Recap of Rehearsals Day 4

eurovision sweden 2016Eurovision 2016 – With two weeks to go to the contest, daily rehearsals start today and of course the Eurovision Times will do its best to cover them; here’s for the first rehearsals to the first half of semifinal 1: pics and vids have been officially released, so tell us what you think so far!

This is how it works: for each country, you can click on the picture to see a full photoset, or in the song’s title to watch the recap video (the artist’s name will redirect you to the participant’s official page on Eurovision.tv).

So that’s it for today’s rehearsals. Tomorrow will be a big day, there’ll be all of semi 1 second rehearsals and the big 5 first rehearsals. So stay tune!


16 comments on “Recap of Rehearsals Day 4

  1. What. The. Hell. Is. Bulgaria. Doing????

    Anyway, Norway usuallypolishes for esc, and even if they sorta did, she’s still looking awful and it’s lame, Norway could really miss for the first time in years!

    Everything else was as expected. Sorry for the late article!

  2. Qualifiers for both semis according to the Daily Press Poll:

    SEMI 1

    1. Czech Rep. 110p.
    2. Armenia 92
    3. Russia 90
    4. Austria 57
    5. Holland 53
    6. Iceland 38
    7. Cyprus 36
    8. Hungary 34
    9. Estonia 30
    10. Greece 23

    In terms of the countries qualifying and not necessarily the number of points, I think that would be a fine and dandy result! Personally I would only change Iceland for Croatia.

    The NQs:

    11. Malta 16
    12. Bosnia 12
    13. Croatia 12
    14. Montenegro 11
    15. Finland 7
    16. Azerbaijan 5
    17. Moldova 2
    18. San Marino 2

    SEMI 2

    1. Ukraine 119
    2. Bulgaria 74
    3. Israel 74
    4. Australia 71
    5. Latvia 68
    6. Belgium 58
    7. Serbia 55
    8. Georgia 47
    9. Poland 14
    10. FYRoM 10

    If I was the God of Eurovision, I would only let eight qualify from this semi. Hovi and his fringe would be out, as well as the Junior Eurovision entry from Belgium, the britpoppers from Georgia, the Timotei man from Poland and the fading diva from FYRoM. I would replace them with my three guilty pop pleasures from this semi Lithuania, Slovenia and Switzerland.

    The NQs:

    11. Norway 9
    12. Switzerland 9
    13. Belarus 9
    14. Ireland 4
    15. Denmark 4
    16. Slovenia 3
    17. Lithuania 1
    18. Albania 1

  3. Is it just me or have SVT only designed two different backdrops this year?

  4. Poli looks ridiculous

  5. The only countries who improved their chances here are Ukraine and Belgium, who I both see as definite qualifiers at this point. Jamala made a wise choice keeping her staging pared back, and Laura made a wise choice basing hers on the preview video rather than the NF performance.

    Denmark was lame but fine, and I expect it to steal the votes Ireland would have gotten had Nicky been any good. Potential qualifier, but borderline. Same goes for Norway, with nothing really changed from the NF apart from that horrible staircase thing going, which was a wise decision.

    Georgia’s serious approach might make it less of a jury deadweight, but it makes it stand out a lot less too. I had hoped for something more “Montenegrin” (the mad scientist theme in the video) even if just for my own taste.

    Of the rest, Bulgaria did the worst job by far. Poli’s outfit is distracting and horrible, and with the staging I’m getting Israel 2014 vibes. She could still make it to the final, but I’d be hugely surprised to see her rise too far above the bottom there.

    Slovenia was pretty bad as well – the dancer doesn’t fit in at all, and it was a mistake abandoning the innocent fun of the NF performance for a more serious approach. The song isn’t really strong enough to carry that.

    I’m finding it difficult to recall anything about Albania. I think it can fairly safely be ruled out at this point.

  6. Today’s rehearsals
    Best impression :
    Within a chance
    No chance

  7. I’m happy to see Belgium delivering <3

  8. Glad to see Chech Republic getting some recognition :)

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