Romania: TVR Releases Information, TV Discussion Arranged for Tomorrow

romaniaRomania – As the shock of Romania’s expulsion from this year’s Eurovision Song Contest continues to reverberate, Romanian broadcaster, TVR, has issued a statement on the situation, and will broadcast a TV show discussing it tomorrow. 

On April 22nd, TVR held a meeting with the the Ministry of Finance, and were represented by Irina Radu, George and Monica Orbean Ghiurco, members of the Board of Directors, Cristian Zgabercea, General Producer and Ioana Silea, Chief Financial Service.

The discussions focused primarily on the situation generated by Romania’s exclusion from Eurovision, TVR among EBU members, and the general situation of public television.

Following the meeting, it was concluded that, at this time, because of the legal framework in place, the Ministry of Finance believes that the Government cannot be involved in the financial support of TVR.


TVR states in its comments that since 2010, it has regularly raised the issue about outdated legislation, which has led to chronic under-funding of public television, and the law needs to be changed.

More details have been revealed by TVR about the debts. In 2012, TVR signed, together with the Romanian Government, a Memorandum, whereby the Romanian Television has taken a series of measures, including payment to the EBU of instalments. During 2005 – 2010 they paid the EBU 12.4 million euros. In the period from 2011 to 2016 it was almost double at 20.5 million euros.

The total amount invoiced by the EBU during 2005 – 2016 was nearly 50 million, of which TVR has paid 32.8 million euros. To this amount, TVR was required by law also to pay VAT to the Romanian state budget amounting to 11 million euro.

TVR repeatedly raised the issue of funding issues and on 23rd February 2016 a meeting was held by the Parliament, attended by the presidents of the two chambers, Romanian Prime Minister Finance and members of specialised committees – MPs – along with representatives of TVR.

No solution was found.

TVR states that it cannot continue to fulfil its public mission, operating according to the law and the Constitution of Romania.

Tomorrow, Sunday April 24, starting at 21.10 local time, Juliana Marciuc, the producer of Selecţiei Naţionale, and Ovidiu Anton, along with their guests, will discuss the situation arising from the expulsion of Romania from this year’s  Eurovision Song Contest.

Source: TVR


11 comments on “Romania: TVR Releases Information, TV Discussion Arranged for Tomorrow

  1. What a sham. So the government gives TVR tax money, and then taxes TVR on VAT to get 20pc of it back???

    Sadly it seems like TVR will go bust and we could see Romania absent for a long time :(

    A 15 million hole in the EBU finances is probably going to open the door to China too

  2. That may all be very well, but Ovidiu is not the one to blame. Let him go and then do whatever needs to be done.

  3. EBU has been answering fans questions on the matter.One answer indicates that the decision was taken by Members on Exec. Board on behalf of 72 other Members.They’re at risk if debt’s unrecovered.You do realise that smaller broadcasters around Europe will be in big trouble if TVR declares insolvency and the other EBU members lose 15 million euros.

  4. Ovi is considering legal action and says he will not enter Eurovision again :(

  5. I feel so sorry for the singer, but I don’t really know who to blame at this situation.

  6. Not a fan of the song but this is totally unfair on the singer. He should have been allowed to sing then telling Romania that they could no longer take part. The EBU must have known long ago they would not get the money owed but they allowed the country to pick the song and singer and carry on. This time last year the EBU knew Romania owed a lot of money but still let them enter. The EBU should have told Romania when they registered to take part in ESC 2016 that they could not take part, they knew they were not going to get the money.

  7. I just cannot understand how can a government allow its state broadcaster to reach such a disgraceful state. Its irresponsible, unethical and really projects a bad image and damages the country’s reputation.

    I feel so sorry for Ovidiu, the only actual victim in this story. He should sue TVR and the government.

  8. Some of you forget that Romania actually paid the fee for entering this year. That’s not the problem. The case is the member fee as a EBU-member for years. EBU is much more then the contest itself.

  9. Exactly, it seems wrong they are banned from competing after paying the fee to compete. I’m no lawyer but surely there is a legal challenge in there somewhere. Even if someone owes you money, you are not entitled to steal it. Taking the participation fee and not letting them participate surely can’t be allowed. It’s stealing.

  10. Lets have North Korea in Eurovision-They would pat the money also..

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