Reactions to Romania’s Expulsion

Ovidiu AntonRomania – After the shock announcement this morning that Romania will not be allowed to participate in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, this year’s representative, Ovidiu Anton, has issued a statement on his Facebook page. 

ovidiu anton statement

The EBU’s Director General Ingrid Deltenre has issued a video statement on the matter:

The Eurovision Song Contest Executive Supervisor Jon Ola Sand has also given his reaction, saying they needed to stand strong on the decision…

The Romanian government, which has come under fire from many Romanian fans for allowing the to happen, issued a statement saying it could not find any legal solution to make the payment within the 24 hours it had available, or make any future guarantees.

Several petitions have already been started to keep Ovidiu in the competition e.g. here.

It’s been reported that TVR will hold a meeting with the Romanian Ministry of Finance at 14:00 local time. Let’s see what comes from that meeting…

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178 comments on “Reactions to Romania’s Expulsion

  1. This is really sad and so unfair for Ovidiu, I think he tried around 6 times in a row to represent Romania in Eurovision and now when he finally won the NF he still can’t participate! :(
    The EBU is probably right to dsq us but the problem is the timing as many of you mentioned. Our government really sucks!

  2. Romania will be missed. I’ve always had a soft spot for this Meat Loaf rock opera, and I was curious to see it on stage. But the reason behind their disqualification sounds odd. How have they been allowed to compete year after year to begin with, if they have fees? And why are they stopped now, just a few weeks before?

  3. More positive news: Björkman apologizes for his comments about the UK and Spanish entry. :P


    • I don’t see where the positive news is. Was he fired for his non-professional behaviour? Then no appropriate action was taken. Rules arbitrarily enforced all over the place.

  4. my dear husband of many years, who hates Eurovision, and has suffered with me,many years with ESC parties etc, has even got to the point of no return via ESC, and a Russian win, thus next year we will both give up and with an aternative

  5. Not a fan of the song but this is totally unfair on the singer. He should have been allowed to sing then telling Romania that they could no longer take part. The EBU must have known long ago they would not get the money owed but they allowed the country to pick the song and singer and carry on. This time last year the EBU knew Romania owed a lot of money but still let them enter.

  6. Im not a fan of the song, but this…leaves me speechless seriously, now to make such decision..really unbeliavable.. :/

  7. To all the people saying Romania should be allowed to compete this year and then DQ them for 2017 : Has anyone thought what would happen if Romania WON this year ?

    We as fans know it wouldnt happen but a producer cant make decisions on rankings and betting odds.

  8. The latest: Ministry of Finance refused to be involved and support TVR.No solution was found.

    • Ts ts they are idiots.

    • So what ? TVR will just stop being a member of EBU, close down, what ? They do owe that money to EBU.

      • They basically say that outdated legislation and chronic underfunding of TVR lead to a state in which the broadcaster cannot fulfill its public mission.From 2005 to 2016 TVR paid 32,8 out of 50 million Euros owed to EBU.On Sunday a talk show with the Romanian HoD and Ovidiu will be aired.They’ll discuss the situation created by the exclusion of Romania from esc 2016.

  9. I have finally reached home and will only say two things:

    1. I am very sorry for Ovidiu, his team and all Romanian ESC fans. :(
    2. I am very sad to see some people using this lamentable situation in order to make a political mess and attack each other. I really think that I don’t belong here anymore. There is way too much negative energy.

    • The reference to a so called Swedish/Scandinavian mafia is lamentable as well.

      • I wasn’t taking sides and I won’t. We all know that the EBU is dominated by certain regions in Europe but that lamentable fact has absolutely no connection to the Romanian affair.
        My issue is very simple: I’ve had a very busy day: I got up at 4, flew to Warsaw, flew back to Berlin, had several meetings there and then flew back to Stuttgart very late. After such a day, I come here to relax and not to see silly political arguments and people fighting.

  10. If TVR get back in the EBU they owe Anton the right to represent.

  11. And so Gabriela Guncikova sang a snippet of her song acapella during a Maltese show.It’s at 3:40:

  12. And I’ll add one more thing: The timing is very, very unfortunate. They should have told TVR before the Romanian NF was held. Now poor and innocent Ovidiu has to suffer because several people and institutions did not do their jobs properly.

  13. EBU have made some further comments in response to tweets.

    We did all we could to avoid this situation by trying to resolve debt with Romanian government No response has been forthcoming.

    We are disappointed for Ovi but we did all we could to avoid this. We received no response from government in last 4 months

    We gave government months to respond to debt to avoid this. With insolvency of TVR threatened we had to act now.

    We have agreed a number of debt repayment plans with @_TVR since 2010 and none were adhered to

    The threat of @_TVR’s insolvency led the Executive Board – made up of other Members – to take this action now

    Threat of insolvency meant the Exec.Board decided to act after giving Rom. Gov 4 chances to deal with debt over past months Because if insolvency is declared before ESC’16 EBU Members risk being unable to recover all of their debt

    The EBU provides many more services than just @Eurovision. We wanted to give maximum time possible to resolve debt issue

    Decision taken by Members on Exec. Board on behalf of 72 other Members They’re at risk if debt’s unrecovered. We wanted to give maximum time to come to agreement on debt repayment to avoid this action. We’ll mention again – the timing is due to the Rom. gov only announcing possibility of insolvency in We are disappointed for Ovi but we did all we could to avoid this.

    We are sorry Romanian and other Eurovision fans are disappointed but we had to act

  14. They don’t explain how kicking out Romania somehow helps them recover their 15 million?

    All it does is open the door to China about 15 million inches wider.

    • It doesn’t explain why Romania can’t participate this year either… Even if EBU banned them YESTERDAY, TVT was still considered an EBU member back in January when they expressed interest of participating… And I am pretty sure even if it doen’t work this way, EBU could still bend some rules by expanding their tolerance for another month and allowing Romania in for 2016. But it seems rules are bended only for rich contributors…Sad!

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