TEKO 2016: Results of QF2!

TEKO 2016 smTHE Eurovision Knockout 2016 – The votes have been counted in the second quarter-final! We have a clear winner in this heat which saw Serbia and Latvia go head to head for a chance to go through to the semi-finals. Check out who won now…  

Results of QF2:

Serbia: 35%
Latvia: 65%

So it’s Latvia’s Justs singing ‘Heartbeat through to the semi-final stage!

12 comments on “TEKO 2016: Results of QF2!

  1. Another landslide win.

  2. I didn’t expect such a clear win, but it’s deserved imo. Another great result!

  3. Great result :-) ! Good to see two songs in my top 5 in the quarterfinals :-)

  4. Congrats! :)

    P.S. – small margins are a thing of the past, seemingly.

  5. hmmm three posts just went on moderation for having a smiley in it… and all had an exclamation mark as well.

    I will work this out if it kills me!!

  6. Expected. I believe it will be either France or Ukraine in the end.

  7. My vote went to Latvia but Serbia deserved more votes imo. It’s the one entry that has been constantly climbing on my list.

  8. Well done to Latvia but I doubt it will be above Serbia come the final proper.

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