Red Carpet 2016: The Best and Worst Dressed

eurovision sweden 2016Eurovision 2016 – I don’t call myself a fashionista (my body type won’t allow it) but I’ve read my fare share of Vogue and watched every Sex and the City Episode and Film so let’s look at the best and worst dressed at this years contest

The Women

The red carpet tends to be an event for the women but there were more misses than hits with Ladies. We had Lace, Metal and Feathers.
The talk of the night was definitely on Samra representing Azerbaijan who came wearing the shortest dress of the night. It may not have left much to the imagine but her dress, designed by Zhenya Kirienko was a beautiful emerald color that would turn black when the sequins were rubbed the opposite direction.
Ukraine‘s Jamala left the trouser suits at home for a silver floor length gown with spaghetti straps. Armenia‘s Iveta Mukuchyan also brought class with a white gown with floor length cape.

Women Best #1

Above: Iveta Mukuchyan (Armenia), Samra (Azerbaijan) and Jamala (Ukraine)
Below: Gabriella Gunčíková (Czech Republic) and Lidia Isac (Moldova)

Women Best #2

The Czech Republic‘s Gabriella Gunčíková succesfully went simple with a white knee length dress whereas Lidia Isac, representing Moldova brought more sequins with her dress desinged by Moldova’s Eugene Hodorojcov.

Moving onto the most unsuccessful looks from the women. Polina Genova from Bulgaria and Rykka representing Switzerland kinda missed the mark with their styling. Genova wore a Tulle Skirt with a white Jacket, which on their own would have seen a more successful outfit but together – they did not go.
Rykka took some style inspiration from a 1990’s Bjork with her Blue Hair in weird bunches. The dress she wore would have been a success if not matched with the jacket she chose to wear it with. The jacket was designed by Rykka herself and was made from Emergency Blankets

Womens Worst #1

Above: If only Polina Genova (Bulgaria) wore one without the other.  Rykka (Switzerland) certainly has her own style
Below: Greta Salóme (Iceland) in lace. Is it a hit or miss for Zoe? (Austria). Sandhja (Finland)

Womens Worst #2

Greta Salóme of Iceland wore her own design in the form of a lace jumpsuit almost reminiscent of Kristen Stewart Circa the 2014 Red Carpet Premiere of Breaking Dawn. Zoe who is representing Austria wore a dress with a skirt made entirely of feathers. A touch too far maybe?

Laura Tesoro, representing Belgium wore an outfit that looked to be inspired by a Marching Band Uniform but seemed to fit her fun personality. Endeda Tarifa from Albania wore a taffeta floor length gown reminiscent of the dress she will be wearing on stage . Germany‘s Jamie-Lee came in attire influenced by the K-Pop style she likes so much including her trademark bow.

Womens Worst #3

The Men

The majority of this years Male contestants went for the smart look appearing in suits. Michal Szpak, representing Poland wore an eccentric suit with red trousers and blue jacket – probably a miss with some. The Netherland‘s Douwe Bob looked cute in white jacket suit with bow tie whereas Sergey Lazarev of Russia stayed classic wearing a suit all black.

Male Best #1

Above: Michal Szpak (Poland), Sergey Lazarev (Russia) and Douwe Bob (Netherlands) all looking dapper
Below: Justs (With Animata, Latvia) does casual well, Serhat (San Marino) more hit than a miss and Amir (France) looking good

Male Best #2

Below: Jüri Pootsmann of Estonia takes inspiration from Mad Men

Juri Pootsman Red Carpet

Estonia‘s Jüri Pootsmann also came sporting a suit looking cool with black rimmed glasses. Amir who is representing France wore a more casual version of suit wearing blue with white sneakers. Like Michal, San Marino‘s Serhat wore his trademark velvet suit.

Moving onto the more casual of the men. Justs, representing Latvia seemed to do it best but didn’t surprise anyone wearing jeans and his leather jacket. Westlife star Nicky Byrne who is representing Ireland also wore jeans with a bomber jacket .
The United Kingdom‘s Joe & Jake also down played wearing what seems to be the only clothes they brought over with them but surely the least successful man on the runway this year was Donny Montell of Lithuania.

Male Worst

Above: Donny Montell (Lithuania), Nicky Byrne (Ireland) and Joe & Jake (United Kingdom)

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9 comments on “Red Carpet 2016: The Best and Worst Dressed

  1. Best:


  2. Best Females – Czech Republic and Latvia (Aminata)

    Best Males – France and Russia

  3. Douwe didnt look that good. Rykka has never once looked good but Greta’s pants OMG

  4. I actually really liked Greta’s outfit :P but it did look a bit weird on such a petite frame. It’d probably look better on someone with long legs (like my freakishly tall self). I actually liked Zoë’s outfit too lol, but I’d never wear it myself.

    My best-dressed girl was Iveta, and my best-dressed guy was Jüri. My worst-dressed girl was Poli (looked like it was from ’89 or something) and my worst-dressed guy was Donny (only for that hair…god, but tight pants are super sexy so he earned some points back).

  5. Worst:
    Women: Bulgaria – Azerbaijan – Germany. Men: Poland – San Marino – Lithuania. Best:
    Women: Czech Republic – Austria – Armenia. Men: Netherlands – Ireland – Estonia .

  6. Btw many singers pictures are missing from the Post ( Sweden, Norway, FYR Macedonia, Israel, Latvia, Hungary etc ) and i am too busy to check their pictures through internet , so my opinion is only from pictures who i saw here.

  7. Nina from Croatia was the worst dressed. It was as if she wore her vacuum cleaner

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