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eurovision times logoEurovision Times has been bringing you independent and fan-based Eurovision news for several years. We pride ourself on being one of the biggest fansites on the internet and that is mainly down to our open comments pages and the contributions to the discussion by our valued readers.  

Sometimes things get heated, there are many different opinions. All we have ever asked for is for posters to show respect for their fellow community members. In recent times a handful of individuals have repeatedly failed to do that despite polite requests. Action has been taken against them this weekend. We cannot, and will not, allow a few people to ruin this site and drive other readers away for fear of abuse, offence and repeated negativity.

Sadly those individuals have failed to take any responsibility for their own actions and feel they have the right to police the forum how they see fit, and clearly think that they have done no wrong.

We have received the following from one of those individuals:

“As I am sure you remember I have access to thousands of different IP adresses, for a reminder see proxy. org and as you say you can’t monitor 24/7 so I shall be posting using them. You may choose to ban all newly registered accounts from posting until you have given them permission to post but not only will that take up more time it will not be great for traffic coming up to the main event. Just incase you do consider that approach and try to attack and spite me even further. I shall turn my attention to TEKO and use my IPs to vote on that which you have proven unable to deal with such as whoever is manipulating the results for Greece. I am sorry it has come to this but your bullying tactics have left me no choice. I didn’t want a war but clearly you are desperate for one so I shall oblige.”

This individual has previously registered with fake accounts to hold conversations with himself, and commented previously about how derogatory comments may affect ET’s ability to obtain accreditation. We see this, his comments about trying to disrupt our ability to maintain traffic and his threat to deliberately sabotage this year’s TEKO competition, as a deliberate personal attack not only on the volunteers that run this site, but also all of the readers who come here to enjoy up to date Eurovision news and competitions, many of whom did so long before the individual ever registered.

In light of the threat we are taking few days off to discuss our options about the future running of the site. During that time we will not be entering into correspondence via email either.

ET Admin Team


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417 comments on “Eurovision Times Updates

  1. Sweden in charts:
    11 Sweden
    80 Estonia
    114 Lithuania
    131 Israel
    193 Norway

    • You mean Itunes, not actual charts. And while we are at it, is Poli Genova really no.8 in Laos? What’s up with that??? Does she have cousins there or something?

      • Yes,i mean i-tunes but they’re a strong indication of a song’s popularity much more than online charts.She was #5 in Laos some days ago. :D

        • Laos has 7 million people and being a poor country I guess the Itunes market is not that big. Does she have family in Laos or are there bulgarian expats living there? And more importantly, do the Laotians know something we don’t?

          So weird!

    • Sensible ratings.

      • It’s the most popular esc song in i-tunes atm followed by France.

        • The numbers do not suggest so.

        • Really, you count placings somewhere in the bottom of the norwegian, estonian and lithuanian itunes as popularity? That’s like Melodifestivalen’s back yard. It’s like saying that X greek song is charting in Cyprus, Bulgaria and Albania.

  2. Bulgaria is currently #4 in betting odds above Sweden.
    The OGAE popularity boosted their chances I guess… Current top 4 is similar to OGAEs’. Then there’s Sweden and Malta?
    Italy is being popular in betting agencies right now…

  3. I wonder why Ukraine is not considered among the contenders for victory and the respective list is always shortened down to Russia/France :0

    • Maybe because it’s too dark and folk to win?For the sake of the contest i hope Jamala will win.I can’t see a reason why the juries wouldn’t support her massively.However they rarely have the best song in first place.

      • I agree. I have lost my faith in juries long time ago.

      • Do you really think the EBU really want Ukraine to host the contest next year? You have to factor that in, especially when it comes to the juries.

        I think the plan last year was obviously Sweden followed by Russia. The blooming love-fest was obvious. Mans was the groom, Polina was the beautiful bride and Guy from Australia was the best man. You can’t let the boyband version of the Three Tenors ruin true love.

        Even the stage design this year looks tailor-made for Sergey’s performance. If they weren’t willing to risk the grand, international MTV kind of spectacle they have in mind with RAI, I very much doubt they would want to risk it with a country at war.

        • Unfortunately you are right and we are heading to Russia :(

          • Well, not everything might go according to plan and they do have back-up arrangements. I think a french victory is one they could contemplate. An ukrainian victory on the other hand apart from all the logistical difficulties, would also get the russians mightily peeved. And the russians are not like the turks who left because the contest did not respect their muslim pieties. They will stay and push their weight. They are stubborn this way.

