Romania: TVR Requests Urgent Meeting with the Minister of Finance

romaniaRomania – The continuing financial troubles at TVR are rumbling on, with TVR’s Board of Directors requesting an urgent meeting with the Romanian Minister of Finance. Romania’s participation in Eurovision 2016 is still in the balance. 

According to press reports today, the TV station owes a debt of €10 million to the EBU. The last instalment of €250,000 was paid in January and it cannot sustain future instalments. The station may not be able to broadcast Euro 2016 and the Olympics in Rio because of the situation, and Romania’s participation in Eurovision 2016 is also in question.

The TVR Board of Directors has requested an urgent meeting with the Minister of Finance and hope to urge the government to pay the fees to enable the continuation of the broadcaster.

When we asked Ovidiu Anton, this year’s Romanian representative, at the London Eurovision party about the situation, he said he hoped that things would be settled and he would be able to be in Stockholm. He intends to carry on preparing as if he is going and will wait to be told anything different.

Ovi Romania interview

Romania has been an ever present at Eurovision since 2002 and has never failed to qualify for the final in that time. Their highest placing is third in 2005 and 2010.

Fingers crossed it all gets sorted and we hope to see Ovi in Stockholm!

17 comments on “Romania: TVR Requests Urgent Meeting with the Minister of Finance

  1. What the heck?! :o

    Is it that grave?

  2. Bit worrying, isn’t it?

    Ovi was trying to stay positive and joking that he hoped he would not be watching the final from home, but I think it is all very much still in question.

    The poor guy has tried like 7 times to get to Eurovision, he needs to go!

  3. They need a Robin Hood or a Batman!

  4. This is spreading throughout mainstream media overall as well. To be honest I will be really surprised if Romania does not participate in Stockholm but their 2017 participation may be in real trouble if any of that is not solved.

  5. I read Portugal will be back next year😊
    I hope Turkey will follow too

  6. I hope that they’ll be able to solve the solution. It would be so sad for Ovi if he couldn’t be in Stockholm.
    Good luck!

  7. 99pc certain they will be in Stockholm, the EBU aren’t going to kick them out less than 3 weeks before the event. 2017 however seems to be in serious doubt, which is sad as I want 44 participants, and we just got Portugal back.

  8. Can’t say I’m surprised, the fact that TVR is plagued by corruption and poor management is old news by now. And I can’t say I’ve been following their activity, but I know that recently there was a fuss where they were unable to agree on a new president for TVR – with one of the nominees being an outspoken neo-fascist. Pathetic if you ask me.

  9. I hope that Ovidiu makes it to Sweden.

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