Eurovision 2016: The Interval Act Announced and it’s MASSIVE

Justin TimberlakeEurovision 2016 – Yes it is. Justin Timberlake IS the interval act of this years Grand Final in Stockholm. The USA superstar will be performing his new single “Can’t Stop This Feeling” which has just been released for the upcoming Trolls Movie in which Timberlake will be starring in

Justin is a huge coup for the show and will be probably the biggest interval act the Eurovision Song Contest will ever see. As the show will be aired in the USA this year, Logo TV (who will be showing it) are bound to get extra viewers on the back of this.

Are you a fan of Justin Timberlake? Good News if you are (like me). You can hear his new single below:


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Top 5 Eurovision Songs so Far: #1 Netherlands #2 Czech Republic #3 Hungary #4 Serbia #5 Cyprus Worst 5 of Eurovision so far #39 Montenegro #40 Iceland #41 Germany #42 Spain #43 Estonia

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238 comments on “Eurovision 2016: The Interval Act Announced and it’s MASSIVE

  1. Sergey is marching to victory with the stage show, because there is no song on offer. This is ESC nowadays.

  2. Hmm, Justin Timberlake? A fine fish they’ve caught, SVT, even though he doesn’t taste that fine to me. And Max Martin finally makes a Eurovison debut, more or less. But where has he been the other years? I always keep expecting him to finally show up in MF.

    Anyway, the worst thing that could happen would be a new Super Bowl 2004. That’s at least what I think of if you say Justin Timberlake + interval act. (a)

  3. For those who do not like “ESC nowadays” : dont watch it. Nobody forces you. This whining starts to get on my nerves big time.

    Now moving on with the jury rehearsal.

    • Relax and concentrate on commenting on the songs instead on commenting on other ET memebers … (add the emoji you’d like to see here)

      • Cut the patronizing tone with me. And I am not the one in need to relax obviously here but the ones spreading misery and reeking elitism.
        Anyway I have already made my complaints to the appropriate authorities here and will continue making them if I find it necessary.

        • You spoil the mood once again. Have you realised that you are the only one getting personal on here? It’s become so tiring by now. I wish that you’d learn to respect different opinions. As soon as someone criticises sth you like, you get personal. That’s very worrying. *sigh*
          OK, I’ll leave the room now. G’night.

          • Stay for a while longer. I am writing e-mails and commenting at the same time. LOL

            • I am preparing a meeting for tomorrow morning. I HATE Power Point, which is the exact opposite of a solid line of argument but alas, you are expected to come up with those superficial, colourful and intellectually numbing PP things these days.

            • I hear you.

          • Don’t bother I left already, you can stay. I am respecting different opinions. What I will never respect is the condensceding attitude towards other people’s taste and insulting their intelligence for liking certain genres.

            What I also don’t have to stand is the constant misery. This is a blog for those who enjoy esc. Some people obviously do not nowadays and insist on spreading their negativity on everyone else. I have the right to comment on that.

            The worrying thing here is the behaviours I describe continue to thrive unpunished while simple defenses of different tastes against such vulgarity are censored.

            My mood is officially spoiled tonight by the usual suspects on this forum which is going downhill more and more thanks to a small number of members


          • P.S. Certain people on here should get out in the real world to see what proper human interaction is and what respect means because every time I enter the universe of ET those words get perverted and twisted to no end.

            This forum and its partially toxic membership starts to take a toll on one of the things I enjoy the most, esc, and honestly, on my mental health as well. I cannot and do not have to sit through all that negativity created by certain few.

            • I don’t see negativity but only different perspectives and opinions …

            • And that’s why you can survive in this swamp of negativity, misery and elitism. Because you consider it an “opinion”and something “normal”. This is not how life works sorry. At least not for me and for everyone around me. Anyway as I said, your friend and his negativity and elitism ruined this esc evening for me (yet again) so there is no point to discuss it further. I just want to try and enjoy the jury rehearsal by myself, away from those toxic elements and hopefully soon find a forum with some positive, nice, respectful people soon to discuss esc because I am reaching my limit here once again. Goodnight !

  4. Iveta has the best feedback from press but the feedback by bookies gets worse and worse! It’s very interesting

  5. Gabiela sounded flawless – She can easily be top 3 in tonight’s jury vote imo.

  6. Is there any link of live stream ?

  7. I am off to watch the jury rehearsal on my own. Certain people here have made it unberable again to be here and enjoy the event. See you.

  8. Czech Rep and Cyprus predicted sure qualifiers.

  9. Azerbaijan is coming. Cover you ears!

  10. Greta was so strong again!Amazing feedback!

  11. This is awesome news and I still can’t believe that not only will I be at the final but also watching Mr JT

  12. ESCunited is having fun at Ira’s expense. Not particularly nice of them.

  13. Over. I’ll go to my hotel room and directly to bed there.

  14. Hmmm just come home
    And can’t wait tomorrow to decide who is better who is not with my own ears 😎😉

  15. Estonia and Hungary will also be in…don’t care what some say…really
    We’ll see tomorrow

  16. I am going as well. I’ll try to follow the semis live, but I won’t make comments during the shows. Boa noite.

  17. Azerbaijan dropping at #11 in qualification chances…
    BiH at #10
    Croatia still struggling at #9 …
    Estonia, Austria, Greece at #12,13,14
    Cyprus one place up at #5, Netherlands at #6

  18. Oh God!A beyond awful Greek jury!
    Mariza Fakli chairperson female 56 public relations
    Greece Anna Kypourgou Christiana Stamatelou member female 64 Journalist & Music Producer
    Greece Georgios Segredakis member male 41 Costume designer
    Greece Adam Tsarouchis member male 38 Singer
    Greece Lambros Konstantaras member 36 journalist

  19. So Russian jury member Anastasia Stotskaya leaked on her periscope page big parts of the Dutch and the Armenian performances!!!

