of strickly music professionals representing different age groups and different genres in music is the only way to go,imo and they should be voting in separate booths.
          The Greek jury f.i is awful.A PR lady,a celeb reporter,,a radio producer,an unknown singer and a fashion designer.

  5. Impressions of jury rehearsal audience :

    Happy to listen to people liking Netherlands, Austria and Hungary :-)

  6. I’m very pro-juries, as without them we might return to the horrors of early-2000s Eurovision, but I don’t think this is okay. Each juror should be alone while voting (I thought that was already a rule? Guess not), and they should be specifically banned from using any technological device. Make it like the safety measures taken during standardized testing in schools.

    As for the the Russian jury in particular, I do have empathy for the woman in the video as she probably didn’t know that this would cause such an issue, as if she did I assume she wouldn’t’ve done it. But she should definitely be replaced with a backup juror, in addition to the woman who said that she’d vote for Armenia just because her husband is Armenian. It should also be emphasized to jurors that they’re voting for song, not country. Maybe even not display the country to them when they’re voting.

    Also, countries should use harder criteria while picking their jurors. One of the Russian women is simply a television presenter? How is that a music professional? The juries should consist entirely of singers, musicians, composers, music producers, etc. And it should be a mixture of all of those professions, not simply national final rejects (looking at you Spain).

    • The whole russian jury must be disqualified now and televoting 100 % should count for russia in the semi (not that it will be better – quite the opposite but anyway) and they must be replaced before the final. These jury members should be barred from future participation in esc juries and Russia should be fined a hefty amount.

      The contest must preserve its integrity and that’s the only possible way imo – it is also the only way for the jury vote to keep the moral highground against televoting.

  7. As I probably won’t be around for the live show tomorrow morning (peer mentoring ugh) here are my pre-show predictions for the qualifiers (in rough order of likelihood)…

    Czech Republic
    Bosnia & Herzegovina

    Estonia is a borderline case however, and I could see it losing a spot in the final to either Azerbaijan (yes, even with those vocals) or Greece (a tried and tested recipe). Hopefully it makes it through though, as it is by far superior to the other two imo.

  8. I love the juries. Always have, it’s the idiotic televoting that should be ditched. Alas money talks so no hope there.

  9. Juries can be corrupt but the solution isn’t to scrap them but to fix them.

  10. ok, in every big event always is corruption , business money in the midle, i find good when the jury from Rusia is disqualificate, but sadly whem more light i see in the stage more dark i see the future from this festival, hope im wrong

  11. Televoting should never be ditched…it can be modified though 😊
    If I am a televoter,I vote as I like…Taste can’t be questioned… I can vote for a nice ass,or a flag or a stage show …my money,my decision….on the other hand it is the juries that should be put under a microscope because they are the ones misusing the power they have!!!

    ps:Of course when “I” say I am talking about any televoter,not myself…I have never voted for a nice ass before LOL

  12. It’s just so sweet imo how much the fans love Zoe. She seems humbled by the support every time :) :

  13. I can vote for a nice ass…or a flag or a nice stage, then this is no more a song contest , ok begin to be clear for me , is an ass contest , flag contest or stage contest, and the winner go to be the ass what more money colect from all ,nice

  14. Is a joke , of course i dont believe really is like this, i prefer to think that really in the end a beatiful song wins maybe , Netherlands ????? can be a good winner,

  15. I watched the parts of the Dutch and the Armenian performances and they’re both top-10 material,imo.

  16. The leaked video is still out there.

  17. EBU statement on the situation :


    The votes of the juror recording are DQed and she will be replaced.

    • well, it was the reasonable thing to do. End of polemics.

      • Hopefully yeah, let’s move on.

        Are you going to post a prediction or play sneaky :P ?

        • I always play sneaky, and keep my predictions for my friends on Fb or skype :p Anyway I’ve never bragged of a 20/20 (never happened) and only one 19/20 (2012 where I had NL in instead of Malta)… so you know you can trust me ;)

          • Well I do know we have 9/10 in common for semi 1 which should be interesting ;)

            Although I am seriously considering just turning the tables and changing Azerbaijan with Estonia.

          • 1:19-1:21 : The volunteer and Sergey’s hand movement that can easily be misunderstood…

            I’ll see myself out.

  18. LOL http://eurovoix.com/2016/05/05/ukraine-jurors-state-favourites-ahead-contest/
    I am sorry EBU, but the way you handle the contest you ask for this.

  19. This isn’t acceptable but it isn’t the first time we hear something like it i read so many corruption stories so i don’t find it surprising any more… Last year i lost my money because of the juries who simply killed Italy , they wanted to give the contest to a wealthy country instead of Italy which has financial problems but they can’t change the fact that Italy is the winner of people in 2015.

    • Televoting lost its right to rule esc long time ago when it made it made a ridicule out of the show (it still does vastly). And those conspiracy theories ugh…Sweden won last year with a commanding lead, we have a contest in Sweden this year so can we drop those old stories really ?

      Italy won the jury vote in 2011, should we make a mess about it to ?

  20. That’s what you get when you put starlets and TV personalities in a National Jury…

  21. Social media incontinence.

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