OGAE 2016: France wins the OGAE Poll 2016

AmirOGAE 2016 – Today the OGAE Poll Competition came to a close. The 2016 competition was far from exciting with the same countries making the Top 10 of all the Fan Clubs. The contest was pretty much Russia Vs France the whole way through but Amir has reigned triumphant.

The overall Top 10 can be seen below but for the full results you can click here. A record number of countries end the poll at nil points. These are Albania, Belarus, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Denmark, Finland, Georgia, Greece, Moldova, Montenegro, Netherlands, Romania, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

The final Top 10 countries were seen in almost all Top 10’s throughout which shows how samey the Eurovsion Fan Clubs are. The final Top 10 are…

1st France 425pts
2nd Russia 392pts
3rd Australia 280pts
4th Bulgaria 175pts
5th Italy 170pts
6th Spain 155pts
7th Austria 128pts
8th Latvia 110pts
9th Ukraine 88pts
10th Hungary 80pts

So it’s a congratulations to France and Amir who wins with his song “J’ai cherché”

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Top 5 Eurovision Songs so Far: #1 Netherlands #2 Czech Republic #3 Hungary #4 Serbia #5 Cyprus Worst 5 of Eurovision so far #39 Montenegro #40 Iceland #41 Germany #42 Spain #43 Estonia

11 comments on “OGAE 2016: France wins the OGAE Poll 2016

  1. The French song this year is definately not a masterpiece, and tbh I expected sth tad better by Amir. I enjoy it nevertheless and I would like to see France winning compared to Ukraine or Russia (to Russia definately).

    • You prefer a French win over a Ukranian? :o

      • @Donnie and Dimitri, I like the Ukranian song better than the French one, that’s for sure. But in all honesty, if I had to choose between the two re: victory, i’d prefer France, because, let’s be fair, when it comes to geopolitical factors taken into consideration, I wouldn’t like Ukraine to win for exactly the same reasons I don’t want a Russian victory.

        • So,you’re equalling the aggressor with the victim?I would have thought that regardless of all the political turmoil you would have chosen to support the better song.

          • Well, once again we disagree. I’ll better stop it here. And of course I support the better song. It’s higher on my list.

    • I just noticed that.But Ukraine is 3rd on your 2016 rankings while France is 10th.Hmmm

  2. OGAE this year was the most dull thing…. Really. How can everyone like the same stuff? People don’t believe in originality?

  3. as Eurovision is getting more like a freak show, the OGAE vote is getting more ridiculous… at least everyone is facing the same direction, like in sodom… oh wait, PG13, never mind

    anyway, OGAE winners like Kati Wolf, don’t mean a thing :p

    • Wow that was harsh and unfair imo. Amir, a down to earth guy with a contemporary song with no predicted big extravaganzas on stage wins and that somehow supports the notion thst esc is a freak show ?

      OGAE winners can mean a lot like the last few years have shown.

      Lets not even go to 2011 though, that was a wide open contest as it was proven at the end.

      With the same amount of points Kati Wolf would be top 10 last year.

  4. Again, these guys are consistent and that is all I shall say. Congrats, France!

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