Red Carpet Opening Event Live Now

eurovision sweden 2016Eurovision 2016 – It’s time for the official opening of the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm. The red carpet event starts at 19.00 (CET) and you can watch all of the artists walk the carpet at eurovision.tv. We’ll be bringing you some of the images from the event… 

The event opened with presenters Petra Mede and Mans Zemelow, accompanied by SVT’s Christer Bjorkman. Here’s Mans meeting Krista Sigfried.

Mans Krista.png

The Swedish fans were happy to see Frans…


Here’s Ivan of Belarus…


and Jamie-Lee of Germany… who has drawn a place in the 1st half of the Final


Michael of Poland was having a laugh with reporters:



Nina from Croatia was never going to turn up in anything boring…


Serhat wore a hat…


Francesca drew the 1st half too for Italy…




Sanja from Serbia seems to be enjoying herself…

sanja serbia.png

Amir was next for France and also drew the 1st half

amir france.png

Sandhja from Finland was next…

sandhja finland.png

followed by Freddie from Hungary…

hungary freddie.png

Next up was Ira Losco from Malta

ira malt.png

and favourite to win, Russia’s Sergey Lazarev…

sergey russia.png

Greta from Iceland was next, followed by Douwe Bob from The Netherlands

greta iceland.png

douwe bob.png

Jamala was up next for Ukraine,

jamala ukraine.png

followed by Greece’s Argo

greece argo.png

No donuts in sight but Kaliopi is having fun…


Donny from Lithuania has gone with curly hair.

dony lithuania.png

Samra from Azerbaijan…

samra azer

and Nicky Byrne for Ireland…

nicky ireland.png

Justs from Latvia…

justs latvia.png

Joe and Jake from the UK drew their place in the final… in the 2nd half

joe jake uk.png

As did Barei of Spain…

barei spain.png

Cyprus was next…

Cyprus minus 1.png

Lidia from Moldova received a little minature doll of herself…

lidia moldova.png

Hovi brought glitter…

hovi israel.png

Gabriela from the Czech Republic

gabriela czech.png

Georgia did their band thing…


Poli from Bulgaria was buzzing as always…

poli bulgaria.png

Montenegro’s Highway was next


Then Juri from Estonia having fun

juri estonia.png

and Rykka of Switzerland looking special

rykka switzerland.png

Next up was Bosnia and Herzegovina


Manuela from Slovenia was next…

Manuela slovenia.png


and then popular Zoe from Austria

zoe austria.png

Albania were last up with Eneda…

enida albania.png

Agnete from Norway gave the red carpet a miss due to her ongoing illness.








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247 comments on “Red Carpet Opening Event Live Now

  1. BiH look gorgeous here but on the stage :(

  2. Oh,the most drama exploitive act of the edition,B&H!

  3. i still havent figured out why i “like” the bosnian entry this year: i know i shouldnt, and i know that it’s not just the whole “bosnia is back”, and i know the live looked sucky… i do think it’s the first time a song that feels “like early 00s esc” feels more nostalgic to me than just dated?

    • I agree it has that 00’s nostalgia feel but the stage presentation is hideous and shameful.

  4. Samra dress … No comment :/

  5. Ana Rucner looks classy.

    Also if people had seen Rykka’s interviews and press conferences they would know she is one crazy girl – she does whatever comes in her head at the time in terms of her looks.

  6. Slovenia
    İ dont remember the singer or the song

  7. Manuella raided Greta’s stage wardrobe apparently..!

  8. Zoë is one of the most genuinely beautiful contestants this year

  9. first time i notice zoë’s huge mouth! it’s like half her face :o

  10. I LOVE Zoe!She looks so stunning and stylish and bubbly.Shevek would approve too.

  11. Waist up Zoe looks fantastic but ugh why that feathery end ?

  12. İ love mint green but that flowers and feathers together are a bit to much
    She has no taste imo

  13. Eneda looks pretty good as well !

  14. Eneda seriously always looks amazing <3

  15. And I guess Agnete won’t attend the opening ceremony either..

    My thoughts are with this girl these days, I feel really sorry for everything she is going through and I hope esc works as a way to cheer her up and make her feel better.

  16. Albanian ladys hair and the dress color is a perfect match
    That kind of hair color is risky but she is rocking it

  17. I feel so bad for Agnete. She’s missing out on this whole Eurovision experience.

  18. Kaliopi seems to be having a lot of fun
    I wish the presenters had fun while commenting :/

  19. and voilà, going to eat now

  20. Going to finish today’s press conferences and then take a break :) There is a good possibility I will be booking tickets for the jury rehearsal of the 2nd semi and spend a whole day-night in Stockholm amidst the eurovision which I am excited about as well :) If that’s the case I will provide you with a in-stadium report of how everything went :)

  21. Jamie Lee is incredibly cute and likable, her press conference was so nice :) And that acoustic version of “Ghost” in the end..Gosh she is so talented !

  22. Most stylish men
    1. Måns
    2. Sergey
    3. Amir

    Most stylish women
    1. Barrei
    2. Ira
    3. Petra

    WTF Men
    1. Donny
    2. Donny
    3. Donny

    WTF Women
    1. Rykka
    2. Nina
    3. Greta

    Slut Boy Stockholm 16
    Vasillis Roxenos

    • Samra should really take any WTF award. She is dressed like a June bug.

      I highly commend Rykka’s hairstyle. Much more interesting than the ones she has sported on stage and the outfit too. If you go decide to go blue, i say the crazier the better.

      Nina has turned out to be Stockholm’s resident dominatrix. A lot of the details in her outfits are inspired from Tudor period costumes which I find interesting (the collar on her famous Kabuki tent with the tree prints for example) . And then they blow them out of all proportion going all batshit, science fiction crazy. I don’t understand it.

      Ira has just announced she is pregnant on Mother’s Day. The lengths to which some people go to get the votes…

      • Samra is very strong contender for that coveted overall WTF Award other nominees being Nicky and Rykka.
        No matter how blue Rykka dyed her hair, it wouldn’t help. She doesn’t have personality strong enough to wear these outré stylings. She is that lost and sad Swiss girl, not that crazy cuckoo Swiss girl, they thought this styling would create.
        Nina is worst dominatrix ever, she is only punishing herself. From the very begining she looked a bit like that she is not up to the challenge. Now we know. She’s not.
        Losco may try whatevet stunts. It’ll still be dead on the water in the final.

  23. I have just watched some red carpet interviews. Alas, I don’t like Michal. But the Danish guys were really likeable.

  24. WOW Ana Rucner WOW

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