Eurovision 2016: More Artists Flock to Stockholm

eurovision sweden 2016Eurovision 2016 – Today acts involved in Semi Final One have been arriving at Stockholm ahead of the rehearsals that are due to start tomorrow at Globe Arena. Delegations from Greece, Russia and Cyprus are among some of the delegations already in the city but more are arriving

Hungary – Freddie

Czech Republic – Gabriela Gunčíková

Montenegro – Highway

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Top 5 Eurovision Songs so Far: #1 Netherlands #2 Czech Republic #3 Hungary #4 Serbia #5 Cyprus Worst 5 of Eurovision so far #39 Montenegro #40 Iceland #41 Germany #42 Spain #43 Estonia

80 comments on “Eurovision 2016: More Artists Flock to Stockholm

  1. Looking at the pic with Highway it reminds me of one I have from the 5day excursion I had in high school :P

  2. The official video clip for “Heartbeat” (it has kind of a kinky narrative imo :P) :

  3. Current betting odds before rehearsals begin :
    SEMI 1 (To qualify)
    1.Russia 1.01
    2.Armenia 1.07
    3.Malta 1.12 !!!
    4.Azerbaijan 1.14
    5.Croatia 1.22
    6.Czech 1.25 !!!
    7.Cyprus 1.30 (losing ground)
    8.Netherlands 1.30
    9.Hungary 1.35 (losing ground)
    10.Iceland 1.50 (it’s seems she struggles again)
    11.Estonia 1.60
    12.BiH 1.87
    13.Austria 2.40
    14.Greece 2.90
    15.Finland 3.50
    16.Moldova 4.50
    17.San Marino 5.50
    18.Montenegro 6.00

    I believe Malta and Czech are overrated.
    At the moment it seems like Hungary and Iceland could surprisinlgly miss it.
    I believe Estonia is in. If there’s a surprise qualifier it’s either BiH, Austria or Greece.
    Bottom 4 is realistic.

    • There’s no chance Hungary will miss the final.Will you be surprised if Iceland misses the final?You’ve been bashing poor Greta from day 1.And now she’s gonna dust you off with her magic dress:

      • I believe Hungary is in too, which leaves us to either Czech, Iceland or Croatia as the surprise NQ…

        • There are other songs like the Netherlands,Cyprus,Malta and Azerbaijan that are not dead certain qualifiers atm.Live performances will tell.

          • Id love to see Malta bomb! The way they handled their pomo, sending wiwi the song in advance to assure amazing praises, lots of support to be high in bookies and then, with the current system, get a great allocation draw thanks to simply being high in prediction polls, they really deserve to die in the semi

            • There’s a huge promotion behind their entry this year.I keep on seeing vote for Ira ads etc in various sites.They’re probably in but not a dead certain qualifier,imo.

          • Netherlands will be in. He oozes stage charisma. Cyprus will attract the “alternative” vote from teenagers who will buy the pseydorock sound. Malta will be performing LAST and there is a great LED show involved accordind to producers.

        • Croatia is in.

      • Freddie is safe ;)

    • My wish list for semi 1 (in random order):
      -Czech R.

      • I think I prefer Azerbaijan, Austria and Hungary over Greece, Finland and Czech R.

        • I wouldn’t mind an Austrian qualification, tbh. But the Azerbaijani song is really annoying to me and the Hungarian one rather overrated.

    • Oh deary me, I dislike everything from #2 to #6. At least I agree on Russia lol.
      Also how come Austria is so low? Wasn’t it among the OGAE favourites? I’d be really disappointed to see Greece and Austria left behind…

  4. Mariano Rajoy,PM of Spain supports Barei and wishes her good luck in esc :D

    • And of course it had to be the basque flag. He couldn’t simply wish good luck. Ugh..another reason to detest this man added on the pile.

      • Wel,have you read the story behind it?There was a huge backlash in Spain after the reveal of EBU’s document of banned flags putting the basque one right above the IS one.Rtve had to distance itself and ask EBU to rectify it.EBU lated apologized for the mishap and Rajoy tweeted his wishes to Barei without directly addressing the political and diplomatic row in order to signal that everything is fine.

        • I kn0w the backstory. Still he could have done it without the flag if everythign is indeed fine.

