Israel: Hovi Star Tells of Russian Passport Control Incident

Hovi Star smIsrael – This year’s Israeli representative Hovi Star, has tonight been speaking on Maltese TV show Xarabank about nearly being banned from entering Russia as part of the Eurovision Promo tour. Hovi said,

“In Moscow people have a rough time with people like me, maybe because I’m Gay … When I wanted to get into Moscow I had trouble with the passport control.”

Check out the video of the interview here.

Hovi Star was in Malta for the Maltese Party which was held tonight.

10 comments on “Israel: Hovi Star Tells of Russian Passport Control Incident

  1. That’s really frustrating to hear him say he had to go through such a horrible,degrading experience at the Moscow airport! :mad:
    But he’s such a great guy choosing to respond like that.

  2. I dont think I need to say much here do I ? Again : such a great idea to host esc there. That’s just a preview.


  3. As I have said several times before: recent developments in some parts of Europe are really scary.
    GOOO Hovi! GOOO Malta!

  4. I really think that the Russian side should investigate this announcement using cams in the airport! If these claims are true those bastards should be fired! Also according to the low the passport of the citizen is the property of the country and if Airport workers have made not appropriate actions with it Hovi should involve the Israel s embassy in the investigation! I really hope this is not from the serries where “homophob Putin” is used as a PR tool !
    As Caucasian looking I have had own experience of not appropriate behaviour of pass-control workers in Moscow airport but it was years ago after terroristic attacks in Russia committed by Caucasians! So I remember that case with understanding!

  5. I hope that passport control has a gay son😊 Then he will hopefully understand how bad being homophobic is!

  6. I liked him more through this interview. Still both his song and fashion style are not my cup of tea I’m afraid :P

  7. It seems that Barei was the first one to talk about the airport incident.Quoting wiwiblogs: The Spanish singer said she felt so embarrassed when the guards at the passport control began laughing at Hovi because he was wearing makeup.
    “They laughed at him and they left his passport invalid, and then they didn’t even look at any of the passports from the others”, Barei commented. She was even prepared to make a scene.
    Following this situation, Barei said that if she was gay, she wouldn’t vote for Russia at Eurovision.

  8. I hadn’t read this article yet. This is a really bad omen of things to come. Next year, the Russian government will just pretend that there is no bigotry in Russia and then things will go back to the way they were before. These guards feel that the ruling power agrees with them and their behaviour will worsen in the coming years, I’m afraid.

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