Eurovision 2016: Delegations Start to Arrive in Stockholm

eurovision sweden 2016Eurovision 2016 – Tomorrow Eurovision will officially kick off as artists take for the Globe Arena Stage for the first time at rehearsals. Today delegations from the semi finalist countries have arrived in Stockholm. 

Greece – Argo

The Netherlands – Douwe Bob

San Marino – Serhat

Russia – Sergey Lazarev

Cyprus – Minus One

Meanwhile Armenia’s Iveta Mukuchyan is on her way

Wish me good luck ✌🏻😊 #Traveling to #Stockholm #Eurovision

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Ira Losco has also jetted off from Malta

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Top 5 Eurovision Songs so Far: #1 Netherlands #2 Czech Republic #3 Hungary #4 Serbia #5 Cyprus Worst 5 of Eurovision so far #39 Montenegro #40 Iceland #41 Germany #42 Spain #43 Estonia

8 comments on “Eurovision 2016: Delegations Start to Arrive in Stockholm

  1. Oh my, I just realised that it starts tomorrow! :o
    Good luck to all participants!

    off topic: Happy Mayday! Long live the working class!!! :)

  2. OGAE Andorra:
    1 pt goes to Czech Republic
    2 pts go to Latvia
    3 pts go to iceland
    4 pts go to Cyprus
    5 pts go to Hungary
    6 pts go to Australia
    7 pts go to Italy
    8 pts go to Russia
    10 pts go to Spain*
    12 pts go to France

    ES Germany:
    1 pts goes to Cyprus
    2 pts go to Italy
    3 pts go to Bulgaria
    4 pts go to Spain
    5 pts go to Sweden
    6 pts go to Australia
    7 pts go to Latvia
    8 pts go to Russia
    10 pts go to Austria**
    12 pts go to France

    Current standing:
    France 393
    Russia 358
    Australia 259
    Bulgaria 163
    Italy 148
    Spain 146
    Austria 115
    Latvia 105
    Ukraine 88
    Hungary 80

    *Spain got a huge boost from Andorra
    **Austria collected 22 pts in total from the 2 German clubs.

    With 3 clubs left to vote France has practically won OGAE vote 2016.There’s only one chance it will be defeated by Russia.Only if all the 3 remaining clubs(Austria,Azerbaijan and Sweden)give their 12 pts to Russia and no pts to France which is close to science fiction.

  3. A glimpse of how Austria and Azerbaijan will be staged.Austria will recreate their very colorful official video while Zoe will be walking on her treadmill.

  4. Yeah it begins :D !

  5. How many 0’s, nil, zero’s will there be

  6. […] 2016 – Today acts involved in Semi Final One have been arriving at Stockholm ahead of the rehearsals that are due to start tomorrow at Globe Arena. Delegations from […]

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