    • So,this is how some jury members evaluate the songs!This lady cares more about how she looks on her phone’s camera than the actual entries.Plus,she broke the rules by publishing 2 acts.

      • Oh for god’s sake come on, she looked a couple of times on the camera on her phone big deal. The point here is : this would be totally inappropriate if they did the proper thing and decided not to reveal the jurors names before the esc week. A very strong argument to that direction actually – to keep the names a secret till after the final.

    • In this very moment I found out that there is something called Periscope. What does that say about me…

      • Same here :D

      • I didn’t know what it was till the other day when a video from Douwe Bob’s bar opening in Stockholm was posted :P Still trying to figure out how it works exactly, it’s tricky !

        • I believe I am better off without it anyway :P

          • I find it funny and relaxing we discuss about periscope when all anti-jury hell will break loose tomorrow haha :)

            I am preparing myself to read all kinds of monstrosities against them and bold paeans in favour of televoting. Its going to be a tough day for sure.

            Anyway, periscope is not my thing either, I find it dizzy and confusing to use. I am a bit old school recording guy. Goodnight !

            • “I am preparing myself to read all kinds of monstrosities against them and bold paeans in favour of televoting. Its going to be a tough day for sure.”

              I would be a bit careful with writing things like that if I were you. I mean, what if the discussion actually turns out to be sober and reasonable?

              Also, other people might be provoked by it and consequently react in a negative way.

            • “what if the discussion actually turns out to be sober and reasonable?”

              I would be willing to bet money on that proposition..against it that is haha !

              No I expect generalizations about all juries being bad and other such stuff in abundance.

              I sincerely hope you are right of course but many people are overcome by anti jury sentiment for quite some time and this isolated incident (which will certainly lead to the disqualification of the russian jury vote) will only fuel the fire unfortunately.

              But what I am describing has already started on other forums and on youtube anyway..

            • But you know, there will always be people who are against juries, and while I am generally pro-juries myself – though I’d prefer them to work differently and be more diverse as I’ve said earlier – I do understand people’s concerns when things like this happen.

              That said, generalizations are unconstructive whatever the generalization is about and from whatever point of view – we should all look at things in a nuanced and objective way – but still I think it is better to take it up when the discussion is actually there, rather than assuming in advance what people will be saying.

            • If anything else this will show how well the jury regulations work with the disqualification of the russian jury vote (in contrant to what’s going on with televoting) but I think this will receive little appreciation around here.

              Of course things should be seen in an objective way – for example in this case an isolated incident involving one juror in one country (who has not voted bad either btw as according to what eurovisionary.com could make she downvoted Moldova and upvoted The Netherlands which shows objectivity and professionalism imo – she just did the stupid periscope thing) – but I fear it will be something like “all jurors are like her” kind of thing.

              I hope you are wrong and that there will be a constructive and objective (and sober) discussion of the incident on the basis that we do talk about an isolated incident dealt with accordingly.

    • An interesting insight to the process imo. Plus I really liked the direction for the dutch entry, Douwe looks and sounds good !

      The camerawork for Armenia is also excellent.

      Is the move of questionable “legality” ? I don’t know. By the time they willingly decide to give the names of the jurors before even the rehearsals start, they cannot complain for such behaviour. A great argument for keeping the names of the jurors a SECRET till after the final, that’s all I have to say.

  20. Off-topic for those of you who remember the Argentine entry in FdlC 10, “Eras” by Juana Molina:

    I just listened to the entire album that it is taken from, Wed 21. You should check it out, it is amazing. And if you think “Eras” was weird, the rest of the album is possibly even weirder :-)

  21. It seems the russian jury votes will be most probably disqualified :

    Again, only enhances the case I have been promoting all along : not revealing the names of the jurors till after the final ! It made no sense and that shows why ?

    One thing one cannot blame this certain juror is neighbouring bias as she had downvoted Moldova and upvoted The Netherlands according to eurovoix so even if their votes are DQed (which is the most likely scenario now) which is very comforting imo.

    • Wait she revealed some of her votes as well? I mean, simply showing a video of jurors and part of two performances isn’t that much of a problem I guess (depending on the contest regulations), but revealing votes or even some opinions about entries before the show is definitely not ok…
      But yeah, I agree that publishing the names of juries before the contest is stupid and doesn’t make any sense.
      Also, what happens if the votes of a jury are nullified? Will it be 100% televoting from Russia?

      • Eurovoix says that on her paper you can see some markings..Could not see them myself but whatever.

        IMO nobody can complain about rules violations just for that broadcast when you have publicly announced the names of the jurors before hand. If you want a consistent policy of secrecy you inform them that their names are to be kept secret till after the final and that makes it easier to judge such cases imo.

        Anyway the russian jury votes will most probably be disqualified and yes in this case it is 100 % televoting from Russia – it has happened with Montenegro last year in the final and Georgia in 2014 when their votes rankings where found to be too similar between them something that is not allowed – and only televoting was used in these countries in those cases.

        IMO this (and what will certainly happen with Russia) shows the efficiency of the jury system and its checks and balances.

        But I am preparing for a torrent of general anti-jury attacks because of the behaviour of ONE juror in ONE country that should not even be participating in esc anyway..

        It will be blown out of proportion and the values of 100 % televoting will be praised to no end. We’ve gone through all that the recent years..

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