  5. Hulluna,can you bring back the emoticons please?

  6. SEMI 2 (To qualify)
    1.Ukraine 1.03
    2.Australia 1.04
    3.Serbia 1.06
    4.Latvia 1.08
    5.Bulgaria 1.10
    6.Poland 1.25
    7.Lithuania 1.25
    8.Belgium 1.40
    9.Norway 1.55 (losing ground, not a strong scandinavian year)
    10.Denmark 1.75
    11.Israel 1.87
    12.FYROM 2.15
    13.Ireland 2.40
    14.Belarus 3.50
    15.Georgia 3.50
    16.Albania 3.50
    17.Slovenia 3.75
    18.Switzerland 5.50

    A more accurate prediction imo (compared to semi 1)
    Current top 7 is definitely in (Poland and Lithuania included, no wonder)
    Belgium will most probably make it thanks to a great allocation.
    Norway and Denmark will struggle BIG time. Expect either FYROM/Ireland or Georgia in !

    • I see Georgia in. I see them doing really well too. In 2011 I was alone in predicting that already and see what happened!

      • I believe they stand some chances with a good live show but I am sceptical. It could be either Kalliopi (extremely popular in Balkans and diaspora) or Ireland (Westlife effect?, instantly likeable song)

      • I always had Georgia in in 2011.

    • This year is so unfair. Many fine entres won’t qualify in semi one while looking through the songs of semi I think I will I will be bored watching it! I think I shouldn’t watch rehearsal videos of the semi 2 to keep some intrigue . And I will enjoy Norway’s fail just because of the brilliant entry wasted in the nf .

    • My wish list for semi 2 (in random order):
      -FYR Macedonia
      and one out of Belarus, Israel or Bulgaria.

      • 1.Ukraine
        2.Norway (but it loses ground)
        3.Belgium :)
        8.Slovenia (going up)
        9.Ireland (going down)
        13.Albania (awful revamp)
        But I couldn’t care less from #9 and below

    • No IRL and GEO in and I see FYROM and Israel in expense of Denmark and Lithuania.

  7. “18.Switzerland 5.50”

    Oh no.

  8. Offtopic: we have a BoNF winner! Stay tune tonight for the votes reveal!

  9. And so it begins again. Good luck, everyone!

  10. Battle of the day:The big 5

  11. I remember last year when semi 1 and semi 2 had the same problems. Semi 1 was the stronger one in terms of participating countries and thus the one where you could easily get a 7/10 and then it became tough with many entries lining up for those last places (e.g. I had Denmark and Finland in and ultimately Serbia and Albania made it – indeed as 9th and 10th).

    Semi 2 was more open and with less voting patterns present so more common sense kicked in and it was ultimately easier to predict.

    I expect the same thing this year – less accurate predictions for those last tickets in semi 1 and easier predictions for semi 2, especially after the rehearsals have been done.

    For now for semi 2 I believe the certain ones are Latvia, Serbia, Australia, Ukraine – the very probable ones are Norway, Switzerland and Belgium because of the draw and then Bulgaria, Denmark and..Lithuania (?) or Poland or Israel..Or FYR Macedonia given Kaliopi’s live.

    • I think it’s time for you to come to terms with Switzerland’s flop.Denmark is a possibloe flop too,

      • Switzerland will 99,9 % be in my final prediction for the semi sorry. I have nothing to come to terms with. Great song – great performer. I can’t see a single reason why it would not make it in what is supposed to be a song contest. Denmark is a very probable qualifier as well.

      • Denmark and Switzerland won’t qualify. And from the fanwanks Malta and Iceland will flop.

        • I agree on Denmark and Switzerland but why is Iceland a fanwank?It’s 14th with the OGAE clubs and only 10th favorite to qualify with the betting odds.It’s not a fanwank but a borderline qualifier both for the fans and the betting odds.

          • Okay, I thought it did better in the odds and polls. I remember the praise it got on some sites after it was chosen.

            • Malta is doing great with the betting odds but is totally ignored by OGAE clubs which is a bit strange.

            • yes it was praised when chosen but also it was mocked already then for copying the two past Swedish esc winners… and then it never reached the fanwanking 2012 got.

        • Denmark isn’t dead yet IMO. 50-50 case I would say.

  12. Again under moderation… grrrr

    • some comments dont make it because wordpress is insane, we get notifications for some comments and we DONT get why wordpress would block them, we didnt put any IPs on moderation except for those whose people have been emailed abut nor any words or emoticons… we hope wordpress will stop with their upgrades as we’re now in the HIGH of esc season (and trust us, their editing upgrades are awful)

  13. Prediction before rehearsals – Russia, Australia and Sweden, one of them will win and all of them will end up in the final top 3. Ukraine and Azerbaijan will follow. I so wish things were less predictable.

  14. Now it seems my comment that was under moderation has been deleted…

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