Hera BjorkFormer Participants – Hera Björk (Iceland 2010), known by Eurovision fans for her 2010 Eurovision entry ‘Je Ne Sais Quoi’, is coming to Stockholm with her one-woman musical extravaganza, ‘THE QUEEN OF EFFING EVERYTHING!’.  The show will premiere at Stockholm’s Playhouse Teater on Saturday, 7 May 2016.

Hera Björk has a lot of titles; wife, mother, Eurovision diva, exceptional lover, teacher, go-getter and many more. She has so many titles that the only way to accurately describe her is to say that she ́s the Queen of ‘Effing’ Everything. In her debut theatre show, Iceland’s beloved chanteuse will take audiences on a musical journey as she recounts her life from singing into a hairbrush as a child, to representing her country in Eurovision and more. Hera will dish the dirt on life, love, dreams and dance floors. Audiences will be treated to an intimate yet fabulous exploration of what it takes to be a Diva in a world where even Divas have to scrub the toilet.

Hera Björk effing everything flyer

Hera will mix songs and personal stories to paint a picture of just how she became the unstoppable ‘tour de force’ standing before you. There will be laughs. There will be songs, and yes, there will be plenty of Eurovision. THE QUEEN OF EFFING EVERYTHING is filled with honesty and charm that has something for everyone.

Hera and her team will be premiering THE QUEEN OF EFFING EVERYTHING at the Playhouse Teater in central Stockholm just before the Eurovision Song Contest. She will be joined by extra special guests that will be familiar to Eurovision fans everywhere.

On the 7th May there will be 2 x 2 hour shows at 17:30 and 21:00 at the Playhouse Teater, Drottningsgatan 71A, 111 36 Stockholm, Sweden. Closest T-bana station: Hötorget (one stop from T-Centralen).

Tickets can bee booked at ticketor.com/herathequeen

OGAE Members receive a substantial discount if tickets are booked in advance. Prices for members:
275 SEK for general audience seating
325 SEK for on-stage seating and a meet-and-greet with Hera after the show

Non-OGAE members:
375 SEK for the general public (audience seating only)

5 comments on “Hera Björk: THE QUEEN OF EFFING EVERYTHING!

  1. I waited just in case another “spotlight” article poped up. I’m too tired to stay longer.
    Goodnight, my ET family! :)

  2. I would see this. But it’s not on while we’re there


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  3. Diva? Seriously? Wanna be diva, obviously, but far far away to be even a semi baked prospect.
    Certain je ne sais quoi is screaming it’s absence.

  4. […] grínísta show með Hugleiki Dagssyni og kabarettsýningu með Heru Björk (sem verður einmitt frumsýnd í Stokkhólmi eftir viku!). Það má því segja að Jonathan hafi á þessum stutta tíma sínum hér á landi […]

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