            • True but have u seen the French performance? It is quite underwhelming to win for now.

            • I am not so sure what various casual appearances in variety TV shows actually reflect. In the last one posted here he obviously has a sore throat. Let’s not forget how underwhelming Sergey’s last TV live performance (in serbian television) was. They even lowered the key for him to sing. And will Sergey be using the same ballet he is using throughout the pre-season? I guess not because if he does he shouldn’t even be considered a favourite. And yet I know that this is the kind of old tricks that Fokas usually pulls off his hat. Can he do anything that looks more modern?

              It seems to me that the french have really studied their homework and come across with a very sophisticated project. The song was meticulously chosen and so was the performer and his profile. The public relations effort worked excellently and this is the kind of thing that needs long and detailed planning – unlike the russians whose only strategy is to overwhelm the competition, throwing in their Battleship Potemkin with all guns a-blazing. Will the french mess it up in the actual performance when it’s clear they have put up a lot of hard work and sophistication so far? We’ll have to wait and see.

        • wow..I have seen many conspiracy theories around here but this one has to compete for an Oscar seriously. Admirable imagination though I have to admit :)

          • Poli Genova is planning her Eurovision takeover as we speak in a temple in Laos. She will hypnotize the audience with subliminal buddhist chants when she suddenly levitates after singing the entire song in the lotus position. It will be the first of seven bulgarian eurovision victories before the contest becomes an inter-planetary event. That will be the first step towards the eventual alien takeover and enslavement of humanity.

            But you didn’t hear it from me!

          • I wonder does the place in reference group come with white cat and obligatory shaving of head.

        • Ugh…we already had had enough…

        • It is something that could definitely play a role but the hopeless romantic in me chooses to believe it could happen. :(

        • Hey, could you tell me in detail how EBU prevented Italy’s victory. Sounds a bit like a Greek affair to me, if you don’t mind me saying so.

    • Ha ha ha. Talk about overtrying!

      I wonder if Poli Genova will bring buddist monks on stage? Or will that be banned as religious reference?

  4. What’s with Bulgaria’s surge today at the betting odds ? I mean..4th favourite to win really ?!

    I can see Poli qualifying but little more personally..

  5. I just saw the Laos chart position-thats brilliant! ha ha! Maybe San Marino will have a big hit in Bolivia..

    • There is an ancient buddhist saying that the song that becomes a hit in Laos wins the contest in the end. Prepare your suitcases for Sofia!

  6. I hope that we’ll get new articles soon. :)

  7. “I have access to thousands of different IP adresses, for a reminder see proxy. org and as you say you can’t monitor 24/7 so I shall be posting using them” – HM… I think WordPress tool which doesn’t let newcomers to post is quite useful for such cases .

  8. On another note, I have to admit I am really warming up to the studio version of “Cool me down” – such a pity the known live renditions made it unbearable. It is a very good contemporary song.

  9. Eurovision received tonight the Charlemagne medal for promoting European unity.


  10. Tickets for Eesti Laul 2017 go on sale on May 5.lol!

    • This is the list of flags not allowed according to EBU:

    • Can they still wave rainbow flags in a non-political manner? lol
      The EBU sure doesn’t want to displease Putin this year.. Or maybe they are just trying to make the contest more appealing to the extreme right-wing.

    • It is good that the swedes actually have a flag policy. The austrians completely relaxed the policy last year and the result was that someone with a huge italian flag on a stick was obscuring every medium-range camera shot of the scene. The producers also conspicuously featured rainbow flags during Russia’s semi-final performance in an explicitly political manner.

      Rainbow flags are not banned and neither are EU flags. But featuring EU flags e.g. during the british performance so close to the referendum would be obviously inappropriate. And using rainbow flags during the russian performance just to send a political message is also inappropriate.

      • I hope people hold up the biggest rainbow flags during russia’s pretentiously camp performance. And in case they win, I hope fans bring their biggest rainbow banners to Putin’s land next year.

      • How come waving EU flags during UK’s performance is inappropriate? EU flags can already be seen around the country…and LGBT flags are not inappropriate either.

