Eurovision 2016 Rehearsals: Day 1

eurovision sweden 2016Eurovision 2016 – With two weeks to go to the contest, daily rehearsals start today and of course the Eurovision Times will do its best to cover them; here’s for the first rehearsals to the first half of semifinal 1: pics and vids will be officially released and we get to discuss, debate, analyze, predict…

So this is how it’ll work for the next 10 days or so: we will resume the system from last year. This is, there’s an article for the day’s rehearsals published the morning (or night before, knowing myself) with the calendar, which you can also find on the official site here. You can comment all day on it, based on all the info you can gather around and as soon as I can, I’ll get working on a recap article with links to pictures, videos, etc. However, I do work and have busy weeks at work ahead of me so I’ll do that at the latest in the evening, sooner if possible, depending. Usually, the girls are down there and as you know, this year ET did not get a pass, so they’ll be following from here and will help publishing any news article.

So we’re all counting on you guys to post in the comment section all the links you find and discuss all material out there. Hope it works out great for everyone, and already a big cheers to all the sites who will post their own made materials (Esckaz, Escxtra, Escinsight and the infamous Esctoday come to mind).

Here’s tomorrow’s schedule: Semifinal 1 – Half 1 – First rehearsal

  • Finland 10:00-10:30 Finland First rehearsal
  • Greece 10:40-11:10 Greece First rehearsal
  • Moldova 11:20-11:50 Moldova First rehearsal
  • Hungary 12:00-12:30 Hungary First rehearsal
  • Finland 12:10-10:30 Finland Press Meet & Greet
  • Greece 12:50-13:10 Greece Press Meet & Greet
  • Moldova 13:30-13:50 Moldova Press Meet & Greet
  • Croatia 13:40-14:10 Croatia First rehearsal
  • Hungary 14:10-14:30 Hungary Press Meet & Greet
  • Netherlands 14:20-14:50 Netherlands First rehearsal
  • Armenia 15:00-12:30 Armenia First rehearsal
  • Croatia 15:50-16:10 Croatia Press Meet & Greet
  • san marino 16:00-12:30 San Marino First rehearsal
  • Netherlands 16:30-16:50 Netherlands Press Meet & Greet
  • Russia 16:40-17:10 Russia First rehearsal
  • Armenia 17:20-17:40 Armenia Press Meet & Greet
  • san marino 18:10-18:30 San Marino Press Meet & Greet
  • Russia 18:55-19:15 Russia Press Meet & Greet

There will therefore be 9 countries getting their first taste of the stage and first impression from it. Funny enough, plenty countries also went on the first half of first semifinal last year: Finland, Netherlands, Armenia, Greece, Moldova, more than half of them!

As usual, in first go, countries rarely reveal everything from their staging, definitely not the clothes. But the fans get an idea of what direction the performance is heading towards. Usually, the official site publishes photo sets from rehearsals and a short clip (around 90 seconds) about the artist’s impressions around 40 minutes later. Last year it was not possible for any fan sites to record anything else, so you’ll have to just read what everyone there thought about it without seeing more with your own eyes (and of course hear with your own ears).

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197 comments on “Eurovision 2016 Rehearsals: Day 1

  1. Sergey: OMG I love it, it’ll be immense on tv.

  2. Russia is over the top but impressive.

    • I like a bit of OTT in what looks to be a rather boring use of technology so far this year. So much potential and they don’t have the imagination to do something amazing.

  3. Can Greta can complain much about recycling ideas when her capoeira style dancing was done previously by Loreen and she’s building on Mans’ successful screen projection of last year? We don’t know what her stage show will be yet.

    • I think many acts will use the same technology like Mans this year so i don’t get it why Greta is so undeservinly slammed about it.Her shadows and voices backdrop is a whole artistic project matching her outifit and the lyrics of the song.Russia on the other hand uses almost identical LED designs with ISL that have no relation to their song or lyrics.They’re just throwing everything in but the kitchen sink.

      • The iceberg he is standing on looks a bit like a kitchen sink.

      • P.S. I am no fan of Greta’s song or show and I do believe it is a “Heroes” rip off as well. What I do recognize is that both SWE 15 and ISL 16 have a narrative, a concept connected to the song behind the used projections. RUS 16 has none and that makes it worse. Never has this contest been won by an entry that copied elements of last year’s winning entry. Will this trend end here ? Remains to be seen.

        • Let’s just say that we agree on the concept-behind-the-song part of your comment. :)

          • Ok, it just put this last comment on moderation, had a smiley, but no exclamation mark. But no gap between the last full stop and the smiley… hmmmm. Where’s Sherlock Holmes when I need him.

            If anyone posts any smileys, make sure you leave a gap between the smiley and anything else (punctuation or letters), I think that might be doing it!

  4. I d never expect that but Iceland may cause some trouble for Russia by appearing later in the semi with what I expect to be a very similar show. Hmmm…

  5. Finland – Maybe SVT should have checked the staging before picking Finland to start the show off. I love their song because it’s one you can sing along to but the way it looks is Zzzzzzzz

    Greece – Probs my fave of the day. They’ve kept it traditional to Greece and I can’t complain about that. This is what I wish all countries would do

    Moldova – The song is one of the worst this year and I don’t understand the dancer. Not really necessary is he?

    Hungary – Over-hyped song. The message is exactly the same as Heroes except the staging isn’t impressive #CopyCat

    Croatia – The dress is better than the song which is just so depressing to me however she sounds faultless. She really does have a fab voice

    Netherlands – Pleasant. Very Dutch

    Armenia – Is she by herself for the whole thing? I was expecting a dancer on stage with her

    San Marino – I really just wish they stayed with the original version than cheapen it further with the Disco rubbish. My cup of tea though performance wise

    Russia – How about countries impress with their song and not silly shenanigans with graphics. Heard he fell. If he falls on the show lol – game over.

  6. From the little I’ve seen, Armenia was clearly the best today. Iveta looks menacingly effective. How far will sge go, I wonder?

    • You really liked Armenia most?That’s a surprise.lol

      • I supported the Armenian song from the start, especially after when she sang it live in Moscow. Now she has stepped up her game a couple of very large notches.

  7. The recap video for rehearsals Day 1:

  8. I’ve just checked the Russian rehearsal… where’s the song? It seems to be nothing more than a desperate newly-rich stage presentation. Sadly, it will win.

  9. San Marino : Its ok given what they got to work with. The backing dancers are nice and Serhat delivers. The projections of dancing people are kinda funny but the whole act takes itself way too seriously. Its a definite NQ especially squeezed between ARM and RUS.

    My overall ranking of today’s rehearsals :

    1. Netherlands
    2. Croatia
    3. Hungary
    4. Greece
    5. Armenia
    6. Finland
    7. San Marino
    8. Moldova

  10. Haters will hate. I hope your come up with something better than RUS 16 staging being copy of SWE 15. That’s ridiculous.
    As for the narrative, climbing icebergs fits the lyrics perfectly well.

  11. OGAE Sweden and final top 10 :


    Again, congrats Amir !

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