U-Turn on Eurovision Flag Policy

eurovision sweden 2016Eurovision 2016 – After a backlash from fans, politicians and entire countries, Aftonbladet in Sweden is reporting that the controversial flag policy has been reviewed and changed. Reporter Tobbe Ek has said the Reference Group decided the change.An official statement from the EBU will read the following :

“After reflection and constructive talks with several participating delegations, the EBU proposed to the Reference Group (the Eurovision Song Contest’s governing body) to take a more liberal approach to the flag policy, which was introduced last week, and to allow national, regional, and local flags of the participants, e.g. the Welsh flag (as one of the UK singers is from Wales) and the Sami flag (as the Norwegian singer is originally from Sami heritage). This is in addition to the flags of all UN member states, the EU flag and the rainbow flag, as stipulated in the original flag policy.

pride flags

The EBU also proposed to the Reference group to take a more tolerant approach to other flags, as long as the audience respects the non-political nature of the Eurovision Song Contest, and not deliberately attempts to obstruct the camera views, as requested.

The Reference Group approved the proposal.”

Source – Aftonbladet

2 comments on “U-Turn on Eurovision Flag Policy

  1. Better but still not good. Why shouldn’t I be allowed to wave my Ba-Wü flag? I would never do that because I am not a flag waving guy but I insist on my right to do so nevertheless.
    Get rid of that leaderboard which has come up with the fascist idea of forbidding certain flags asap!

  2. I love flags and like to see them but I agree that they shouldn’t obstruct the cameras and interfere with the enjoyment of watching the show, that can be very annoying.

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