      • How come it’s inappropriate to wave rainbow flags duing the Russian performance?You mean we should respect their homophobic laws?Plus,the Russian entry is the most suitable one to wave the rainbow flag.

      • If EU flags during the British entry are inappropriate because they politically refer to the ‘remain’ campaign, then union jacks would also be inappropriate because they are symbolize the Brexit campaign… which obviously isn’t the case in ESC.
        Personally I don’t see the problem with either EU or rainbow flags – none of them send an extreme and/or inappropriate political message. And if you think about it, almost any flag is political in some way…

    • That is not true!!!

    • Great, 10 days before the esc week even begins. This travesty has to end soon. Jurors names must be published aftert he final the earliest.

      • Greece is the only country which hasn’t chosen its NF juries it seems and WTF with the Spanish juries!Most of them are talentless irrelevant acts singing trash songs. :mad:
        Electric Nana chairperson female 29 Journalist / Song-writer / Artist
        Spain Jesús Segovia Pérez Xuso Jones member male 26 Musician / Composer / Artist / Producer
        Spain Salvador Beltrán Picón Salvador Beltrán member male 23 Song-writer / Artist
        Spain Coral Segovia-Noguera Coral Segovia member female 45 Singer
        Spain Maverick López Sánchez Maverick member male 20 Singer

    • I see Spain has chosen Spanish NF wannabees/failures just so they can say they actually participated….sigh! most of whom will have some kind of Swedish connection too…3 housewives from Andalucia and a taxi driver from Galicia would probably have better judgement!!

    • Where’s Greece?

  11. Anyway, if I get over the travesty, known names on the juries thus far : Sankil Jones (Austria), Teo (Belarus), Axel Hirsoux (Belgium), Stoyan Yankoulov (Bulgaria), Basim (Denmark), Anja Veterova (FYR Macedonia JESC 2010 – 16 years old – youngest jury member), Kati Wolf (Hungary), Molly Sterling (Ireland), Lidia Scarlat (Moldova – sister of Cristina Scarlat and backing vocalist in 2014), Andrear Demirovic (Montenegro), Monika Kyszynska (Poland), Bojana Stamenov (Serbia), Marjetka Vovk (Slovenia), Wiktoria and Anton Ewald (Sweden) and I think every person on the spanish jury has competed in spanish nfs.

    Oldest jury on average : Czech Republic definately. Youngest member is 45..Everyone is kind of balanced on first glance.

    • Oh Vladimir Graic (Serbia) as well – composer of Serbia 07, Slovenia 12, Serbia 15.

    • And Kejsi Tola (Albania). Gosh I thought I had looked through it haha

    • Armenia-Hayko.On Wictoria she has already expressed her likes and dislikes as a member of the preview shows in Sweden so it’s not right to put her on the NF jury panel as well.

      • Australia-Craig Portails has worked with Dimitris Kontopoulos on some songs and is the co-lyricist of Greece 09 so i expect lot of love for the Russian entry…

      • Well it doesn’t mean she will vote with her personal liking as a criterion. Plus they will get to see one of the big rehearsals and make judgements based on that as well (live vocals etc) so she can change her views.

        Anyway, imo it doesn’t matter. This should be a conversation to have after the contest as then would be the time to publish those names. I think they’ ve been published earlier than every year this time. What’s the rationale behind that decision ?! Makes ZERO sense !

        • Τhe rationale is corruption and that is also the rationale of having them rank all the songs instead of just giving their top-10 (which effectively means giving them veto power). Incidentally the first year where the names were published in full beforehand was last year and we all know what happened.

          But if anyone points out the most obvious thing, you are accusing them of conspiracy theories.

          • What happened last year ? A disagreement between jury vote and televote. Statistically very likely to happen. Same thing happened in 2011, but the televoting choice prevailed then. Of course everything beyond that is a conspiracy theory.

            Juries ranked the songs and so did televoting – a return to the previous system is much needed imo – it will restore the balance lost under the new system.

        • Using someone who has already ranked the songs on national television as a jury member is highly problematic.

          • Well I will disagree vastly. The highly problematic here is exposing these people to the dangers such a strong position may have in the esc universe 10 days before the actual event, not Wiktoria appearing on the swedish pre-show.

            • The only danger they may face is being approached by managers etc in order to check if they’re corruptible.

