Eurovision 2016 to be Aired Live in US and China

eurovision USAEurovision 2016 – For the first time ever the Eurovision Song Contest will be shown live on TV in the United States of America on Logo TV according to the New York Times. The final will be held in Stockholm… at 3 p.m. Eastern Standard Time for our US readers. 

The Grand Final will also be shown in live in China for the first time on TV this year too. Hunan TV, the country’s second most watched channel, purchased the broadcasting rights in 2015 to broadcast the show in China until 2018. Last year they streamed it live online, but this year will broadcast via Mango TV.

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22 comments on “Eurovision 2016 to be Aired Live in US and China

  1. So, let’s get prepared for a 5+2+Australia (in case they win this year) final for 2017.

  2. So exciting to see esc getting global recognition :-)

  3. Also, Khabar TV in Kazakhstan, and New Zealand will be broadcasting live too.

  4. USA may enter and bring Beth Hard or SDL in ESC :) What do you think Donnie?

  5. Logo TV is not the channel I’d want ESC to be aired on in my home country. Sends a completely inaccurate message of the contest. Very disappointing.

  6. Expected. Logo TV is not the wisest choice, I agree.

  7. Kazakhstan, New Zealand and Canada also will broadcast live the show …..

  8. Pretty much nobody gets this channel but I guess it’s better than nothing.
    I wonder if there are going to be any in house commentators or if they are just going to run the world feed as is.

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