TEKO 2016: Results of SF1!

TEKO 2016 smTHE Eurovision Knockout 2016 – The votes have been counted in the first semi-final! It was a close contest in this heat which saw Ukraine and Italy go head to head for a chance to go through to the semi-finals. Check out who won now…  

Results of SF1:

Ukraine: 47%
Italy: 53%

So it’s Italy’s Francesca Michielin singing ‘No Degree of Separation‘ through to the Grand final of TEKO 2016!

75 comments on “TEKO 2016: Results of SF1!

  1. Oh come on now !!! I ll be so mad if Italy wins TEKO !

  2. I don’t get it. The song is no better than Marco’s in 2013 imo and Francesca is pretty non-descript. On the actual night on first viewing I don’t see why people will see this as a stand out at all and vote for it?

  3. Wooaaaaah!
    Go Francesca!
    What a pleasant surprise 😃

  4. I love both entries.

    • They are a breath of fresh air among all the plastic blandness.

      • I’ve just read on PB that Sweden is gaining momentum. The bloggers there were rather reserved about Sweden this year but apparently Frans’ second rehearsal was very strong …

        • I’ve always said that Sweden could win this year and after what we saw from Russia and Australia, that is becoming more likely. They will win the jury vote, my only doubt is based on how the televoters will react.

          • I just watched Wiwi’s vid of the 2nd rehearsal of Sweden. I fell asleep. I really don’t like it or him and it just bores me and the stage presentation does nothing for me. It is absolutely the one song I do not want to win.

            • I see what your mean. This song would crash and burn if it had come from Finland or Slovenia, for example, but it’s flying the Swedish flad and that counts a lot nowadays in ESC. That said, there are some interesting elements in the orchestration, but Frans has no talent whatsoever as a singer and relies only on his koochie-koo looks, imo.

        • Eurovision Ireland calls it ‘fifty shades of bland’ LOL. The expression aptly describes ESC 16; the Swedish entry itself is not among the worse bland stuff on offer this year though.

  5. These are two very different songs that I love. I did not vote, becuase I did not want to choose between them. I would always be glad and sad at the same time with the final outcome. Both are personal songs, the Ukrainian entry is a direct allusion to an historical fact that took place a few decades ago, whereas the Italian entry is more abstract and universal, so to speak. Both convey genuine emotion in different ways (Jamala went for an in your face approach, Francesca opted for a more discreet approach). Both singers are talented and know what they are doing. Will they fare well in the mainly plastic ESC of nowadays? We’ll soon see. Congrats, Ukraine!

  6. This sets the stage for a French win then.

  7. Puhahahahaha


    • Ukraine will do better I agree…
      It will be difficult for Italy to attract the same amount of votes as Ukraine with their humble and honest song. Masses want spectacles and Ukraine provides one for sure !

      • It’s a polarising spectacle and quite depressing one for saturday evening TV entertainment. It’s been a very rough year in Europe. People are looking for joy and happiness. Commersialised genocide spectacles don’t really offer that. Time and space. Time and space are the key to success. Ukrainians calculated everything well. Only problem is that they are one year late.

      • To say that Ukraine might win because masses want spectacles is just laughable,imo.If they actually win it would be a blessing for esc that a dark song containing a language never heard before in esc and with no cheap tricks added to the performance wins.Ukraine provides a very tasteful overall spectale which puts the song and Jamala’s interpretation of the song first and doesn’t resort to gimmicks.They just use the graphics and the lights in a clever and artsy way.Italy on the other hand went for a gimmick approach with the rubber ducks and the umbrellas on stage they themselves felt was too much.

        • I was referring to the “political” spectacle. I have no issues with the actual performance. It oozes class!

          • I believe it’s honest and comes from Jamala’s heart.There’s no way that Ukraine would come back singing trashy Tick Tock or Be my Valentine not after what’s happening there.

          • And if you really mean that masses prefer political spectacles then again you’re wrong,imo.Polarizing entries like this rarely win a contest.

            • I was comparing it to Italy which is not a song that will attract the same amount of votes compared to Ukraine. I didn’t say Ukraine will definitely win…
              But Italy will struggle to finish top 10. It’s just an elegant and calm song. Ukraine is LOUD this year (whatever this means). Loud songs win sometimes…

            • Sweden is subtle too and it’s among the contenders.You never know.Ukraine cannot be compared with any of the recent winners.It’s very dark and too ethno,not chart-friendly at all which is why many people reviewing this year’s entries believe it won’t win.While,i do understand all those arguments and they are legitimate i believe the strength of the song and Jamala’s performance may work a miracle.

            • Sweden subtle… I don’t agree. Just read the bombastic lyrics!

            • In terms of music and the way Frans sings it it’s the definition of the laid-back entry.