            • I wouldn’t be surprised if certain broadcasters and teams employed threats etc. Again, I would feel really uncomfortable as a juror to have my name known that early. Jurors must be protected to do their job the best way possible and with this move EBU does not protect them, it throws them to the hounds (either this is ambitious broadcasters or whining esc fans questioning their credibility – as it happens already unfortunately).

              Jurors must be kept in secrecy until after the final (and even then imo there is zero reason to know their names).

            • Of course there’s a reason we should know their names in order to know what to expect from them.The whole lethal danger the juries’ face theory is in your head,imo.I haven’t heard any of them complaining and they didn’t even have problems when they killed the overwhelming televoting winner last year.The only problem is the one i mentioned before.

            • Why should we know what to “expect” from them ? It makes little sense to me. EBU should allow them, without the extra pressure of having their names known and exposed to all the criticism, bashing and devaluation of their credentials along with the potential pressure from ambitious broadcasters to do their job in peace and then their names can be published.

              Of course they shouldn’t have problems for simply ranking the sacred cow the televoting winner is as they judged they should rank it – that doesn’t mean this approach and this kind of action is good or should be continued. It damages the contest and the juries themselves.

              The problem is one : too much pressure and scrutiny on the juries and a free roaming televoting. No balance, no fairness between the two voting system.

              The solution imo is simple : return to the 2015 system, jurors names revealed after the final and introduction of televoting DQ criteria. Then we will have a truly balanced 50-50 contest imo.

            • Last year their names were revealed days before as well.The jury names should be available in order to keep some transparency standards.I would have liked them to be revealed on Friday night before the esc final.That’s my only objection.

            • Transparency standards are kept perfectly if the jurors names are revealed after the contest along with the full results.

              Also since transparency standards are so big around here, I want to see people asking EBU to release every year the FULL televoting figures. How many votes did russia receive from armenia for example in total ? We have to see how bad the partisan voting is – we have that right. This would be a great move towards transparency in esc.

      • I love Hayko..I hope he doesn’t do something provacative like Sirusho did while reading points

    • so… the French jury is the best? It has 5 professionals, only two singers, neither did esc before nor a NF, the three others are a songwriter, a music journalist and a radio producer! I’m shocked and surprised at how balanced our jury is…

  12. In the next episode of “wtf ebu”:


    After it was announced that TVR can’t broadcast ESC because of debt, a commercial tv station – ProTV – offered to buy the broadcast rights for this year’s edition. Now, I guess this was a long shot since ProTV is not an EBU member, however what EBU replied is that ‘no tv channel in Romania can broadcast Eurovision’ because Romania is not participating. But the thing is, wasn’t it announced just a few days ago that China will broadcast it?? And last time I checked they weren’t participating? Damn this is confusing.
    And I have nothing against China, I actually think it could be interesting to see them participate, but I don’t understand why broadcasters from outside Europe who aren’t EBU members get preferential treatment over European broadcasters…

    • Is ProTV an associated EBU broadcaster ? Because Hunan TV that will broadcast the contest in China is.

      • To be fair, I have no idea whether there is a connection between ProTV and EBU. The point I was making is that the ultimate reason cited by EBU was not EBU membership (or lack thereof), but the fact that none of the Romanian broadcasters (they weren’t only referring to ProTV here) can broadcast it because Romania doesn’t have an entry participating.

        • I doubt this is the reason personally, it must have been a miscommunication. Any associated or member broadcaster can ask to broadcast the event (TVR being the exception due to their suspended membership privileges).

      • I receive ProTV as part of my internet server account (Orange) as part of a package which includes that channel (due to the fact there are many Rumanians in Spain), and production standards are dire, me and my husband sometimes watch it for a laugh and to see what we understand..

        • True, most of their programs are crap, but that’s beside the point.

          On this topic I would say that out of all the mainstream Romanian tv channels, the only ones that are remotely watchable are those owned by TVR. But then again I’m not really much of a TV person.

          • I can only give my opinion on ProTV which here in Spain, is via our TV package, according to number of TV viewers, we see same TV package stuff from UK, China, Germany (via Mallorca), so if production values are even worse than TVR then it’s very bad, at least my husband liked one awful programme there Rumanian local singers, singing in regional dress singing Romanian ethnic songs, will try and find out the name of that programme !!

