TEKO 2016: Vote in the 7th Duel Now!

TEKO 2016 smTHE Eurovision KnockOut 2016 – It’s time to vote in the seventh of this year’s duels in this year’s TEKO competition. Today you can vote for France or The Netherlands, only one of whom will go through to the quarter-finals! Vote online here now…  


Please listen to the two competing entries (click on the flag):

France France – Amir‘J’ai cherché

Netherlands The Netherlands – Douwe Bob – ‘Slow down

The Voting:

As you have now listened to both songs, let’s go on with the voting. Please vote for your personal favourite out of the two songs.

Europe… start voting now! (and visitors from the rest of the world of course!)

Unlike other polls on this website you will not see the current standings of the voting! The qualifiers of the duels will be revealed on this blog soon, so stay tuned!

*The voting periods for the duels might vary and you might be able to vote for several duels at a time.

24 comments on “TEKO 2016: Vote in the 7th Duel Now!

  1. That’s an easy one 🤗

  2. Love Douwe but..I have to go with the potential winner here. France !

  3. My #10 vs my #5. The Netherlands get my vote. Sorry, dear Amir :P

  4. France for sure ! Although i really like the Netherlands! 😊

  5. France who I truly believe will win on May 14th

  6. I don’t mind French victory in May taking into account my detest towards the Russian entry but after couple of listening French song annoyed me biggest time while Douwe is climbing to the top of list :) I love country music :) The Netherlands!!!

  7. 13th vs 14th place on my list. *throws dices*

  8. I love country music but Dutch song does nothing to me …France has a catchy,radio friendly tune and Amir is so down to earth that I think I have to vote for France…Just watched Amir’s message to Turkish fans and he melted my heart❤️

    I can see one song that is light years ahead from the rest of the songs and that’s Ukraine…I hope she wins but if people prefer radio friendly tune again then I really want France to win 😊

  9. France will win this one easily, so I went for the Netherlands :)

  10. France is my #3 so far, while Holland is my #17. So there is no competition here, go Amir!

  11. Never thought I’d say this but…

    Vive La France!

  12. Vive les Pays-Bas! :)

  13. My #1 vs my 21st, a no-brainer for me! Go France! :D

  14. My vote went to France.

  15. Voted for France, I like the Netherlands too.

  16. I believe both songs are ok but not exceptional in their genre. Artist-wise I prefer Amir. He comes across as a more genuine and likeable character depite being a weaker vocalist compared to the Dutch representative.
    Song-wise both entries try to recreate something already done before but my vote goes to Netherlands for doing it slightly better and in a less calculative manner.

    • In what way does France sound calculated in your opinion?

      • a)chorus in English
        b)the whole “you -ooh – ooh” formula which comes one year too soon after “Heroes” won with it in 2015

        • But the song was written in late 2014 with no plan to make it a eurovision entry.It was supposed to be the first single of his album.

          • And it was decided to be used as an esc entry AFTER Sweden with the same formula won. EXACTLY!

            • That’s only your own conspiracy theory. :P

            • I see you protect Amir… :P

            • lol!I don’t think he needs my protection.I just don’t feel like they’re trying to cash in on Mans’ success.Plus,the song and his performances till now don’t remind me of Mans and Heroes in the slightest.

  17. My vote goes to the Netherlands which is closer to my personal taste. It is by no means a masterpiece, but it is god damn well produced. Wonderfully laid back.

    As for France, it’s a charming and catchy song, but I have found myself getting a little bit tired of it. Perhaps because the melody is somewhat monotonous.

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