Moldova’s Lidia Isac Leads Press Centre Tribute to Ovidiu Anton

Ovidiu AntonEurovision 2016 – Moldova’s Lidia Isac and a group of Eurovision press folk today led a tribute to Romania’s Ovidiu Anton. At the time when he should have been doing his first rehearsal for ‘Moment of Silence‘, the group sang it instead in the press centre. 

Lidia had offered to let Ovi perform with her for Moldova this year but he declined.

Journalists from fan sites such as Wiwibloggs, Esckaz, ESC Bubble. ESCUnited, ESCNation  and Eurovision Ireland joined Lidia in the rendition, organised by Wiwibloggs & Esckaz. It’s great to see all the fansites and blogs coming together for the very popular Ovidiu Anton who impressed us all in pre-season promo before Romania were excluded from the contest for non-payments of debts to the EBU.

Watch the ‘Moment of Silence‘ rendition now…

Ovidiu has reacted to the tribute on Twitter saying…

ovidiu anton


3 comments on “Moldova’s Lidia Isac Leads Press Centre Tribute to Ovidiu Anton

  1. I am sure that Ovidiu will be very sought after when all this subsides.

  2. Um grande abraço from Portugal!

  3. I saw it. Touching but at the same time cynical me cant help but feel it is a bit exploitative from Lidia’s side to garner those romanian votes from all over Europe.

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