  13. Most of the names i know are people i don’t like as artists and i don’t trust the music criteria they’be using while juding the songs!

    • I am very content with the jury members I know. They represent artists I trust mostly in a range of genres (from Stoyan to Basim and from Molly Sterling to Marjetka there is a good range of people). What I continue not trusting ? Televoting – especially the free-roaming televoting kind we have now :(

    • you are right about Spain, even the media here has started to comment that “algo huele mal en el mundo de Eurovisión” = something smells fishy in the world of Eurovision, I mean Coral? Xuso Jones? it is being compared somehow to FIFA/UEFA scandals…as a journalist myself maybe it’s a knee-jerk reaction as they say but I don’t feel those jurors actually represent my country to decide on songs at ESC :-(

      • I don’t think they do either.Xuso Jones,Coral Segovia and Maverick will be voting for all the shiny plastic available.

        • Sweden, Russia and Azerbaijan would be my guess, unless they gave an “anti-vote” to help out Barei, eg UK, Germany and a random qualifier to final, though I doubt it as apparently they all hate her guts!! :-(

          • Sweden isn’t the shiny plastic i had in mind tbh.It’s a very clean pop song.Australia,Russia,Malta,Norway and Azerbaijan are more likely recipients of the Spanish pts,imo.

            • was thinking more of the Spanish-Swedish ongoing connection in recent years, yes those you mentioned above also, as there is “un mal rollo” =bad feeling between Barei and rest of Spanish NF singers I guess they would vote any which way to stop her ESC success!! god, what has ESC come to?!!

        • Coral is a great artist imo and will judge songs very objectively. But these comments here are exactly part of the reason this should not happen before the final.

          I feel we are headed on a very divisive esc era where the televoting fans (like the majority here) will completely discredit the jury vote when they do not like it – and that will force us, the jury fans to do the same with the disgrace esc televoting is. I hope I am proven wrong.

          • I strongly dislike your black and white approach on things.There isn’t any homogenous team of fans of televoting here.Most of us have our objections with both systems.As for myself,i don’t have a problem with juries per se but with the fact they’re usually comprised of failed esc artists,there are conficted interests(see Craig Porteils,Wictoria)etc.I want EBU and the national broadcasters to use better and more music-related criteria while choosing them.

            • Oh come everyone here is praising televoting as the next best thing after fried toast. It’s the poor juries and their members who always pay the price for all the ills that hit the contest. Nobody apart from hasn’t raised a single objection when it comes to televoting – it’s very clear which voting system everyone prefers here.

              What is a “failed esc artist” ? An artist who competed in an nf and did not make it ? They are still singers and fulfill the jury membership criteria, a loss in an nf does not discredit them as artists.

              Personally I do not see any conflicted interests either. Working with someone sometimes in your career does not mean you will vote for their entry – neither a presence in a pre-esc panel disqualifies you – especially given that the juries judge solely on the performance they witness in the very important jury rehearsal. A song may qualify as good for one juror but the performance may force them to drop it down in their rankings.

            • I so agree 100% if jury system was supposed to balance televoting why have juries related to the music industry related to Eurovision/writers/previous songs?, and Guitar, you are a bit naive here, Coral is a great artist? she has failed in all her attempts to represent Spain, and she is absoutely unknown here in Spain apart from within ESC fan circles, even that awful Rebecca from Spain , from previous years has advertised tyres on a Spanish commercial and lasted 2 weeks on a Spanish reality show on a Carribean island. :-(

          • I detest Televoting, always have.

  14. I don’t know the Cypriot jurors but I like the diversity. 3 musicians, one journalist and one DJ/Music producer. That’s a great a balance of a professional jury.

  15. Top 10 2016 preview videos on the official channel in terms of views :

    Mostly what you would expect (for various reasons) – but the UK having many views surprises me.

    • Oh and of course lol at Poland. Dare I say that the polish and spanish fans tend to be the most..optimistic and passionate every year ?

  16. And the official video of Moldova :

    Those first seconds..priceless :P Especially for a physicist haha :)

  17. I can now see Greece easily doing a bottom 3 with the juries :D

  18. Rehearsals are looming and there are no updates about TEKO. Better scrap the whole thing…

  19. I will watch the rehearsals on esckaz because they put the videos on YouTube first :)
    Will Eurovision.tv provide rehearsal videos like they did before?

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