Romania Will Not be in Stockholm

romaniaRomania – Awful news this morning as the EBU has released a statement saying they will not allow Romania to take part in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. This is due to the failure of TVR to make an instalment payment towards the £10m debt by April 20th. 

Despite the rumours, no-one really believed the EBU would take such drastic action with less than three weeks to go until rehearsals, but today EBU Director General Ingrid Deltenre said:

“It is regrettable that we are forced to take this action. We are disappointed that all our attempts to resolve this matter have received no response from the Romanian government. In recent weeks the EBU has taken note of the Ministry of Finance’s suggestion that TVR may be placed into insolvency proceedings which may in turn lead to a profound restructuring of the broadcaster. The EBU is a not-for-profit association which represents 73 Public Service Broadcasters in 56 countries. The continued indebtedness of TVR jeopardizes the financial stability of the EBU itself.”

The EBU regards the Romanian State as legally obliged to underwrite TVR’s debt which goes back as far as January 2007.

Since 2010 numerous attempts have been made to restructure the debt owed and payment plans agreed that have not been adhered to. The EBU has written to the Romanian government on four separate occasions this year alone and received no reply.

In a final letter to the Finance Minister of Romania Anca Dragu sent on 15 April the EBU requested a down payment of CHF 10 million to be received in the EBU´s bank account by close of business on Wednesday 20 April 2016. The Union also asked to receive an unconditional and irrevocable bank guarantee for the remaining CHF 6 million, supported by a payment plan by the end of the year.

The deadline was extended until Thursday 21 April but no payment was made.

TVR will now no longer be able to participate in the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest and will lose access to other EBU member services including the Eurovision News and Sports News Exchanges, the right to broadcast specific sporting events, legal, technical and research expertise and lobbying services.

Eurovision Times is absolutely gutted for Ovi and his team. He has tried several times to get to ESC and was a larger than life character who would have been a brilliant addition to the show and Eurovision family. We hope Romania come back stronger and Ovi tries again.

Source: EBU

27 comments on “Romania Will Not be in Stockholm

  1. The Romanian GOV is absolutely lamentable…

  2. Not responding to any letters? Just shocking.

    I am so upset for Ovi, he is so awesome.

    Maybe there will be a public backlash in Romania and the Government will suddenly find the money…

  3. I really don’t know what to say…

  4. I’m so sorry for Tehoe too who seemed to be so supportive of his country’s entry this year.

    This is so unfair to Ovi, most of all, too :o

    • Don’t worry about me pal, although I love Ovidiu’s song, my interest in ESC is not high enough anymore for Romania’s forced withdrawal to affect me :P
      I do feel bad for Ovi though and frustrated at the incompetence of the TVR leadership. But then again the fact that TVR is shit (as well as our government) is no news to me. I’m assuming that the only chance for Romania to ever join ESC again is for another Romanian TV station to join the EBU after TVR inevitably becomes bankrupt.

  5. Sad news.I just read it in DW.

  6. In a point of view this is better. Because Romanian song is really bad and because of televoting maybe make it to the final and because of this a good song will stay in semi …

    • Ultra stupid as always ;) That’s Lina we know.

    • As a Romanian it doesn’t really bother me that you don’t like our song – we all have our opinions obviously. What does bother me is that you are celebrating the institutionalized corruption and incompetence that is screwing up not only the TVR, but the country as a whole.

  7. Cypruslina that is a disgusting comment

    It’s fine to not like their entry, but to celebrate their removal, when Ovi has worked so hard to get to Eurovision, is just nasty. You’re usually better than that.

  8. I agree with Hulluna, Governments always have a way of finding the money tree whenever it need be. Romania takes Eurovision seriously, and not to mention this effects their rights to broadcast the olympics and Euro football tournament, there is no way the Romanian government will be able to get by without doing something to fix this.

    I think the EBU are just trying scare the government into action, as it seems like the government hasn’t been listening to the EBU so far.

  9. By all means kick Romania out of 2017 if their debt is that serious, but with literally 9 days until rehearsals start, this is beyond cruel, to Eurovision fans in Romania, fans outside Romania that liked the song, and Ovi and his team. As mentioned above I think Romanian gov will find the money, especially as this effects a lot more than just ESC, Romania are in the Euro 2016 football cup and TVR can’t broadcast that now.

    If this decision does stand though since SVT are hosting, I hope they persuade the EBU to allow something similar to Anna Book at Melodifestivalen, where Ovi at least gets to perform on the Eurovision stage, that is basic decency and kindness.

  10. This is gut wrenching..I nevert expected things to come to that..The romanian government acted very irresponsibly all this time and I am sorry the EBU had to take this kind of action..Unbelievable and unprecedented truly.

    I hope everything works out with TVR in general.

  11. Oh my… :(

  12. There are several countries that didn’t take part over the years because lack of funds. I wonder how those countries feel now they have learned that Romania didn’t pay since 2007.

    • Croatia is not in contest for 2014 and 2015 and this upset me very much. It is unfair for TVR to not pay but enter this is true. But I do not think is good to punish them just before competition.

      This happen for 9 year, and just before contest they decide enough? Romanian fans and Romanian singer are not to blame, but get punishment too, also unfair. Unfair and unfair does not make it to be fair.

      • ”But I do not think is good to punish them just before competition.”

        True but they have been given deadlines which they have missed repeatedly. You can’t postpone debt in perpetuity.

  13. Question: Why EBU ban Romania now ( 25 days before the contest ) ? And if EBU since 2007 allowed Romania to participate without Romania to pay a cent for its participation is not Romania’s fault but EBU fault . I wondering how many countries owed money to EBU … :/

  14. A lot of people are to blame here, but the worst is that they didt pull the plug before Romania picked an entry and a singer who has a big Eurovision dream as we all know.

    As people mentioned, a country like Bosnia to only take one example, did not participate in three editions openly saying each year they wanted to, but did not have the fund and budget for it. So Romania did ot pay but could participate? And now just 10 days before rehearsals begin you decide to pull the rug out of their feet? Awful decision. They should have swallowed their pride to have taken a decade without the money, and then go to Romania after the contest and tell them to straighten their game for 2017 or they’d miss that one (so that no national final would be taken place and no one gets hurt). Now let’s not forget the epidemic corruption in Romania and probably awful government decisions beforehand who are the first responsible for this mess. And as others said as well, let’s no sum up all of Romania with this either.

    Things seem easier from our perspective. Dont they?

  15. Poor Ovi … poor sword dancer … :(

  16. Oh my. These are horrible news :-(

    The ultimate loser must be the people behind the Romanian song, including the singer, and those who supported it. My thoughts go to these people, they are not blame.

    • see my comment on other Romanian thread, so agree, we should think of them here more than who pays what and EBU etc bureaucrats , people’s dreams and futures are involved in this mix..

  17. This is just a little part of the last 26 years of romanian “democracy”… Feel bad for the singer and even for the Romania…

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