TEKO 2016: Results of Duel 5!

TEKO 2016 smTHE Eurovision Knockout 2016 – The votes have been counted in Duel 5! We have a winner in this heat which saw Germany and Greece go head to head for a chance to go through to the quarter-finals. Check out who won now…  

Results of Duel 5:

Germany 30%
Greece 70%

So it’s Greece’s Argo singing ‘Utopian land‘ through to the quarter-finals!

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119 comments on “TEKO 2016: Results of Duel 5!

  1. Lukewarm reactions on Lithuania as well!

  2. The Greek jury considered Australia a possible winner in May,..

  3. Lol!Bulgaria is so CATCHY.I’m dancing while watching the video. :D

  4. Sofia Vossou is undoubtedly a fine singer, that’s why some of her judgements sadden me.
    Mariela is very likable both as a person and as an actor.
    I couldn’t care less about Elina and Bekke.

  5. They loved Denmark.Oh God!Get lost!

  6. The Greek panel’s parody keeps going on.
    They loved Denmark this time :\
    And now some promotion to Serhat :)

  7. Goosebumps by Jamala’s performance for everyone in the studio.The best feedback.

  8. They loved Ukraine <3
    Winner alert imo !

  9. Greece 95 now on by Elina. Never managed to warm up to this one, the lyrics of which I find at the verge of being nationalistic.

  10. Getting ready now…

  11. I threatened all 4 members of jury earlier tonight, thus the positive feedback for Georgia :P

  12. Georgia polarized the studio. INFE members didn’t like it, however jury was supportive

    • Some of those INFE Greece guys are super annoying.One of them said earlier that he didn’t like Romania but since this is esc,it’s nice.Meaning that eurovision is a garbage bin?

  13. Big lol. They skipped belgium.

  14. They unanimously loved Italy (both jury panel and INFE members)

  15. How much time till we have this kind of performance presented in eurovision?

    • Omg watched it the other day and loved every second of it. Modern, interpretive dance is my favourite and this brings it on a totally new level :-)

  16. Speaking of cats, some former residents in my sister’s collective had a cat which was named after a chain of stores selling electric products.

  17. I’ve just read the Interview PrinzBlog did with Jamie-Lee. No ESC promo to date, doesn’t watch Eurovision normally, gets nervous, worried about getting nil points. I think it is all going to be totally overwhelming for her. People who do it just to promote their career and an album, and don’t do it because they love the contest as well won’t get much out of it imo.


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