Poll: Who Will Qualify from Semi Final One?

pollPoll – Today the 1st bunch of Semi Finalists rehearsed for the second time and as such the fans were able to watch from the arena. The EBU have also publish longer videos for us to see so we can now make a more educated guess as to who should make the Final.

You may remember I asked this question before but unfortunately we were unable to complete the earlier polls but now we have seen the rehearsals opinions have probably changed. The first semi finalists are:

2016 Semi Final 1

The method of voting in the previous poll wasn’t the most convenient so we’re back to basics. You have 18 options to pick from in the poll below. Select the ten you think will qualify this Tuesday. I will publish the result on Tuesday.

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78 comments on “Poll: Who Will Qualify from Semi Final One?

  1. here in Catalonia , we are gathering songs for a concert of such songs of the Iberian Peninusula

  2. Been watching Greta’s press conference.Damn,she’s so smart and eloquent and a real artist.


    Cyprus, Greece and/or BiH could sneak into at the expense of Azerbaijan and Malta.

  4. From the comments i understand that the fix bedding odds make good job ( brainwash ) and to many euro fans. And i wondering why the 99% of eurofans have Malta as sure qualifier ? Can somebody explaine to me ?

  5. My sure qualifiers are Russia, Chech Republic, Cyprus, Estonia, Hungary, Croatia. Unsure: Azerbaijan/Malta and Armenia

    Btw I compared my first ranking to my last now written in stone pre-list of all the studio versions of this years eurovison songs:

    1. Australia – (GOOO PLASTICS!)
    2. Ukraine 8+
    3. France 1-
    4. Italy –
    5. Cyprus 2-
    6. Czech Republic –
    7. Bulgaria 2+
    8. Estonia 25+*
    9. Malta 4-
    10. Croatia 3-
    11. Germany 3-
    12. Hungary 1-
    13. Norway 14+
    14. Finland 8+
    15. Azerbaijan –
    16. Spain 3-
    17. Bosnia & Herzegovina 1-
    18. Georgia 6-
    19. Lithuania 2-
    20. Armenia 1+
    21. Israel 7+
    22. Sweden 3-
    23. Russia 3+
    24. United Kingdom 1+
    25. Austria 6+
    26. Denmark 3-
    27. Belgium 9-
    28. San Marino 9+
    29. Iceland 9-
    30. Serbia 5+
    31. Ireland 6-
    32. Romania –
    33. Slovenia 19-**
    34. Macedonia 4+
    35. Latvia 6-
    36. Switzerland 6-
    37. Belarus 3-
    38. Netherlands 1+
    39. Albania 2+
    40. Poland 1+
    41. Moldova 1-
    42. Greece –
    43. Montenegro –

    *Highest climber
    **Lowest drop

    Remember that this list is not from the live performances, so it will be truly interesting and fun to see the shows this year! :D

    P.s I didn’t wanna show my points, so it may be misleading what I think of every song! But you can be sure that I really like my top 5!

  6. Here are my predictions:

    1. Russia
    2. Armenia
    3. Malta
    4. Netherlands
    5. Czech Republic
    6. Hungary
    7. Estonia
    8. Cyprus
    9. Iceland (uncertain)
    10. Azerbaijan (uncertain)

    11. Bosnia
    12. Greece
    13. Austria
    14. Croatia

    I think Bosnia, Greece and Austria have some chances to replace Iceland and Azerbaijan, but in the end I think it won’t happen. Croatia seems to have very few chances after what I saw in the rehearsals.

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