Italy: Francesca Michelin Meets the Pope

italy flag 150Italy – A thrilled Francesca Michelin has posted a selfie on her Facebook page of her meeting Pope Francis. She will represent Italy in the grand final singing ‘No degree of separation‘ on the 14th May as one of the Big 5 finalists.Francesca wrote that it will be a day she always remembers. Is this the first papal blessing of Eurovision?

francesca italy pope


9 comments on “Italy: Francesca Michelin Meets the Pope

  1. Betting agencies beware. She has divine intervention on her side :)

  2. Papal blessing!!! As if that will help her…

  3. Sadly for Francesca, God is a family man and is supporting his son Sergey!!!

  4. Nessun grado di separazione between them. :) I hope Pope Francis watches the show.

  5. I wouldn’t encourage the Pope to watch Eurovision. It is way too much excitements for someone with just one lung.

  6. Yuck. And to think I started to like her as a person (her song remains stale, dull and dated and she a pretty weak performer).

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