TEKO 2016: It Quarter-final Time!

TEKO 2016 smTHE Eurovision Knockout 2016 – We’re through the duel stage and not the quarter-finals in this year’s TEKO contest. Only 8 countries remain and you’ll be able to start voting for your favourites in the first quarter-final later tonight. 

The 4 quarter-final are as follows:

CroatiaCroatia v UkraineUkraine

SerbiaLatviaSerbia v Latvia

GreeceItalyGreece v Italy

Franceaustralia France v Australia

Make your predictions now as to who the 4 semi-finalists will be in the comments below, and come back later to vote for Croatia or Ukraine.

41 comments on “TEKO 2016: It Quarter-final Time!

  1. Predicting Croatia, Serbia, Greece, France.

  2. Didn’t Azerbaijan lose to Australia in a duel?
    Hulluna is there a mistake?

  3. Ukraine,Italy and France,I don’t know about Serbia vs Latvia.It will be close,imo but i’d give Latvia the lead.

  4. OGAE UK:
    1 pt goes to Sweden
    2 pts go to Latvia
    3 pts go to Austria
    4 pts go to Spain
    5 pts go to Iceland
    6 pts go to Italy
    7 pts go to Australia
    8 pts go to Bulgaria
    10 pts go to Russia
    12 pts go to France

    France 369
    Russia 342
    Australia 247
    Bulgaria 160
    Italy 139
    Spain 132
    Austria 105
    Latvia 96
    Ukraine 88
    Hungary 75

    • as much as would love to see France win against Russia, I fear recent live performance means that, despite even a shitty performance from Russia, no doubt we’ll be off to Russia next year, and thus I will give up on ESC from that point

      • I had my photo with the Premiership Trophy today… let’s hope we can keep it here in Leicester!

        • am confident you will and history will be in the making, here history has been in the making we just hope we will win La LIga and Man City or Bayern Munich wins Champions!!

    • OGAE voting…yawn zzzzzzz

  5. Match of the day:Female Singers

  6. 1.Ukraine
    4.France cause Australia gets on my nerves!

  7. Ukraine

    I see the final between Ukraine and France
    Ukraine loses France wins in the end

  8. Greta and her backing vocalists rehearsing:

  9. Q3 I dont care tbh. Two mediocre songs. Got a clear winner in Q1 and Q2. Not sure about Q4 yet.

  10. Pretty easy choices for me:


    Good luck, everyone!

  11. In tonight’s preview episode, France was universally praised by the whole panel, which looks kinda good, given that Wictoria apparently will be in the real ESC jury too (I honestly think that smells, that we know some jurors opinions even before the ESC show – but well, maybe she’ll change her mind after the live performances #wishhulthinking).

    • It’s definitely very problematic that they use the same person in both sets of juries.Has Sweden run out of female teen pop artists?

      • They always pick a young pop girl from the MF edition, it seems. Isa did it last year, and Molly Pettersson Hammar can’t do it for obvious reasons, so they were probably too lazy in the end and took what they already had.

  12. This ain’t easy, but I can at least say what I would vote for myself:

    Croatia v Ukraine: I will probably go for Ukraine here. Even though I have several issues with the Ukrainian song it still has a bit more on the heart.

    Serbia v Latvia: Latvia here. I like both songs, but I think the Serbian singer is overdoing it a bit.

    Greece v Italy: Now this is where it gets complicated. I don’t know what to vote here. Like both of them.

    France v Australia: I will vote for France. Less bombastic.

  13. 1 Ukraine
    2 Serbia
    3 WNV
    4 France

  14. New articles! :) Ukraine, Latvia, no one (as I said before, I will not vote in any heat involving Greece) and France.

  15. 1 Ukraine
    2 Latvia
    3 Italy
    4 France

  16. I only really care for Italy beating Greece, somehow I doubt it unfortunally…

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