Portugal to Return in 2017!

portugalPortugal – Get the buntings out, RTP will be celebrating it’s 60th anniversary next year by returning to Eurovision. The Portuguese broadcaster has confirmed that Portugal will enter the Song Contest in 2017. In a U-turn the broadcaster has also committed to showing this year’s contest; both semi-finals and the grand final.

Daniel Deusdado, program director of RTP, said the decision was taken after reaching an agreement with the EBU to keep costs down.

Portuguese fans can probably look forward to Festivais da Canção returning next year bigger and better to select the 2017 Portuguese entry.

Portugal has not had any recent success at Eurovision. It failed to qualify in 2011 and 2012, missed 2013, and again failed to qualify 2013 and 2014. Despite this, fans took Suzy (2014) to their hearts and she will be performing at various OGAE events in Stockholm. Their highest ever finish was 6th place way back in 1996 by Lúcia Moniz.

42 comments on “Portugal to Return in 2017!

  1. Great news ! :-)
    Fingers crossed for record number of participants next year :-)

  2. Fantastic! :) Now RTP, please get your act together and bring back quality and the district juries to FdC.

    Lúcia Moniz <3 <3 <3

  3. Fantastic news, love Portugal love Suzy, and really want to see 44 participants next year. Just gotta make sure no one pulls out!

    • Well, let’s hope Greece participates next year.

      • I’m sure they will, even at the height of the crisis, when they had defaulted with the IMF they were still confirmed as participating and never seemed under jeopardy. They always find the money somehow!

        • The default thing happened after the end of the contest last year. And I don’t think it’s a money issue – if managed right, the contest is the only venture that actually provides ERT with ratings and advertising revenue. The political will to keep participating is not there. It is no coincidence that they have gone out of their way to be disqualified this year. A very bad result will be used as an excuse to stay out and stop “wasting our money”. This sort of populist discourse by people supporting the government gets louder and louder every day. I was recently in a greek forum where people were saying that Greece can not keep participating when it can’t provide for all the refugees in the country. They bundle irrelevant things together with simplistic arguments, while at the same time ignoring the obvious truth that without Eurovision they will be paying more out of their pockets for ERT.

          • “They bundle irrelevant things together with simplistic arguments, while at the same time ignoring the obvious truth”

            Welcome to the world of left wing politics!

            I’m not entirely certain how it works, but surely the government can’t force ERT to leave the ESC? And like you said, ERT likely make a profit from Eurovision, as even the BBC with it’s massive contribution apparently makes a profit, Greece makes a much smaller contribution and I’m pretty certain the audience share is larger in Greece. So I’d imagine in percentage terms makes an even bigger profit.

            I think this year is about using ESC as a political statement (just like letting an illegal migrant be one of the ones to carry the olympic torch first in the relay today) I don’t think it’s part of a long term plan to withdraw from ESC.

            I think they want ESC as a political platform, and sadly I think they will qualify with it this year too along with Ukraine.

            • There is nothing that politics doesn’t control in this country. This is even more true for the public broadcaster which has always been the tool of the government of the day. Μultiply that by 10 in a situation where the people working in ERT today wouldn’t even have a job if this government hadn’t decided to reopen it and rehire them. The government doesn’t have to say anything. The ERT administration they have put into place will make the decision.

              Of course Eurovision can be a political platform for them, I am sure they can at least see that part. It was also difficult for them to pull the plug immediately after Conchita won, because they were all about “diversity” and they were actively courting the gay vote. But don’t forget that Greece investing in Eurovision for reasons of tourism and prestige has also been a political decision of previous governments who used the public broadcaster to cultivate an image of Greece as a strong country that could be a winner. The ones that are in power right now have always criticised that attitude as nouveau rich and wasteful and the contest as a kitch circus (they even organised anti-Eurovision parties while they were in opposition – for 4 consecutive years). And now they are in a position to do something about it.

              So you are right about the political platform part, but there are also the domestic considerations of catering to their hard-core political base.

          • Just for a brief moment i thought i had written that comment and had forgotten all about it.lol!Agreed and signed.

  4. Although Romania could be forced out :( Hope this is not the case. Guess they could always work on bringing Slovakia back.

    Fun fact Slovakia and Czechia have only participated together once in the entire history of ESC, back in 2009

  5. Very good news , and of course they want come back next year because go to be in Spain , no??

  6. wow great news, and unexpected considering we last heard of them saying they wouldnt broadcast esc 2016… I hope that, like other countries (for instance Croatia and Bulgaria) they’ll return stronger than they were before

  7. Great news!I hope other countries facing financial challenges will be given the same concessions.

  8. Esctracker is back for esc 2016: http://esctracker.com/

  9. Portugal need to dump Festivais da Canção for the way they pick there song in 2017.
    They should let the public say who they wish singing for them, give that act 5 songs, promote them well then put the songs to a public vote only.

    • You can’t trust the Portuguese public when it comes to picking their ESC entry. The public vote was responsible for choosing Homens da luta and would have chosen badly in 2009 and 2010 too. The district juries saved the day and chose 2 entries that brought Portugal into the final, which is a great achievement for such a marginalized country imo. In some countries, televoting works fine but in others (my own country included) it is a disaster.

  10. Welcome back Portugal. :)

  11. :D

    P.S.- I also hope that the juries come back in 2017.

  12. Please, don’t sell your soul to the devil, Portugal! <3

    Uma Flor de Verde Pinho, is in my top6 of all esc songs.
    Other Portuguese gems: 1984 #14, 1971 #21.

    • Nothing beats what they sent in 1969 and 2008. 1991 and 1996 were also very good.

      And I have to admit I also have a soft spot for Sabrina in 2007. She should have so been in the final..

      • Their 1969 entry is in my all time faves’ top 50 :)
        I like Senhora do Mar too. #3 in my 2008 list.

        • If I ever make such list, Portugal 1969 might be the number one song. I can’t believe how badly it did, to this day it still sounds better than any of the 4 songs that won last year. Perhaps it was too racy for its time? Even though it’s just a patriotic song…

          • I’m really glad to see that a song from 1969 would be #1 in the all time faves’ list of an esc fan of such a young age ;)

            • Ι am not that young any more, just young-looking. Not that I lived in 1969, I just turned 40 a few months ago! But I will always be 39 in the avatar picture I chose ;)

            • :P

    • 84 and 71 are my two fave Portuguese esc entries, 84 being my winner that year! Portugal my runner up in 67, 69 and 71!

  13. This is all on the condition Sweden aren’t hosting I’m guessing….

  14. On my country – ‘Sol de Inverno’ (1965) and ‘Silêncio e tanta Gente’ (1984) are my two favourite entries; melody and orchestration reign supreme. 1969, 1971, 1974 and 1976 follow closely as do 1991 and 2008.

  15. Hopefully welcome back next year :-)

    Personal favourites: 1969, 1971, 1976, 1983, 1984, 1996, 1998, 2008 and 2009.
    Other fine songs: 1967, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1981, 2012.

  16. It’s always a pleasure having esc veterans in <3
    Newbies are welcome too btw :P

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