SVT Replaces Wictoria as a juror with Lisa Ajax

swedenSwedish broadcaster SVT has decided to change one of the Swedish jurors. The reason is that Wiktoria had participated as a panelist in a TV program for the Eurovision Song Contest and had aired her views on songs in the contest. She will be replaced by Lisa Ajax. 

Lisa is a former Swedish Idol winner and has participated in their national selection, Melodifestivalen, in 2012 and 2016.

“There must be no doubt that one of the Swedish jurors may have been influenced by another juror. Therefore we have taken the decision to replace Wiktoria with Lisa Ajax”, says Anette Helenius, project manager for the Swedish Eurovision broadcast.

Wiktoria’s participation in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 was not contrary to the EBU rules, but Anette Helenius wanted to avoid any speculation.

Source: SVT

7 comments on “SVT Replaces Wictoria as a juror with Lisa Ajax

  1. A wise move. Not that it will change much though…
    Cause we know already that SVT’s heart beats at the rhythm of the “sound of silence”…
    It will take a “miracle” (something like “walking on water”) to change their minds.
    They have “searched” and found their winner

  2. Meh what’s the point ? The televoting crowd will continue its whining and conspiracy theories..

  3. “Lisa is a former Swedish Idol winner”

    If I were a eurovision entrant I wouldn’t feel that comfortable being judged by a talent show ex.
    Are there no acclaimed singers, composers, lyricists etc outside the so called… talent shows context in Sweden? Jesus…

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