Eurovision 2016 Rehearsals: Day 7

eurovision sweden 2016Eurovision 2016 – With only a few days to go to the contest, daily rehearsals are coming to an end; here’s for the last rehearsals: pics and vids will be officially released and we get to discuss, debate, analyze, predict…

So this is how it’ll work again for the last time: we will resume the system from last year. This is, there’s an article for the day’s rehearsals published the morning (or night before, knowing myself) with the calendar, which you can also find on the official site here. You can comment all day on it, based on all the info you can gather around and as soon as I can, I’ll get working on a recap article with links to pictures, videos, etc. However, I do work and have busy weeks at work ahead of me so I’ll do that at the latest in the evening, sooner if possible, depending. Usually, the girls are down there and as you know, this year ET did not get a pass, so they’ll be following from here and will help publishing any news article.

So we’re all counting on you guys to post in the comment section all the links you find and discuss all material out there. Hope it works out great for everyone, and already a big cheers to all the sites who will post their own made materials (Esckaz, Escxtra, Escinsight and the infamous Esctoday come to mind).

Here’s tomorrow’s schedule: Big 5 Second Rehearsal

  • 11:45-12:15 Hosts Press Conference


  • Sweden 12:30-12:50 Sweden Second rehearsal / 13:35-13:55 Press Conference
  • France 12:55-13:15 France Second rehearsal / 14:00-14:20 Press Conference
  • Spain 13:20-13:40 Spain Second rehearsal / 14:25-14:45 Press Conference
  • Germany 14:05-14:25 Germany Second rehearsal / 15:10-15:30 Press Conference
  • Italy 14:30-14:50 Italy Second rehearsal / 15:35-15:55 Press Conference
  • UK 14:55-15:15 United-Kingdom Second rehearsal / 16:00-16:20 Press Conference


54 comments on “Eurovision 2016 Rehearsals: Day 7

  1. It was nice seeing the positive reaction from the press towards Joe & Jake. Most thought they were the best of yesterday’s Big Five Rehearsal. Looking forward to seeing more of that.
    Looking forward to seeing more of France as well (my personal favorite of the Big Five)

  2. Italy will take over at least Malta and Australia in betting odds after second rehearsals. Joy will reign. Stay tuned!
    Francesca, you sleeper ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Come on Amir :-D !

  4. This was filmed in Douwe’s pop up bar yesterday: https://www.periscope.tv/EurovisionF2/1ynKOmZWapQJR

    It shows what a likeable person and performer Amir is.

    • My two most favourite guys this year singing along one of my favourite songs hey Jude! <3 <3 <3

    • This was amazing thanks for sharing. Those last minutes with Douwe, Amir, Barei, Yuri, Fransesca, Zoe and I think..Sergey ? – they were nothing short of magnificent. I think we have one of the most likable bunch of artists overall this year who seem to mostly get along together so well, without pseudo diva attitudes getting in the way :-)

      • Yes. I loved especially that Sergey was there. Somehow we (at least I) have preconceived ideas about how artists are. Sergey being the unapproachable superhuman. This performance shows how some of these artists view each other really. And imo it shows what eurovision is really about.

    • this was great and imo so far the best vid that came from stockholm this year

    • Thanks for the link. ESC needs more people like him.

    • Great ESC spirit.

  5. France :

    I m sorry call me biased but I loved this. It’s simple, engaging and focused on Amir. His vocals are very good and the overall result has an impact imo. This can pull a Lena very easily (and he will connect better with the cameras than Lena).

  6. Amir takes the stage better than any of the so called “rock” acts. Looks like there will be some added special effects on the middle. He is a charmeur, he knows is. It’s all about close ups.
    Excellent styling. Jüri, see, this is contemporary suit and a vety chic way to wear it.
    I’m warming up to Amir, song is still meh.

  7. Sweden – Frans oozes koochie-kooness and nothing else. There are some interesting elements in the orchestration and that is it.

    France – Amir gives it his best and he looks in charge. France will be lucky if reaches the final tp 10 tough.

  8. Sweden : Frans’s introverted performance style has substance and charm and that will carry him far in the contest – this will swoop in votes from all of western and central Europe but I am not sure about eastern Europe. And of course this has nothing to do with the fact that this is the swedish entry, as certain people with some racism issues against Sweden continue to imply, but all with the fact that it is a very contemporary song performed in a manner that fits 2016.

    I am taking the day off the forum till the opening ceremony. While the video from Douwe’s bar reminded what esc is all about, the usual suspects are out early today with derogatory and racist remarks spreading on every thread and that reminded me of what ET tends to be about unfortunately as the rules and regulations do not apply to all members of the forum and some are free to continue expressing their ugliness here in a very unpleasant way. See you !

