Eurovision 2016: Latest betting Odds

Eurovision badgesEurovision 2016 – With only a few weeks to go, we’re taking a last look at the betting odds for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest before the rehearsals start. The odds have shortened on the favourite in recent weeks. See who is leading the pack… 

Russia, France, Australia, Sweden and Malta take the top 5 places, with Russia’s odds being at about 2/1. France’s Amir has been closing the gap after good performances in Amsterdam and London and is about 5/2.

betting odds 2016 top

At the other end of the table these are the rank outsiders…

betting odds 2016 bottom

The full table can be found at Oddschecker here.

Do you think the bookies have got it right?


5 comments on “Eurovision 2016: Latest betting Odds

  1. Thunder and Lightning it’s getting exciting!!! :D

    While I expected France to get sympathy votes, I don’t believe it will be enough to push them to the top.

    Together we’ll make it and reach for the stars!
    Sergey you are my only one!
    Sochi 2017 <3

  2. Rusia dont deserve to win , is just a nice sexy boy what can sing a litle , like that we have in the world millions and millions, and the song is really boring and clone from other songs, hope France win

  3. I will once again underline the awkward moment when San Marino is predicted higher than Switzerland which is DEAD LAST!?

  4. I had put a bet on France at 30/1.
    It is now at 2.5/1.
    Also I believe Ukraine is underrated. They will end up top 3!
    Croatia lost momentum and I still believe they will struggle. I am not sure for Czechia. I need to watch her performance in May live!

  5. France will catch up imo and will hopefully be the eventual winner.

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