Poll: Who Will Qualify from Semi Final Two?

pollPoll – The 2nd bunch of Semi Finalists rehearsed for the second time on Friday and as such the fans were able to watch from the arena. The EBU have also published longer videos for us to see so we can now make a more educated guess as to who should make the Final from Semi Final Two.

You may remember I asked this question before but unfortunately we were unable to complete the earlier polls but now we have seen the rehearsals opinions have probably changed. We are now missing Romania who were disqualified due to membership issues with the EBU. The second semi finalists are:

Semi Final 2

The method of voting in the previous poll wasn’t the most convenient so we’re back to basics. You have 18 options to pick from in the poll below. Select the ten you think will qualify this Thursday. I will publish the result on Wednesday.

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68 comments on “Poll: Who Will Qualify from Semi Final Two?

  1. Bulgaria, Belgium, Ireland, Ukraine, Australia, Poland, Lithuania, Serbia, Belarus, Latvia

    I think all of these will qualify but Belarus only just. Lithuania, Poland and Ireland have the luck of having the UK vote. Ireland is our neighbour and we have a huge diaspora of Polish and Lithuanian’s living here.

    The one country I REALLY want to qualify from SF2 though is Georgia. The song is really good and it looks fab.

  2. No order:

    Latvia, Poland, Israel, Serbia, Lithuania, Australia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Norway, Belgium.

  3. Ukraine, Latvia, Georgia, Macedonia, Norway, Bulgaria, Israel, Australia, Ireland and Sebia!

    Would love Belgium to qualify as well

  4. Latvia , Israel , Serbia , Lithuania , Australia , Bulgaria , Ukraine , Norway ,Georgia Belgium

  5. My prediction would be something like this
    1) Ukraine
    2) Australia
    3) Latvia
    4) Serbia
    5) Poland
    6) Israel
    7) Norway
    8) Lithuania
    9) Bulgaria
    10) Belarus
    11) Macedonia
    12) Belgium
    13) Denmark
    14) Slovenia
    15) Albania
    16) Ireland
    17) Switzerland
    18) Georgia

  6. My wish list (in alphabetical order):


    Who I think will qualify (in alphabetical order):

    BEL, BUL, DEN, ISR, LAT, LIT, MKD, SRB, UKR + country X*

    *country X is the country from the southern hemisphere, whose name I’m not mentioning, as I am firmly against them being allowed to participate.

  7. Australia, Latvia, Belgium, Ukraine, Georgia, Lithuania, Norway, FYRM, Serbia,

  8. Ukraine, Australia, Latvia, Bulgaria, Israel, Norway, Serbia, Denmark, Poland, Ireland !

  9. 1.Ukraine
    But I’m not sure about #9 and #10. It could be FYROM, Denmark or Georgia instead

  10. Did not vote in the first one, wont be voting here either as, as always, my prediction will come the day of the semi :-)

  11. I dont think I even voted in the first one. I tried to think of something for this one and came up with Latvia, Israel, Serbia, Lithuania, Australia, Denmark, Ukraine, Georgia and Belgium. Then realized it was only 9 and thought who else? It was between Belarus, Slovenia and Norway and since I couldnt yet decide, I gave up lol. Probably Belarus though.

    I’ll see I’ll do my final predictions on the night before the semis respectively. Even though with the second semi is always easier to predict since we have semi 1 results and we get the year’s trend and spirit and have seen the stage in action. Well, I did get 19/20 right in 2012 but failed on the semi 2 so yeah maybe not lol. I forgot how I did last year, but know I didnt do really well since 2012. Around 17 or 18.

    • Of course Georgia could miss so that two others qualify like both Belarus and Norway. But I’m really not sure Poland or Bulgaria, two entries highly predicted to qualify, will. Fyrom on the other hand, I dont see it qualifying at all but who knows.

  12. Latvia, Israel, Serbia, Lithuania, Australia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Norway, Georgia, Belgium

  13. My prediction record over the years. I normally cast my prediction one day before the live event. In the brackets is the country I failed to predict, while asterisk denotes possibility.

    2004: 9/10 (Albania)
    2005: 8/10 (FYR Macedonia and Latvia*)
    2006: 9/10 (Ireland)
    2007: 8/10 (FYR Macedonia and Latvia*)
    2008: 10 and 9 (Croatia)
    2009: 10 and 9 (Croatia*)
    2010: 9 and 9 (Portugal and Ireland*)
    2011: 8 and 10 (Switzerland* and Lithuania)
    2012: 10 and 8 (Malta and Lithuania)
    2013: 8 and 8 (Belarus, Belgium, Romania* and Armenia)
    2014: 9 and 9 (San Marino and Belarus)
    2015: 9 and 9 (Serbia* and Poland*)

  14. Latvia-Israel-Belarus-Serbia-Macedonia-Australia-Bulgaeia-Ukraine-Norway-Belgium

  15. Azerbaijan is more messy than I thought…Samra can’t measure up and there are pyros all over the place…ugh…i think this is…out!

  16. Latvia, Bulgaria, Australia, Poland, Serbia, Belarus, Israel, Belgium, Norway and Ukraine

  17. Ukraine
    and i’m struggling with my 10th.I want Norway in but they miss it to Georgia.On the other hand,i don’t know how much televoting support the Georgian entry can garner.

  18. All of Belarus’ qualifications have been when Eurovision has been hosted in a Nordic country (2007, 2010, 2013, 2014). So this year they have to qualify, right? ;)

    I just hope my big favourite, Latvia, makes it. And I like Belgium, Ukraine, Australia, Denmark and Bulgaria too.

  19. This one isn’t easy to predict. Semi 1 was easier. But I do think that Latvia, Ukraine, Serbia, Australia and Bulgaria are sure qualifiers. As for the rest, I don’t really know.

  20. I really want Georgia, Belgium and Macedonia to qualify, but I’m not 100% sure about them.

  21. Finalists tomorrow according to Eurosong.dk:

    Hungary, Croatia, Netherlands, Armenia, Russia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Austria, Iceland, Malta.

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