  9. Frans is boring obnoxious teen boy, who should be skating, spitting and being generally rude to everyone not representing Sweden on ESC.
    What a bore.

  10. Sweden: I still do not find this one interesting while Frans IMO is a bad singer. The song is OK.

    France: Looks and sounds great but I am not warmed up to the song entirely yet. It will do very well.

    Spain: Another strong performance from Barei but I don’t like the backing vocalists and choreo.

    Italy: I really love this one despite the awkward staging. It will do well. Most porbably top10.

    Germany: I still like this one and Jamie-Lee sounded strong today.

    Off to enjoy the long sunny day.


  11. ITALY:

  12. Ande the full performance:

    • I’m afraid i still don’t like the items hanging around her.They did tone it down taking away the rubbber ducks,the umbrella and the seagull but now she grabs the apple and offers it to the audience which may look awkward.While we know the concept behind it the viewers at home may find it weird.

      • I agree with you, it looks a bit like leftovers from my nephew’s birthday party (He’s 7 btw!) and not sure what viewers will make of it, Italian song is one that has recently gone up in my estimation especially as I so love listening to Italian language in this type of song (English part kind of ruins the effect for me..) should go down well with juries though, brief comments on rest of rehearsals in a moment..!

  13. Francesca’s song is like brown or blue suede Gucci loafer. Classic and perfect. Totally transcends time and trends.
    Francesca’s staging gives the loafer contemporary twist, just like Gucci does every year with special models.
    It works in fashion, it works in ESC.
    Thank god she is here!

    • Dark and lacking energy?

      • possibly, though she told TVE she was holding back a bit and wanted to use rehearsals to improve things in the final, she’s a perfectionist and no doubt between today and next Saturday she will have whipped everybody into perfection!

    • my views on rest of today’s rehearsals:
      France: I so wish Amir well and France is in my top 5 this year but I fear his final performance will not be winning material/enough to topple Russia from top spot, I liked Amir and his performance in the rehearsal but he looks so alone and eaten up by the space-effect (lack of originality?) stage/backdrop, doigts croisés…
      Spain: I think this is the kind of song that can’t really be judged on rehearsals alone, a lot will depend on how it comes across in the final, canera angles etc), that said, regarding the rehearsal do love Barei’s look and swagger (which no doubt she’ll “up” for the final, but those backing singers! What are they wearing? and apparently they are not actually “dancing” but using “sign language”? Ok lame been done before alert, Feel on the night with a good draw will do well with televoters
      Sweden: Have disliked this song since it won MF and from rehearsals haven’t changed my opinion, I’d rather watch my washing machine on full spin cycle for 3 minutes than listen to it but hey it’s Sweden so will be top 5 (if it was Belarus singing it am sure it wouldn’t even get through SF)
      Germany: Don’t really have a lot to say about it which probably shows the impact is has on me, it’s not a bad song per se it’s just her performance does not want me to pick up my phone and vote for it, which I fear will be like most of Europe,,
      UK: Well! They have actually upped their game a bit and I don’t think it will do as badly as was expected, ok it’s cheesy teeny-ish boy jumping about stuff but I think it will pick up teeny girly votes at the expense of others, still right side of table though but not last..
      Italy: As comments above am sure Spanish jury will give this 10-12 points
      and this time next week everyone will be complaining about the future of ESC!
      say meh meh meh!!
      God haven’t wriiten so much here in ages!!

  14. Germany: It really saddens me that a song i really like won’t do well.However,you can see that Jamie Lee lacks stage charisma and her voice and age(not to mention her outfit) don’t really suit this kind of song.Imagine how much better this would do sung by a 20+ aged girl with a strong stage presence.I can’t fault the Germans.They chose the best they had on offer esc-wise but the whole package doesn’t seem to work on stage.

    Spain: Spain is ok,nothing really wrong about their stage performance but i would much prefer it if they had opted to recreate the warm urban feeling of their official video.This looks too dark and lacks some energy.

    France: Amir’s outfit gets a 10/10 from me and those pants!lol(take some lessons Juri).He does what he’s supposed to do being smiley and exuding all his postive energy.I still believe it will do well.They didn’t do anything to ruin the song but they didn’t do anything to help him either.I’m sure there are plenty artistic directors in France that could do so much better things with it but France Televisions seems to be lazy.

