Eurovision 2016: The Big 5 Draw Positions

Big5Eurovision 2016 – Today during the red carpet opening of the contest a draw was held to determine which half of the contest the Big Five will perform in. Usually the draw happens in a press conference so this was a change of pace and a surprise

We already know that the host country Sweden will be performing 9th in the Grand Final of the contest on May 14th but the Big Five are still to be told the position they will perform in.

Today however, at the Opening Ceremony, the half the Big Five will perform in were chosen. Each act pulled a piece of paper out of the infamous glass bowl. The results of the draw were as follows

Germany – 1st Half
Italy – 1st Half
France – 1st Half
United Kingdom – 2nd Half
Spain – 2nd Half



barei spain.png

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21 comments on “Eurovision 2016: The Big 5 Draw Positions

  1. Why aren’t all countries drawn at the same time? I know it probably won’t make that much difference, but for the sake of equality and prevent every suspicion of unfairness, I just can’t understand these kind of decisions.

  2. I can see France getting that 12th place.

  3. so I see Sergey drawn around 18-20 I guess?

  4. Why can’t France and the UK exchange places :( ? Such a waste for Joe and Jake to be 2nd half while Amir is stuck in the first half..

    I hope he is given something in the range of 11th-13th. And then also hope that russia draws first half (which seems unlikely).

  5. And the most underwhelming song of the big-5 draws in the second half again.

  6. Good luck to all
    What you draw does not matter as long as you have a good song 😊

  7. I want Russia in the first half sooo badly!!! Performing the first would be awsome! :P

  8. The running order matters, otherwise the delegations would not care about it. Italy, Germany and France were not lucky. Good luck to the big five. Does anyone know when Sweden will perform?

  9. Good news for Spain and the UK, who would have gotten lost in the first half. I think we can fairly safely say France won’t win now (if the underwhelming rehearsal wasn’t enough) and Germany looks set for another bottom five.

    Italy remains a bit of a wildcard – I’m oscillating between loving and hating the staging, and can see it pushing them either up to top ten or down to last.

    • I vastly disagree about France. A 11th-13th spot can still do the trick. And I am suspecting that’s what he will get. Plus the rehearsal was not underwhelming, it’s just fan press overreacting, it was very loyal to what it should be imo.

      Italy deserves a good laugh and a bottom 5 at best but they will be overrated.

      • I remain skeptical about France’s winning chances. Every winner in recent memory has had an exceptional stage show. Amir’s isn’t bad, but it’s not exceptional.

        • Apart from Sweden I cannot remember of a winner that had an exceptional stage show. Lena did not, Ell & Nikki did not and all Loreen and Emmelie had where some interpretative dance and some musical instruments. We could argue whether Conchita had a stage show as well which would be debatable. Amir has the right recipe for a winner : well made, contemporary song with life expectancy after esc, a good voice and a relatable and charming personality and connection with the audience. Sounds like success to me.

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