Eurovision 2016: Spotlight on Agnete (Norway)

AgneteNorway – This year the Norwegian Public have decided to send Agnete to Stockholm with her song “Icebreaker”. Agnete will be performing in the second semi final in the 15th Spot. Norway have qualified with ease these past few years. Will Agnete do the same?

Song: “Icebreaker”
Music By: Agnete K. Johnsen, Gabriel Alares and Ian Curnow
Lyrics By: Agnete K. Johnsen, Gabriel Alares and Ian Curnow

About Agnete:
Agnete was born in the city of Nesseby, Norway in 1994. Her career started off as lead singer of the teen punk band The Blacksheeps who came together in 2008. The took part in, and won Melodi Grand Prix Junior that year and in 2011 they were shortlisted to take part in the main Melodi Grand Prix where they came second with their song “Dance Tonight”. It was Stella Mwangi who would take the win with “Haba Haba”.
In 2014 Agnete was asked to take part in the Norwegian version of Dancing with the Stars which she went onto win.
Agnete suffers form Bipolar Disorder which caused her to withdraw from the reality TV show s 71° Nord early in the season in 2015.


Agnete won the ticket to Stockholm following her win on the selection show Melodi Grand Prix 2016. She beat off competition from 9 other acts in the show finale including runner up Freddy Kalas and third place Suite 16. Norway are currently 23rd favourite to win.

(Taken from Eurovision.tv)

Verse 1:

Every night
Before I sleep a shiver down my spine
Thoughts align
What can i do to make you listen

Like a northern light
You’re dancing over every border line
Passing every sign
Between reality and fiction


Every single promise that you ever made
Spinning in my mind like a hurricane
Baby yes i hear your mayday


I’ll be your icebreaker
When you’re stuck in frozen water
(when you’re stuck in)
Frozen water

Verse 2:

You go astray
Just like a polaroid
You fade away
I’ll be you partner
and liberate you from your prison


Baby yes i hear your mayday


We’re way too young to say good bye
Whenever you loose faith just hold the line
It takes a lot of nerve to save a life

Agnete on Social Media:
Facebook: Agnete
Instagram: @aggibaggi
Website: http://www.agnete.as

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14 comments on “Eurovision 2016: Spotlight on Agnete (Norway)

  1. Love her!
    Best thing about her song for me is definitely the tempo change

  2. I am not a fan of her song but wish good luck nevertheless.

  3. I actually really love the song, it reminds me of a less-dark “I Feed You My Love” (my favorite Eurovision song ever), and this genre of music is definitely one of my favorites. However, her live vocals really ruin it. The staging is great though, she just needs to improve vocally. Norway should qualify easily though, imo.

  4. I like the song mainly because it offers a wtf tempo change which ages well through time. However, I am not sure how this will work for people listening to Icebreaker for the first time. I predict lower top 10 in semi and #18-24 in Final.

  5. I really liked this part of her interview i read the other day so i’ll post it again here:
    The song “Icebreaker is dedicated to a friend of her who’s battling depression.Agnete has been very open about her own struggles with it.She says the song is about being there for someone who’s struggling.Although in English,the song is inspired by the cold blue and vivid colors of the Norwegian winter months.About her own battle she says that she can have a day where she’s really down but then she goes up on stage and grabs the microphone and it’s as if all the evils are released.
    Needless to say i have a newfound respect for this brave girl. <3
    I like the song and i like how it looks on stage.I don't think ti will do extremely well but she has to qualify.

    • can understand her battle with mental illness, I know first hand dealing with a colleague of mine about the effects of bipolarism who I had to stop once running into traffic with a marker pen on Barcelona’s main avenue (Diagonal it’s called and there is a lot of traffic), but putting all that aside, as a song nothing about it really breaks my ice, I find the whole concept of it annoying and not something I would pick up my phone to vote for

  6. Only entry from Norway to not be in my top 10 since 2011. Yes, even Tooji was in it.

  7. I dont really mind the song, it has its moments and the jump from style to style is kinda nice… but she’s a very poor performer and I really dont think it should have won its NF!

  8. Who is watching the red carpet? 👆🏻

  9. Disjointed song+good vocals.

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