  15. Based exclusively on today’s rehearsals:

    Sweden: 10/12
    France: 12+/12
    Spain: 10/12
    Germany: 10/12
    Italy: 10/12
    UK: 10/12

  16. Germany : I can relate to her Asian fashion style, but for the average viewer this will be an extremely WTF moment. The fact that the song drags on for ever doesn’t help either. I predict #20-26
    Spain : This song is totally overrated by fans. I got used to liking it but my first impression of it was really bad and I mean BAD ! The stage looks dark, the whole set up lacks energy, Barei’s “accident” on stage is cringe-worthy. Another bad result for Spain I’m afraid!
    UK : They polished the presentation plus the vocals, it is the only one among DEN and IRE that actually feels boybandish and authentic somehow. Of course that doesn’t mean much, song is still average… A #18-24? Dino prepare for the Jack Union dress :P
    France : Ok song following Sweden’s trends (You-ou-ou), likeable performer, decent vocals. However the whole “universe” stage approach comes across as cold and it doesn’t suit the summery feeling of the song…A top 5 is still not OUT of reach but I feel like it will repeat Estonia last year…

  17. Italy : I love the song and she has REALLY improved vocally. I don’t mind the stage approach at all but it will only cost her points on the 14th.
    I am predicting #8-14 this year, unless juries feel like counterbalancing the travesty of putting deliberately down Italy last year :P

  18. parenthesis, wanted to add as we are talking about Spain, how much Spain 83 is still well-loved and used in comedy etc here, here in Andalucian Spanish about our Spanish crisis “¿ ay quién maneja la banca quién? =who is managing banking industry

  19. The French press conference was not your usual smiley and being gentle and nice affair.Things heated up.lol!

    • at least he defended himself very well in English, his English is great…

      • Yes,he speaks English fluently.I believe he feels the pressure of the favorite who didn’t deliver during the first rehearsal.

        • He’s also fluent in Hebrew (as seen in Stommie’s video) and in Spanish

          • yes I heard him in an interview in Spanish too for a random Spanish TV channel, near perfect Spanish, except for usual French/Spanish mistakes , he is such a likeable guy am so wishing for him to win somehow, at least to stop ESC in Russia 2017, I fear that will be the end of ESC as I know it!! :-(

    • What happened in friday should really stay there. Water under the bridge.

  20. My view of the Big5+Sweden rehearsal videos (in order of preference)

    This year’s Common Linnets. The brilliance of this staging can only be compared to Jamala’s. This is how you do pop in this day and age, colourful and organic, innocent and ironic, completely unexpected and yet at the same time obvious as daylight. I am so glad Italy is hiring the right people and taking this seriously – they have realised what a powerful tool Eurovision is for exporting their own distinctive brand of pop music to the world. Other big5 countries should start taking note. Plus, they can count on a lot of residual goodwill after what happened last year. This top-5 stuff and possible winner.

    Amir is a bundle of charm, he is dressed in the most perfectly chic but completely casual way, his singing is excellent and he gets every move right. France Televisions on the other hand obviously did not feel like spending too much on this, unlike RAI. This is all down to Amir’s winning personality and the hit power of his song. Will he pull a Lena? We’ll have to wait until Saturday to find out.

    Barei’s singing is as strong as always and the choice of dancers-backing singers give an even more urban feel to a song a lot of people may already see as too inauthentically “american”. From day one, it is clear they haven’t spent a single thought on how to effectively present this. The stupid boot dancing is still there and so is the unflattering dress cut. Nothing has been done to address the main issue with this song, the fact that she has to stand there doing next to nothing during the whole chorus. The part where she falls and everything becomes dark is the only thing they added and it works, but only marginally.

    Goodness his “singing” sounds rather bad, doesn’t it? The haircut hasn’t much improved and neither has his wardrobe. He looks very bored as well and because of his age that comes off as almost insolent and rude. On the other hand, they have changed next to nothing since the swedish NF so this is a well-known quantity and everybody has already formed their own opinion.

    Words can not describe how wooden and uncharismatic Jamie Lee is on stage. Her singing is mostly monotonous, her styling has absolutely nothing to do with the atmosphere of the song and they have kept the same staging as the geman NF. All in all, a big yawn and probably another bottom-5 result for Germany.

    Speaking of bottom-5 results and general laziness, here comes the UK. Most viewers will probably confuse this with a commercial break as it possesses all the generic vacuousness and forced levity of a Pepsi ad. The selfies background only serve to reinforce that impression. They want to come off as endearing, but they only end up looking quite amateurish.

  21. Spain – They polished it, but Belgium looks and sound better. The choreography is somewhat messy, vocals are good.

    Germany – her look may cost her votes, the rest remains the same.

    Italy – go back to yesterday’s sophisticated and pop attire. The rest is as it should be.

    UK – harmless song (a bit too harmless); as has been said above, these guys are more convincing than Ireland and Denmark. Good vocals and effective stage presentation.

  22. @Spain in regard to the backing vocals
    If they are not dancers, what are you doing Barei bringing them on stage? why not to bring real dancers? maybe from the video as they are so cool and funny sometimes. I don’t get it. You have a good song and this could be such a hit on stage. Why you want to show the world a group of uncoordinated, out of tone, and boring backing vocals? why? put them on the side, hide them or don’t bring them at all!!

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