Interview: Highway of Montenegro

interviewInterview – At the London Eurovision Party, Eurovision Times had a chance to chat to Highway, the band who will be representing Montenegro in this year’s Eurovision singing ‘The real thing‘. Find out about their experiences in their local X Factor contest, their ESC promotion to date and why they chose the postcard venues that they did.

65 comments on “Interview: Highway of Montenegro

  1. Fingers crossed they upset semi 1 and qualify to the final. They’ll definately have my vote.

  2. I get this feeling from their interviews that they think they bring to esc the next big innovation or something..I mean, chill, you barely sing or have a song to speak of imo.Overall likeable guys though.

    Good luck !

  3. Happy Easter everyone (I thought that the dates of Easter are the same in orthodox churches)

  4. Great Job, hulluna. :-)
    I still don’t understand why so many people dislike Montenegro this year. I agree that the song isn’t anything groundbraking but it is a solid effort (by ESC standards) and a very welcome breath of fresh air among all those dullies from Australia, Malta, Ireland, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Switzerland etc.

    • True, I’m not a fan of their entry either – I’d classify it as average – but at least it’s not trying to ‘play safe’ and it manages to stand out somehow, which is something I can’t say about most entries this year – including and not limited to those you mentioned (well apart from Poland which I’d say is slightly above average and Russia which is kinda my guilty pleasure :P )

  5. Happy Easter!

  6. The funny thing is:
    In 2013 I liked their entry (their stage performance mostly) and they didn’t qualify.
    In 2014 I didn’t like their entry (that much) and they qualified.
    In 2015 I didn’t like their entry that much either (Zeljiko’s weakest esc effort imho) and they qualified.
    In 2016 I like their entry (like…very much) and… ? :)

  7. They seem like nice people :) I don’t dislike their entry…lets see how they will perform it on the stage

  8. My favourite ESC-related song from Montenegro (sorry, Igranka …). Alas, I couldn’t find a clip in good quality:

  9. Just realized that (if I’m not mistaken) Montenegro was my favourite in both 2014 and 2015. So this year’s song is a bit disappointing for me I suppose, but certainly not as weak as some people seem to imply.

  10. They seem to be very likeable guys.
    Their song is underrated in this bubbly esc universe we are living in but I believe it deserves qualification over several entries, let’s say over Czech or Malta to name a few.
    Good luck!!!

    • Over Malta in particular. If there’s any justice… sigh

    • No.It’s just that their song isn’t good.It’s disjointed and irrelevant.We shouldn’t be blaming everything on the so called esc bubble.I like the verses but the chorus totally ruins it for me.It’s understandable why a song like this won’t do well.

      • Your opinion counts as the ONLY truth?

        • Of course not but bringing a song that is different doesn’t necessarily make it a good song.I feel that sometimes we blame the esc bubbly universe for everything.I don’t think that “The real thing” would do well outside of esc either.

          • None of the 2016 esc songs would do well outside esc either so I can’t see your point really.
            To put it in a simple way :
            Give esc fans two “disjointed” songs f.e Malta and Montenegro and they will prefer the pop song.
            That doesn’t mean Malta deserves it more over Montenegro. It’s simply genre bias. Same as mine. I will prefer the indie one.

            • Is Montenegro the indie one?I wouldn’t vote for Malta either but i can understand why people in general and not just esc fans would prefer it over MNE.It’s not disjointed imo.And i disagree.There are songs that could do and do better irrespective of their esc fate.Italy,France,Sweden,Latvia,Germany to name a few.

            • In the esc context Montenegro is very indie. People in general would support Malta over Montenegro for the same genre bias I’ve mentioned before. That doesn’t make Malta a better song really. It’s a very basic and common truth in psychology that people are always willing to embrace the familiar sound or idea over the strange or less popular…

            • I don’t know why you go back to Malta.I never mentioned Malta as an example.And we don’t really know how much people will support Malta anyway.OGAE fans for instance have ignored it.
              My main point was that in case Montenegro fails it’s not because it’s too good for esc bubbly fans but simply because it’s not a very good song or a song that would do well in a contest.

            • We should judge Montegro on equal merits though imo. It is bound to score lower in comparison to another “flawed” pop song (and there are many) just because it represents the wrong genre in a pop oriented contest.

          • “bringing a song that is different doesn’t necessarily make it a good song”

            True. But in this case it is ;)

  11. No boys. You are not the real thing. You are interesting thing and interesting thing in ESC that is.
    The vocalist is the weakest link in this entry. He is boring. Wonder why they have mixed the vocals so up.
    Highway is serving us big bag of alt rock cliches and not doing it too well. Production is bad, way too flat and damped. It totally lacks the dynamics so crucial for the genre.
    Still would like to see it in final. It’s good for competition, but that’s all there really is.

  12. I have given it 8/12 in recognition of its musical qualities. Probably not something I would listen to in my spare time since not all its elements are exactly my taste. But I think it deserves to qualify since it clearly goes against the musical trends. And I have always thought that every trend and zeitgeist needs counterweight, whatever it may be.

    As for Montenegro in ESC my favourites are “Moj svijet” and “Euro Neuro”. I have never really understood why “Igranka” has so many fans here.

  13. Hulluna sounds like a primary school teacher :)

  14. I really like this song. And I like them ok. All in all in my top 10 this year.

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