            • I disagree again. The tempo is relaxing but the whole approach is MTV!

            • It’s a very contemporary entry but that doesn’t make it a loud,bombastic song as you call it,imo.

            • The whole pseydo laid back attitude, the accent, the bombastic lyrics, the attitude from Frans on stage are not what I would call subtle but we will agree to disagree on this.

            • You call it pseudo laid-back but why should this be true?This may be his real music style and attitude on stage.He doesn’t necessarily fake it.The accent is because he was raised in the UK.I don’t really like him on and off stage but that’s another story.

            • I call it pseudo cause there is a huge gap between the tempo which is relaxed and the lyrics which are bombastic (and a “Grenade” rip-off)

    • Of the all places Jamala really shouldn’t stumble here.

    My two most favourite songs of the contest !!! (Estonia and Armenia are falling on my list)
    I voted for Italy as I believe Ukraine has very average lyrics plus I don’t believe it should have been accepted by EBU this year… Esc is not about politics but about coming together and Italy is the song that plays that card in the most elegant way this year ! <3 <3 <3

  9. Thank god for Italy who are in my top 3 and Ukraine in my bottom 3.

  10. I believe the result is biased because of a clear anti-ukraine vote which took place,imo.Anyway,congrats to Italy!

    • Anti-Ukraine vote? Biased? Seriously? Are you saying that people who don’t like Jamala are Anti-Ukraine? Politics are creeping in just like calculated in Kiev when cooking up this entry.

      Jamala is not the center of the ESC universe for everyone which might come as a surprise as she so hyped and fanwanked over here.

      You will see her odds widening next week.

      • Yes,as on youtube there are many comments against her and the political message of the song.There are many angry Russians out there.There’s also an anti-Jamala vote by people who see her as a possible winner and hate that.So,they may choose to support the cute and innocent Italian ballad.Of course,TEKO means nothing when it comes to actual esc results so all the talk is just a small chitchat between us.

        • The anti Russian bias is much much stronger here there and every where. I hate that it has come to the this. Next week will be hellish when tabloids wake up to this political face off.

          • I didn’t say that there isn’t an anti-russia feeling which i find justifiable but that’s a different discussion.However,this feeling isn’t reflected to Russian results in esc where they get much more than they actually deserve with their plastic,imported songs and their usual cynical approach.

            • UKR is very cynical and calculated entry too. Maybe even more than RUS.
              I don’t think ESC is place for any kind of politics. Last year Russians came with ultra political entry and got what they deserved. They learned their lesson and now they are doing pop.

            • It’s still ok for Cyprus, Bulgaria, Georgia, Azerbaijan et al. import?

            • Russia is abig country with its own music industry and it’s their usual practice.Buying songs from abroad same as Azerbaijan.The other countries you mention have nothing to do with it.It’s usually a one time thing for them.

            • There’s the first time for everything. Isn’t there like 20 entries this year with Swedish touch, Sweden proxies Malta and Cyprus being the most cynical ones this year.
              It’s true that Russia have massive music industry and it’s a shame they really don’t use their vast and fantastic resources. Still it’s their prerogative to choose the way they want it.
              I don’t like double standards. I don’t like double standards in anything.

            • You accuse me of double standards when there are no double standards at all.I just stated a fact.With Russia and Azerbaijan it’s a habit.It happens every year.With tiny Malta and Cyprus it’s not a regular thing at all.If and when it becomes an every-year occurence then i’ll criticize them too.

            • It’s a bit like being little bit of pregnant. I don’t see any difference. You can do it or you can’t. There really isn’t any gray areas here.

  11. Oh my, I thought Ukraine would win the whole thing :(
    I personally fail to see what people see in Italy this year. It’s not bad, but it’s not good. I listened to it and tried to like it, but I just find it too average.

  12. This was a surprise! Tbh! And it is hard to say whether it ia a pleasant surprise or not!

  13. Hm… so Italy is either the new TEKO overrated country, or the anti-Ukraine did not manage to get behind the other entries Ukraine faced until now

    • I agree on overated country part, I guess being part of the new “Big 5” helps with them
      what are your thoughts on France before the final?

  14. Hm well I guess the silent majority sided with Italy. Well I do like Italy very much this year, but Jamala is simply amazing, but congratz Italy anyway! :)

  15. Italian lounge music beats Ukrainian heart sorrow. No me gusta, but congratulations. Personally, I think the Macedonians are doing Italian music better than Italy this year.

  16. I expected it to be close, but I didn’t see Italy winning. Ukraine has the better song imo, but I have Italy in my top 10 too.

  17. I voted for Italy myself, so obviously I am happy. Never been fond of the Ukrainian song, especially not the lyrics which I find too in-your-face and unpoetic.

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