UK: Graham Norton will Raise a Glass to Terry Wogan in Song 9

Graham NortonUnited Kingdom – The UK’s commentator, Graham Norton, has said that he will be raising a glass to former commentator, Terry Wogan, in song 9 of this year’s contest. Wogan, who sadly passed away this year, always warned Norton not to start drinking until song 9. 

Norton says,

“During song number nine this year the host country Sweden will be performing and I will be encouraging everyone to raise a glass. It has all worked out very nicely as Swedish people in the arena will be cheering their song in the stadium as everyone back in the UK will join me and say cheers to the memory and legacy of Sir Terry Wogan.”

Norton also gives his views on the UK entry , Belarus’ plans for nakedness and Wolves and the new voting system.

You can read the whole interview here.

Source: BBC

81 comments on “UK: Graham Norton will Raise a Glass to Terry Wogan in Song 9

  1. Now what’s that, an indirect answer to Bjorkman ? Ugh..

  2. I start drinking way before song 9. LOL Anyway, I’ll raise mine as well out of respect for the deceased.

  3. The biggest wine cellars in the wold can be found in Moldova: Mileștii Mici. <3

  4. Sigh come in from a nice afternoon out and see Guitar throwing nasty comments around at people “You can raise some sparkling sewage water for your friend here”
    Some things sadly never change.

    Back to the story, I don’t usually drink, but I think I will during Song 9 this time. Terry was a legend and was one of the things that drew me to the contest and while I don’t like norton, I think this is an excellent way to commemorate and honour such a great man! <3

  5. Always a nice gesture to honour the dead. Even though wine is bad for your liver and tastes better as original grapes.

    • You should live in the UK, the pros and cons of wine change on a weekly basis, this week it causes cancer, next week it protects against it, the week after that its a strong anti oxidant, then the week after that it causes brain damage.

      • And you may go to rural Med where people drink it often but still they are in full swing! Not mention they hardly get drunk. Media will tell you all shit possible if their aim is to sell.

      • Well, the prophets of doom have found risks of cancer in every possible thing than can be eaten or drinken, haven’t they? But that alcohol damages your liver is quite basic knowledge, isn’t it? Just as smoking is bad for your lungs, sugar is bad for your teeth and junk food will make you fat. That of course doesn’t mean you have to abstain from everything, or that you will necessarily live a longer live just by staying away from them. Just look at Fidel Castro, hasn’t done anything but smoking in his life, and he is 90 years old.

    • It is isn’t necessarily bad unless you drink it is an alcoholic.

  6. I will raise a toast too :-)

    I have always had mixed feelings about Terry Wogan. On one hand he had a nasty tendency of treating the contest as a joke and looking down at other countries’ songs. On the other hand he could also be very funny, and there was often an ironic twist to what he said – which saved it from being really offensive.

  7. Traditionally, people here in Ba-Wü have a Schorle (half wine, half water) for lunch and 2 glasses of wine for/after dinner but that’s another tradition that has been killed by capitalist globalization. Nowadays people look shocked if someone orders a Schorle vor lunch. Well, I am not much of a lunch guy to begin with. An apple is fine for me. :)

  8. I normally don’t drink alcohol for dinner, except if it’s a family dinner or a party, and especially not for lunch. It just makes me sleepy.

    But I often use alcoholic drinks in my cooking, f.e. dark beer or red wine. I can’t imagine a Bolognese sugo without red wine.

  9. I prefer white wine to red
    I drink Rakı If I am eating fish/meze
    My all time favorite drink is “Smirnoff Ice”❤️

  10. Red wine gets my vote :)

    Then ouzo/tsipouro/raki :)

  11. LOL!This thread has obviously didn’t turn to be Alcohol Free….

  12. No wine for me tonight. My flight is early tomorrow morning …

    • OGAE Ireland:
      12 points go to… Australia
      10 points go to… France
      8 points go to… Russia
      7 points go to… Bulgaria
      6 points go to… Italy
      5 points go to… Latvia
      4 points go to… Austria
      3 points go to… Azerbaijan
      2 points go to… Iceland
      1 point goes to… Spain

  13. Special congratulations to the official eurovision youtube channel for reaching 1 million subscribers moments ago :-) May it grow to 10 mil and more :-)

  14. Off topic : One of the singles from Douwe Bob’s latest album was literally called “Can’t Slow Down” lol ! :

  15. Globen sinking 3.5 cm after stage and equipment have been installed!lol!

  16. Greta shared this heartwarming story on her timeline: <3
    I want to share something special with all of you today. Two weeks ago I was in Amsterdam where I performed my song "Hear them calling." After the concert a girl came up to me and started crying. I took her aside and we talked for a bit and after a few minutes we both stood there crying. Her sincerity really touched me. She later wrote to me and in her own words said this: "I have been bullied almost my whole life and it started when I was still in preschool. In highschool people said nasty things to me and spread rumours about me. It really hurt me. I´m scared to trust people and I constantly hear negative voices in my head telling me I´m worthless. This is why "Hear them calling" means so much to me, because I see myself in the song and it gives me hope. When I listen to it I feel like I´m not alone. At the concert the song really hit me and that´s why I cried. I really hope the song can help more people and show them they are not alone. When I met Greta Salóme after the concert it was as if all these emotions came bursting through and this song and the words just mean so much to me. I know that if I listen to the positive voices everything will be allright." This beautiful girl gave me her permission for publishing this. To me this is the essence of the song. So many people have been asking what my strategy is. It´s really simple. I have no strategy! I have hope! Hope that my music will touch and help at least one person like it did in Amsterdam. Then I will feel like a winner regardless of scores or votes. People are constantly asking what the voices mean and who really is calling me. It´s open for interpretation. Negative voices are everywhere in today´s society and they can push you around (just like the shadows in the act). But if we focus on the positive voices they will guide you home or wherever you need to go. Let´s be positive voices to others and use our words to encourage one another. Life is simply better that way!!!

  17. The official cd is out and lol at this gift package!It’s mailed directly to Shevek in Lisbon:

  18. The stage in action:

  19. Cartoon and Juri Pootsman have actually colaborated very recently on a song :

    Sounds nothing like the Juri I am used to haha :P

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