Russia: Jury Member is Withdrawn

RussiaRussia – As you know yesterday was the jury final of the First Semi Final and controversy soon followed when one of the Russian Jurors filmed herself and the jury watching the live stream of the Jury Rehearsal. Today, following this controversy, the EBU have taken action

Anastasiya Stotskaya, one of the jury members of Russia has today been ejected from the Russian Jury following breach of the rules. Her votes for the Semi Final are void and will not be considered. RTR the Russian Broadcaster can however pick a replacement in time for the Grand Final.

During the jury rehearsal Anastasiya filmed herself and the other members of the jury via the Periscope app. The footage showed the screen during both the Armenian and Dutch performances ahead of the televised show today which is not allowed. She also showed her score sheet where she indicated which songs she liked (Netherlands) and songs she didn’t (Hungary and Moldova).

Although the jury were speaking in Russian, one of the jury members can be heard stating she would vote for Armenia because her husband was from there. No action has been taken in regards to the second jury member.

Below you can see the EBU’s statement on the matter:

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20 comments on “Russia: Jury Member is Withdrawn

  1. So EBU did what it had to do showing yet again that the jury vote is the one to trust as it has the proper checks and balances in place unlike televoting. Good job and let’s move on !

    Less than 2 hours to go ! :D

    • There is a saying regarding all this in Greek, but I don’t know how to use it in english.
      “την ανάγκην φιλοτιμίαν ποιούμενος = making a virtue of necessity”

  2. I was really shocked at that flimsy sheet that lady from the Russian jury was working with. From a music professional (*cough*) I would expect sth a bit more elaborate and profound than a simple “+” and “-” score. Even my father takes notes and scores songs from “+++” to “—“. I really think that the EBU needs to address the jury issue asap. I am all in favour of juries, but only if they are professional and unbiased.

    • Did you expect otherwise from starlets and TV personalities in music industry?

      • No, and that’s the reason I said that the EBU had to address the jury issue. As it is now, it is a complete farce.

    • She is more into social media than ESC, apparently.

    • That was not all of her comments. She has hidden part of her paper but she missed the plus and minuses in front. She is a proffesional singer btw.

    • You should better not see how I take notes FdlC and ETSC.

      But maybe it were initial rankings, which would be refined after all the songs were heard.

  3. Leave your phone in your purse, when your performing your duties as a juror.

  4. That jury member will never ever use Periscope again LOL
    Bye bye!

  5. Anastasia is quite known artist and her producer is Kirkorov! She must have on behalf of Mr Kirkorov :)
    This song of hers was really catchy….

  6. ”Although the jury were speaking in Russian, one of the jury members can be heard stating she would vote for Armenia because her husband was from there. No action has been taken in regards to the second jury member.”

    Despite both Armenia and Ukraine are in my top 3, i don’t like the fact that she is still in the jury. So in the final she will vote for Armenia and Ukraine because Iveta is Armenian and Jamala’s mother is Armenian? Or maybe she won’t be able to vote for Ukraine because of the politics …
    Btw another mistake by Ebu is letting politic songs in the contest(it is a historical song or whatever, the aim is obvious) this is why despite Ukraine has a very good song and singer i don’t want to vote for them because if it makes well it can encourage the others, what if one day starts to send songs about their own history, are we gonna watch a music or a history show, Esc must unite people and anything which that can harm this, must be forbidden IMHO.

  7. It is a sensible decision to only disqualify the juror who did something wrong, and not the whole jury. However, I think the ‘Armenian husband’ juror should have been the one kicked out first and foremost, since she didn’t just reveal a preference before the show, she also revealed that her voting was biased and unprofessional.

  8. if that represents jury so called criteria then you could extend it to so many issues, here in Spain for example as all jury members are ex NF reject wanna-will-never bees
    but most with Swedish writer/record company issues, you could argue that has an influence, anyway such things to come, here we go..

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